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GALLERY: Utah Jazz: All-Time, All-Stars

Pete Maravich – 1976-77, 1977-78, 1978-79

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Feb 11 2013 - 7:45pm

With the All-Star break this weekend, it seems like a fitting time to pay tribute to some of the all-time great Jazz players who were given the honor of being selected to the NBA's All-Star game. *scroll over picture for dates of selection.

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GALLERY: 10 things to look forward to as spring approaches in Utah

Mountain Biking -
While autumn may be many bikers' favorite time of the year to hit the trails, the return of spring also marks the return of mountain biking fans from all over. From the single track mountainous trails in the Park City area to the slick rock biking down south, Utah has a premier environment for any level of biker.

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Feb 7 2013 - 7:32pm

We have now endured what was beginning to seem like an eternal winter full of ice storms, fog, and snow. With spring approaching fast and the days getting longer, the excitement of outdoor sports enthusiasts continues to grow. And while we still have over a month until the actual beginning of spring, it's never too early to look ahead to what Utah's outdoor sports environment has on deck.

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GALLERY: Top of Utah Twenty: Top 20 Jazz players of the 2000's

20. Devin Harris
Devin Harris was brought to Utah as a "replacement" to Deron Williams. While acquiring Harris was better than Williams walking out and Utah getting nothing in return, he never became the leader Jazz fans hoped he would be. However, Harris deserves a spot for making the transition at point guard after the departure of Deron Williams a little less painful.

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Jan 14 2013 - 9:56pm

It’s rare to see a Utah Jazz list without the top two spots being populated by all time Jazz legends John Stockton and Karl Malone. However, this is one of those lists. This list will focus only on the performance of any Jazz player starting in 2000. So players like Mehmet Okur and C.J. Miles can bask in the glory of cementing themselves into the top ten of a Jazz list. Who makes the cut? Who doesn't? Who is your top five of the 2000’s?

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GALLERY: Top of Utah 20: Most Annoying Things as a Sports Fan

20. Jerry Jones
Possibly the sole reason for much of the hate surrounding the modern era Dallas Cowboys franchise, Jerry Jones seems to be above everyone else, even his own team. Money seems to trump football with Mr. Jones, while this may be the case with many owners; Jerry Jones seems to take that concept to a whole new level.

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Dec 10 2012 - 10:40pm

In the world of a sports fan there will always be those certain, seemingly inescapable things that will forever bother us. From un-timely timeouts to know-it-all fans, for “true” sports fans, there seems to an eternal list. Here are my top twenty to help you cope in the realization that you’re not the only one annoyed. What is the most annoying thing to you as a sports fan? Let us know in the comments below. (Scroll over picture for additional information)

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GALLERY: Top of Utah 20: NFL midseason predictions

20. And with the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select…
No matter how well this team may look for small portions of a game, they just don’t have the mentality to beat a quality opponent in the NFL. Look for the Chiefs to continue to rebuild during the offseason through free agency and the draft.

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Nov 14 2012 - 7:16pm

With week 10 in the books and teams bracing themselves for the final stretch toward the playoffs, here are a few of my predictions for each playoff spot, end of year award, and super bowl picks. Tell us your predictions for the final seven weeks of the NFL season. Who do you think will win it all? What happens in Philadelphia? Let us know what you think. (*scroll over picture for additional info)

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GALLERY: Top of Utah 20: Twenty bold predictions for the 2012-2013 NBA season

20. Boston and Miami dominate Eastern Conference
I predict that Miami wins the East with Boston a close 2-3 games behind. I also see both these teams finishing 10+ games ahead of the third best team in the East, The Indiana Pacers. Look for the Heat and Celtics to run away with the East in the regular season.

Tyler D. Thorpe
Nov 1 2012 - 8:15pm

With the season just under way I though it would be appropriate to give a few of my early season predictions for how some teams will finish as well as who will win some of the regular season awards. Tell us what you think of these predictions or leave a few of your own. Follow up throughout the season for even more NBA news and insight. (Scroll over picture for info)

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GALLERY: Top of Utah 20: Prep Sports Venues

20. Morgan (Volleyball) 
Morgan High has a rich volleyball tradition which makes it very imposing to any team visiting the Trojans. Morgan may host the best volleyball venue in all of Utah?

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Oct 29 2012 - 7:00pm

Every prep sports venue has its own little personality. Whether it be for the location, fans, team, or field we all seem to have a couple local places that we love to play or watch a sporting event at. This list takes all of those things into account, my personal experiences, plus a few opinions from Weber High School prep athletes. We would love to hear your favorite prep sports venues. Comment and leave your opinion. (Scroll over picture for content)

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GALLERY: Top of Utah 20: Preseason NBA Rankings

First 5 out: Houston Rockets, New Orleans Hornets, Orlando Magic, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards

Standard-Examiner staff, Tyler D. Thorpe
Oct 8 2012 - 7:35pm

While the NFL seems to be stealing most of the headlines right now, the NBA season is right around the corner. With the preseason set to begin on October 30th, what better way is there to get our minds back to basketball then with some preseason power rankings? *Scroll over picture for info about each selection.

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