The TX. 10: Top species affected by climate change

TX. Snow Leopard

1. Polar bears 2. Snow leopards 3. Giant pandas 4. Tigers 5. Monarch butterflies • Story continues below video  6. Green sea turtles 7. African elephants 8. Mountain gorillas 9. Asian elephants 10. Cheetahs — Laney Baumann, Syracuse


Trending with TX.: Tote books in stylish backpack

TX. Backpacks

Teenagers these days seem to like expensive and unnecessary objects more than all the generations before us. And today one of the most popular things to own is a trendy backpack. Students walking around at school are seen wearing backpacks that fit their personality, style and even their favorite...


How do Trump's first 100 days affect Utah?

Trump Travel Ban Utah-3

Utah is often in the political minority, but because of President Donald Trump, some residents are already feeling the impact of some of the new leader’s actions in his first 100 days. As listed on his website, Trump has already begun acting on seven of his 18 definite campaign promises in...


Dive into new worlds of anime

TX. Anime


05 TX-bottomline

TX. Ear

The outer part of your ear is called the pinna, or auricle.  


Do students need more training for potential gun incidents?

LEAD BZ 120114 Fremont Follow 01-2

Two years ago, a lockdown occurred at Fremont High School after a student brought a gun into the building with the intent to cause harm. Last Dec. 1, on the anniversary of that lockdown, Mueller Park Junior High School in Bountiful was evacuated because of a similar incident. At Mueller Park, the...


Cast aside media images; feel good about yourself

TX. Body Image

The rise of eating disorders among Americans is increasing rapidly. With more than 20 million women and 10 million men suffering with eating disorders at one point in their life, this is a major issue in society that needs to be discussed.  Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can cause...


Many surprises await in tension-filled 'Split'


If I had to sum up M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” in one sentence, I would say it has personality. Lots of personality. The psychological thriller is about Casey, Claire and Marcia (Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula), three high school girls who are kidnapped....


29 TX-bottomline

TX. Sleeping

On cold, dark winter days, you may be suffering from dysania — difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.


The TX. 10: Ways to stay warm this winter

TX. Winter

1. Run a hot bath, bubbles optional. 2. Drink a mug of hot chocolate or apple cider. 3. Snuggle up under a thick blanket. 4. Buy a pair of wool socks. 5. Wear a knit scarf and big coat. 6. Sit close to a burning fire. 7. Do an hour of hot yoga. 8. Slip on a set of fuzzy pajamas. 9. Take a nap with...

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