Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

12 tips for winning at the Weber County Library's annual book

NORTH OGDEN — If you’d like to buy books in the same crazed and frenzied way Black Friday shoppers chase killer deals on DVD players and socks,...

Arts & Culture

Roy artist exhibits series depicting people of Ogden streets

The people who work and play on Historic 25th Street and Washington Boulevard in Ogden fascinate Cheryl Laumer. So she decided to paint them. “It’s the...

Arts & Culture

Farmington artist to show Weber, Davis county scenes at Eccles

Color. Rhythm. Design. These are some of the things Farmington artist Jan Richins loves most about art, and what she said she probably concentrates on most in her...

Arts & Culture

Grueling half marathon helps renovate Valley Chapel

EDEN — Into the valley of paradise charges the half-marathon from HEL. That’s HEL as in Huntsville, Eden and Liberty, host towns for what is being...


Singer plans to showcase Americana, Haggard tunes

Suzy Bogguss is ready to come to the Kenley Amphitheater in Layton and show her audience how much noise her trio is capable of making. Joining her on stage for...


Winter Arts Festival first chosen Ogden Art Tank project

OGDEN — From the painted pianos on 25th Street to last summer’s “no regrets” box, the creative projects given life by the Nurture the...

Arts & Culture

Ogden Fe5tival awakens all five senses

OGDEN — Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste — Nurture the Creative Mind aims to target all five senses at this year’s Fe5tival. The...

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