The TX. 10: Best frozen desserts

TX. Frozen desserts

1. Ice cream 2. Snow cones 3. Gelato 4. Popsicles 5. Ice cream sandwiches 6. Sundae 7. Sorbet 8. Banana split 9. Ice cream cake 10. Frozen cookie dough balls — Jordan Cimenski, Bonneville High


You, too, can help create weekly TX. section for teens

TX. Group 1.png

Teens in Northern Utah high schools are wanted to write, photograph and draw for the Standard-Examiner’s weekly TX. section. Find out how to apply — the deadline is July 21.


Kids push past limitations to compete in Special Olympics

TX Special Olympics

Both the Paralympics and the Olympics are coming up this summer in Rio, but here in Utah, there are Olympics taking place each and every year. On June 10, the Utah Special Olympics for summer events, with sports like track, long jump, ball tosses, wheelchair races and swimming, were held in...


Kids' book artist turned childhood illness into passion, profession



Want to help astronauts of future? Try your hand at 3-D printing


A 12-year-old engineer from Ashburn, Virginia, is looking ahead to 2050 — when, with any luck, astronauts will have landed on Mars and begun growing their own food. On Tuesday, the Future Engineers program announced that Eagle Ridge Middle School seventh-grader Nagasai Sreyash Sola was a...


Oh, the perils of curly hair!

TX. Curly Hair

Having curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. When the curls decide to cooperate, the hair looks great, but that doesn’t happen a whole lot. For the most part, curly hair is difficult and annoying. Many struggles come with having curly hair that straight-haired people will never know....


The TX. 10: Ways to make the most of summer

TX. Summer

1. Wake up early every day 2. Eat breakfast, even if it’s small 3. Start projects both big and small 4. Dedicate an hour per day to working on said projects 5. Keep a journal to track all your activities 6. Take a trip every month to somewhere you’ve never been 7. Carve out time to...


11 TX-bottomline


The national animal of New Zealand is the kiwi.


Here's your chance to write, draw or take photos for TX.

TX. Staff

High school is full of adventures, from academic challenges in the classroom to cheer-your-heart-out sporting events to zany antics with friends. We’re looking for teens to write about their high school years for the Standard-Examiner’s TX. section, which is published every Monday. We...


04 TX-bottomline

Fireworks and flag

U.S. presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826 — the 50th anniversary of American independence.

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