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Clumsy reference to disability becomes learning moment

scott rogers

This is the tale of two stories. One, published Aug. 29, was about Matt Beecher, a Davis High School football player, who was born without his left forearm below the elbow. The other, published a

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A few thoughts about disability

Dear Andy, I began writing this before we had our phone conversation, so some of this will be repetitive. I apologize in advance for that. Anyway. I know that

Behind the Headlines

Conversion to new computer system progressing

Last month we began paginating the main sections of the Standard-Examiner print edition on a new content management system. And as many of you have noticed, we are

Behind the Headlines

Prep coverage won't just be about the games

The motto for this year’s prep sports coverage at the Standard-Examiner is simple: “It’s all about the kids.” This summer Features/Sports

Behind the Headlines

#SyracuseStrong becomes focal point for coverage of tragic

Faith, family and friends. These are the ingredients behind #SyracuseStrong, the social media effort that helped bring together a community after the tragic deaths

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New outdoors writer a storyteller extraordinaire

The Standard-Examiner’s new outdoors multimedia writer Leia Larsen has already taken readers inside the Rainbow Family and introduced them to one of the

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Covering Pioneer Days and all the fires

The Standard-Examiner was the place for Pioneer Days coverage. From July 19-25, Standard-Examiner staffers produced a dozen stories related to the holiday. We

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Journalists adjust to fire drill that became real

When the fire alarm went off just before noon Monday, most in the newsroom figured it was just another drill. Like the Eloi in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine,

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