Bison joins bald eagle as symbol of United States

Antelope island bison calves

You probably think of the bald eagle when you think of an animal that represents the United States. But as of this week, the eagle has a rather large competitor. President Barack Obama officially named the American bison the national mammal on May 9 by signing the National Bison Legacy Act. (The...


Dear teens: Wake up — and eat something

Healthy Peach Smoothie

Dear teenagers who skip breakfast ... please stop! Studies report that about 25 percent of U.S. teens deem the first meal of the day unnecessary. I live with one of you, so I have heard your reasons. And I respect them, truly I do. First of all, you are tired. I mean, really, really tired. Too...


Trending With TX: New Zip app and discovering ‘Deadpool'


We’re taking at look at new apps and DVD releases in our latest installment of Trending With TX., a look at things we’re loving or discovering in technology, fashion, food, school or hobbies.   ‘Zip’ into trivia I’ve recently discovered this interesting app...


The TX. 10: Why We're Glad School's Almost Out

TX. Swimming

1. Sleep! 2. More opportunities to hang out with friends 3. Less stress over homework and tests 4. A larger variety of activities, like swimming 5. Time to actually do those activities 6. Better food 7. Summer job=money 8. More time with family 9. Chances for farther-away vacations 10. Freedom...


Save water — save the planet

TX. Water Conservation

Taking showers instead of baths is one easy way to cut back on water usage; others include turning off the water while shampooing hair or not over-using sprinklers. 


16 TX-bottomline


Magic of 5’s: The Pentagon not only has five sides, the building also has five stories and its center courtyard covers five acres.


Go bald — and help kids with cancer

Child with cancer

Students will be lining up to have their heads shaved on Friday, May 13, at Ogden’s Highland Junior High School.  Why? Not because it’s the new fad, not because the kids want a more manageable summer cut, but because they have a cause.  St. Baldrick’s is a foundation whose motto says it all...


Think prom is costly? With the ‘promposal,’ it just got even more expensive

TX. Prom

American parents are accustomed to being treated like human cash machines during prom season, spending close to $1,000 to guarantee that a high school dance doesn’t become an emotional catastrophe. Now they’re looking at shelling out up to hundreds more for a “promposal.”...


The TX. 10: Things You Don't Know About Walt Disney

AP Was There Disneyland 1955-1


Graduation: Can't wait to leave

TX. Graduation

As graduation approaches, two Northern Utah seniors talk about their excitement - or reluctance - to leave high school behind.

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