From Dopey to Dory, ‘Disnerds' crave all things Disney

TX. Disnerds

In 1937, Disney released the first-ever Disney movie, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The film made $418.2 million dollars and made even more fans than it did money.  Since then, the Disney company has changed in many ways, from its famous Mickey Mouse sign to the way it...


LANY taps into teen emotions at Utah concert


No band is more “in” than LANY, says TX. concert reviewer Alex Johnson of Clearfield High, who attended the group’s recent concert at Salt Lake City’s The Depot.


Mr. Ogden pageant entertains, raises funds for teacher with cancer

TX. Mr. Ogden

The Mr. Ogden Pageant is an annual fundraiser held by Ogden High School to support a local health cause. This year’s event — on Monday, Oct. 10 — includes more than 20 participating male seniors who will present an individual talent, group dance and interview. The pageant...


09 TX-bottomline

TX. Venus

Venus is the only planet in our solar system that spins clockwise when seen from “above.”


The TX. 10: Favorite board games

Monopoly At 80

1. Monopoly 2. Clue 3. The Game of Life 4. Candy Land 5. Apples to Apples 6. Mouse Trap 7. Chutes and Ladders 8. Risk 9. Trouble 10. Scrabble — Arianna Rackham, Northridge High


Hits and misses in 'Back to Future' predictions

Back to the Future Part II

This past week, I was watching the beloved “Back to the Future ll” movie, and I thought to myself “Wow, Robert Zemeckis really messed up on that whole hoverboards and flying cars thing. 2015 was nothing like that!” But the more I thought about the writer’s predictions...


Gulping gargoyles, new worlds for Harry Potter


Ever since 2007, when J.K. Rowling published the final Harry Potter novel, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” and 2011 when the subsequent movie was released, fans of the franchise have been devoid of new material regarding the characters of the beloved series. But in 2013 it was...


11 tips to rock that senior year

TX Illustration - College Prep

College looms on the horizon for Utah’s high school seniors and here’s how to get ready for it, from applying for scholarships to keeping your options open.  


The TX. 10: Favorite restaurants

TX. Sushi

1. Mongolian/sushi restaurants 2. Pizza Pie Cafe 3. Golden Corral 4. Chili's 5. Olive Garden 6. The Old Spaghetti Factory 7. Texas Roadhouse 8. Sizzler 9. Zhang’s Chopstix 10. Outback Steakhouse — Kennedy Robins, Northridge High


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TX. Duct Tape

Duct tape was invented during World War II as a waterproof sealing tape for U.S. Army ammunition boxes.

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