Book lovers, unite — on Bookstagram

TX. Bookstagram

You’ve heard of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, but have you heard of Bookstagram? It’s not a new social media platform — rather, it’s a group of people within the already existing Instagram app. If you love books, reading, writing or even journaling, then...


The TX. 10: Epic words that mean almost the same thing

TX. Obstinate

1. Recalcitrant 2. Contumacious 3. Seditious 4. Dissentious 5. Fractious 6. Refractory 7. Obstinate 8. Indomitable 9. Insubordinate 10. Radical — Sierra Clark, Venture High


Bottom Line trivia

TX. Whiskers

The whiskers above a dog’s eyes are called supraorbital whiskers; they are like extensions of the eyelashes that help keep objects from poking or injuring the eyes.

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