'Last Jedi' takes plot twists to new extreme

Sunday , December 24, 2017 - 12:00 AM

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With the recent release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” it is important to note an important aspect of the series’ plot lines that occurs in most, if not all, of the “Star Wars” franchise.

There is a point in every “Star Wars” movie where just when you think you know what is going on, the writers twist the plot in a different direction. And this happens in “The Last Jedi” several times throughout the movie.

This traditional method of twisting the plot first started for George Lucas back in “The Empire Strikes Back” when it is revealed that Darth Vader is really Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker’s father. In “Return of the Jedi,” Lucas returns to this theme by revealing that not only are Luke and Vader related but also that Princess Leia is Luke’s sister.

We receive these shocks because our brains are hardwired to guess what comes next and we hold onto that guess until the truth is revealed. Sometimes, we even refuse to believe that the unexpected has occurred. “A New Hope” is the exception to this rule, as this was the first “Star Wars” movie made and was, essentially, a trial run in the franchise.

Within the prequel trilogy, this plot device is only used in one of the movies. At the end of “Revenge of the Sith,” Anakin is turned to the Dark Side by Palpatine. This twist was helped along by the events in the previous two movies, where a lot of the time was spent restating the prophecy that Anakin was supposed to be the hero the Jedi needed.

When we connect the dots, it becomes obvious that Anakin does become that hero, in “Return of the Jedi,” but not in the way we expect. We just have to realize that prophecies are rarely straightforward.

In “The Last Jedi,” this plot device of misdirection is taken to a new extreme. This movie is unique within the “Star Wars” franchise because of the amount of times that misdirection shows up. It seems like in this movie, nothing goes the way it is expected to. This allows us to become further surprised with every scene.

The approach also leaves us wondering what will come in Episode Nine. I’m not going to reveal much here because that is the fun of “Star Wars.” There are surprises around every corner!

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is truly a movie you shouldn’t miss. Rest assured that it will be running for several months, but tickets for the next couple of weeks will sell out fast.

Mark Hamill returns as Luke Skywalker and the late Carrie Fisher goes out with a bang as Princess Leia. It is expected the character of Leia will return in the ninth episode, however, it is unclear as to exactly how this will be pulled off. At any rate, we hope to see Carrie Fisher immortalized in this, the third trilogy, of the “Star Wars” movies.

Kade Combe is a junior at DaVinci Academy. He loves the theater, arts and technology; his favorite subject is history. Contact him at kadecombe00@gmail.com.

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