Tribes: Monument co-management proposal is slap in the face

National Monuments Management

President Donald Trump’s decision to drastically reduce and break up a national monument in...


FCC is expected to repeal its net neutrality rules today, in a sweeping act of

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. WASHINGTON - Federal regulators are expected to vote Thursday morning to allow Internet providers to speed up service for some apps and websites - and block or slow down others - in a decision repealing landmark, Obama-era regulations for broadband companies such as...


Disney buys Fox assets in $52 billion split of Murdoch realm

(c) 2017, Bloomberg. Walt Disney agreed to a $52.4 billion deal to acquire much of the global empire that media baron Rupert Murdoch assembled over three decades, from a fabled Hollywood studio to Europe’s largest satellite-TV provider to one of India’s most-watched channels. Holders of Murdoch’s...


Disney buys much of Fox in megamerger that will shake world of entertainment and media

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. NEW YORK - The Walt Disney Company, an entertainment firm as sprawling as one of its landmark theme parks, has pulled off one of the largest media mergers in history by acquiring the majority of assets from rival 21st Century Fox. Regulators and shareholders must...


Decade since recession: Thriving cities leave others behind

Great Recession-10 Years Later-Regional Inequality

As the nation’s economy was still reeling from the body blow of the Great Recession, Seattle’s was about to take off. In 2010, Amazon opened a headquarters in the little-known South Lake Union district — and then expanded eight-fold over the next seven years to fill 36 buildings. Everywhere you...


Las Vegas' struggles of the past decade are all too visible

Even as a handful of major U.S. cities around the country have flourished in the 10 years since the Great Recession officially began in December 2007, other large cities have eked out only modest recoveries. Some are still straining to shed the scars of recession. Las Vegas is one of them. Families...


As Bitcoin, other currencies soar, regulators urge caution

Bitcoin Warning

NEW YORK (AP) — The public’s interest in all things bitcoin and efforts by entrepreneurs to fund their businesses with digital currencies is starting to draw more attention from regulators. The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission this week warned investors on the risks of investing in...


Disaster, Meghan Markle, and slime: What we looked for in 2017

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. The top search term was for a disaster. The No. 1 searched person was a man accused of sexual harassment. And the most-searched how-to was how to make slime. The year 2017 was captured in global search data released by Google this week in all of its tumultuous,...


Ample tax cuts for business, wealthy in new GOP tax accord

APTOPIX Congress Taxes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Generous tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans would be delivered in a sweeping overhaul of the tax laws, under a new agreement crafted by Republicans in Congress. Middle- and low-income families would receive smaller tax cuts, though President Donald Trump and...


As Olympics near, South Korea agonizes over post-Games costs

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Unclear Legacy

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (AP) — South Korean officials have ruled out turning a state-of-the-art Olympic skating arena into a giant seafood freezer. Other than that, not much is certain about the country’s post-Winter Games plans for a host of expensive venues. As officials prepare for the games in...


Irish eye Republican tax plan - and shrug

(c) 2017, The Washington Post. DUBLIN, Ireland - President Donald Trump has singled out Ireland for its extraordinarily low corporate tax rate, making the case that the United States must overhaul its own tax code to win back American investment and jobs. “For too long, our tax code has...

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