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There are more people spying than you might think

I don’t want to be spied on. I also don’t want to be victimized by a terrorist attack. None of us do, but we have a problem. Our laws and our ideas of...

Business Law

Public vision of the legal system skewed by the news

You can’t escape your own skin. Sure, there are some who claim they can astrally project outside their bodies, but astral projection isn’t going to go...

Business Law

Charles Manson can marry but my safe-sex stylist can't?

At 9 a.m. (11 a.m. Eastern time) on Tuesday, I sat in my office consulting with a couple about their legal problems. The couple had been together for nine or so...

Business Law

Law profession suffers from lack of practical education

I received an email from the Utah State Bar this week asking me to take a survey on the future of law school education. From what I’ve seen in the 26 years...

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