New American frontier may be right under our noses

Sunday , May 06, 2018 - 12:00 AM

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With practically every inch of the world discovered and technology available for just about every task you can think of, it's easy to question what the next thing to be discovered is — to wonder, what is the next American frontier?

The American frontier has always been the idea of what comes next for the nation and what the next problem to solve will be.

In the late 1700s, the frontier was to separate from Great Britain and find independence. In the early- to mid-1800s, it was exploration and westward expansion. From there, we discovered natural resources, traded, built, settled new lands and created new technologies.

Fast forward to modern day; what do we consider to be the American frontier? Do we have one, or is the idea dead?

Some argue that the new goal for our nation may be to be a world power, or that we should now be focused on exploring space or the ocean. But perhaps our new frontier is something right under our noses — something that almost all of us use and contribute to everyday: the internet.

There is no clairvoyant answer to tell you whether America will push to be a global republic, or whether we will reach for the stars and attempt to dominate space (... the final frontier), or if these are even the right directions to go in.

What we do know is what's in our pockets. It's current and relevant and something that most Americans contribute to daily — an online diary readily available to the general population.

The idea of the American frontier is what is next to be discovered. While the internet is already widely used, the extent to which it is used is being pushed further and further all the time. There's a race between nations to expand technology and the internet to their limits, from self-driving cars and immune system robots to artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

The limits of the internet are being pushed daily not only by experts, but by average people as well. The internet is so widely accessible that children are being taught in schools how to program and create things virtually, resulting in the technology expanding even more rapidly. New bounds are being tested every minute by a great portion of the population.

The problem with this new frontier is to explain how far it will go.

The difference between space or the ocean and the internet is that there are ends or boundaries to space and water. For instance, there is only so much ocean to explore.

With the internet, however, there's no saying to what extent it may go, or whether what's done is right or wrong. The next new technological capability is nearly unpredictable.

Which is why the internet may forever be the new, rapidly changing and refreshing American frontier.

Binnie Green is a junior at Syracuse High School. She loves to learn, is a part of yearbook and Hope Squad, and is Miss Teen Syracuse. She also loves dancing, reading and making friends. Email her at

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