No remakes, please; leave classic movies alone

TX. Movie Remakes

I don’t know who else has been paying attention to what’s playing in theaters these days, but it seems like every movie lately is a remake, sequel or completely unnecessary spin-off of another movie. Sometimes it appears that all of Hollywood’s best writers are taking very drawn-...


Gratitude offers cornucopia of benefits

TX. Gratitude

If there is one thing to get out of Thanksgiving, it should be to be more grateful for all of our blessings. We shouldn’t be thankful for everything we have just around Thanksgiving. I get it, sometimes it’s hard to always remember and be conscious of what we are blessed with, but...


The TX. 10: Christmas things we don't want to see until after Thanksgiving

TX. Christmas lights

1. Christmas music on the radio 2. Christmas trees in the store 3. Christmas commercials 4. Christmas clothing  5. Christmas decorations for sale 6. Photo ops with Santa 7. Christmas trees set up in neighbors’ windows 8. Christmas scented candles  9. Outdoor decorations in people's...


20 TX-bottomline

TX. Butterflies

Do you have lepidopterophobia? If you’re afraid of butterflies, you are so afflicted.


Want to write your own book? Try NaNoWriMo

TX. Writing

It’s November again, and that means it’s time for NaNoWriMo. That may sound like the name of some sci-fi robot, but it actually is short for National November Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is an annual event, taking place throughout the whole month of November, with participants from all...


13 TX-bottomline

TX. World War II Memorial

There are 4,048 gold stars at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.; each one represents 100 American military deaths during that war.


A little kindness goes a long way

TX. Kindness

When I was a little girl, my teacher would embarrass me when I’d get in trouble. She was a tall woman who made her presence known. She had long black hair and small eyes that always seem to glare at me. This second-grade teacher was nice most of the time but she didn’t know how to tell...


Dating on the cheap

TX. Cheap Dates 3.png

When we think of dating, we think of it being expensive. We will almost avoid dating at all costs because we don’t want to waste all of our money on a dinner, tickets, or another activity. For some teens, the cost has become an excuse to not go on dates. Others just don’t put in the...


The TX. 10: Best Snapchat filters

TX. Snapchat

1. Flower Crown 2. Dog Face 3. Frowny Face 4. Deer with voice changer 5. Face Swap 6. Grumpy Old Lady 7. Panda Bear  8. Unicorn with Rainbow  9. Nice Bunny vs. Angry Bunny 10. Exploring the Jungle  — Raylee Hawks, Venture High


Take campus tour to learn more about your dream college

University of Utah

It’s that time of year again. Colorful leaves are falling, the holidays are on their way and college applications are stressing out high school seniors. If you’re one of these stressed-out high school seniors, chances are your inbox and mailbox have been stuffed with invitations from...

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