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Kohl's features gay couple in holiday ad

In what is the first of an eight-part ad campaign, Kohl’s included a gay couple and people are naturally reacting on the Internet.

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Husband of Paris victim writes powerful message to ISIS

Read the moving statement of a man who had his wife, and mother of his son, taken from their family in the Paris terrorist attacks.


Video: Army football flies French flag as it takes the field

See the show of solidarity from the cadets of the Army Black Knights football team, as well as from Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones.

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Target under fire for 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder' sweater

Some people with OCD are offended, others say, “I need to laugh at it!”

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Video captures McDonald's worker taunting, tricking homeless man

The worker called the homeless man over buy offering him a sandwich but instead played a joke that has the Internet outraged.


Seattle gum wall meets sticky end

“The market is famous for the gum wall. But it also draws rats.”

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800-pound alligator found at Houston-area shopping center

SUGAR LAND, Texas — An alligator dubbed Godzilla who tips the scales at more than 800 pounds is being taken to a gator reserve to live out its days, after being found wandering outside a Houston-area shopping center. Godzilla was discovered Saturday by people arriving for work at the center in...

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Celebrate Internet Day with 5 historic images of standard.net

Oct. 29 is Internet Day, a holiday which has now reached its 10th anniversary. The holiday was conceived in 2005 as a celebration of the first internet transmission on Oct. 29, 1969, when according to the holiday’s website, a graduate student at UCLA transmitted the letters L-O to two men at...

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Witch wins protective order against warlock in Salem court

BOSTON — A judge granted a protective order against a warlock on Wednesday, spelling relief for the Salem witch who accused him of harassment. The two squared off in court before a Salem District Court judge, who granted the protective order to witch priestess Lori Sforza. She had accused self-...

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