Your vote counts — at the MTV Video Music Awards

MTV Video Music Awards-9

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again, kids! MTV is returning with its annual Video Music Awards, or the VMAs, on Sunday, Aug. 28. Whether you watch the VMAs every year, or always feel drastically unprepared like me, TX. is here to help!  Here is a list of all of this...


Embrace all people; don't let differences divide

Police Shootings Black vs Blue-2

Diversity has always been an important and defining part of America, even giving our nation another title: “The Melting Pot.” However, especially recently, that diversity has become more a source for contention than celebration. We need to change that. How? Should we scream “Black...


The TX. 10: Places we’d like to capture Pokemon

Pokemon Go-Discovering History

1. Primary Childrens Hospital 2. Temple Square 3. Pet stores 4. My house 5. Airplane 6. Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball in New York City 7. Hiking trail 8. Zoo 9. Dentist’s office 10. London — Kennedy Robins, Northridge High


22 TX-bottomline

Rio Olympics Chasing Perfection Gymnastics

The uneven bars became an Olympic event in 1952; the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 on the bars was Nadia Comaneci, during the 1976 Olympic Games.


U might find u rly like txting shortcuts

TX. Acronyms

Texting abbreviations, abundant in today’s society, are sometimes mocked. Some complain these shortcuts — such as TMI, LOL and BRB — are difficult to understand or that they are diluting the quality of our language. They say that teens are too lazy. And they have a point....


Women's gymnastics gives audiences unique connection with athletes

Rio Olympics Artistic Gymnastics Women-17

It’s no surprise that women’s gymnastics is such a popular spectator sport each Summer Olympics season. The flips, dips, and pirouettes in air are downright pyrotechnic. The competitors often seem deceptive girly with their blunt-cut bangs or hair bows — and it’s that...


Make your mark using pencils that no one else has


Having school supplies that stand out can be a way to express your style, but it can also be smart. That’s because it’s harder for other kids to mistake your notebook or pencils for theirs when yours are covered in polka dots or soccer balls. There’s no need to go shopping for...


Trending With TX.: Finding the perfect highlighter

TX. Makeup

Editor’s note: Trending With TX. takes a look a new things teens are discovering, using or enjoying, from music and films to hot foods and fashion. If you have a topic to suggest, email us at tx@standard.net. Attention makeup lovers. Have you witnessed the beauty of Hidden Cosmetics? One day,...


Dreading a move to India? She can fix that.


Book review: “The Grand Plan to Fix Everything” By Uma Krishnaswami Ages 8 to 12; 288 pages What would you do if your fun summer plans disappeared in an instant? Eleven-year-old Dini was looking forward to two weeks of dance camp with Maddie, her best friend. But Dini’s world...


The TX. 10: Fun facts about the Olympics

Brazil Rio 2016 Mascots Named

1. 11,459 athletes are competing this year in the Rio Olympics. (Rio2016.com) 2. The mascot for this year's game is Vinicius, a yellow animal that is part cat, part bird and part monkey. It honors Vinicius de Moreas, a musician from Brazil. (m.eonline.com) 3. The Olympic rings each stand for a...

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