04 TX-bottomline

TX. Water

One gallon of water weighs in at 8.34 pounds.


Forget the mall, let's go grocery shopping!

TX. Grocery shopping

The doors swing open into a heaven on earth. A gust of wind softly grazes my face as I walk into my local grocery store to behold the art of grocery shopping. Many of us have shunned the ordinary task of grocery shopping for buying online or buying clothes. However, grocery shopping is quite the...


See your name in print; apply for TX. staff

TX. applications

The homework and choir rehearsals, the school lunches and proms, the football games and debate tournaments. No one knows the high school experience better than the high school students and that’s just who we’re looking for to create our weekly TX. teen section. We need Northern Utah...


The TX. 10: Top senior trip destinations

Statue of Liberty, New York City

1. New York City 2. Paris 3. Miami 4. Sydney 5. Rio De Janeiro 6. Anchorage 7. Budapest 8. Los Angeles 9. Oahui 10. The Caribbean — Sam Morby, Syracuse High


Thanks to teachers, staff along our high school journey

TX. School's out

Dear school faculty and staff: Starting from my preschool years to my senior year, you have all been a part of my life in one way or another, along with the lives of the rest of my 2017 graduating class. Every one of you have helped me and my class grow into the successful young adults we are today,...


28 TX-bottomline

Mount Everest

The wind can blow at more than 200 mph on Mount Everest, and the temperature may go as low as 80 degrees below zero.


The TX. 10: Best upcoming concerts

Ogden Twilight The Shins

1. Solange – Aug. 10 at Salt Lake City Twilight Concert Series at Pioneer Park 2. Milky Chance – June 8 at The Complex, Salt Lake City 3. Russ – June 27 at The Great Saltair, Magna 4. HAIM – Sept. 12 at Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre, Salt Lake City 5. Green Day – Aug....


Off to college? Master these basic cooking skills

TX. College Meals

With high school graduations now happening, graduates will soon begin to prepare for college next fall. Whether you are planning on moving away to a new university, or staying with your parents, there are many life skills that are important to learn. One of these is how to cook. College students...


Ladybugs can jazz up, protect gardens

TX. Ladybug

When I was younger, a tradition in my family was that at the beginning of the summer, my grandfather would purchase a bag of ladybugs online that we would release into a backyard. I never really knew why, but the reason was to use the ladybugs as a natural pesticide. The only problem that I saw...


Best TV shows are simple, not a complicated 'mess'

Friends TV show

As you sat on your couch, buried within a mountain of blankets, surrounded by Dorito dust, candy wrappers and shame, you broke your gaze from the glowing TV screen and thought to yourself, “How did it get this far? I just wanted something simple and fun. This TV show is ruining my life!...

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