The Homefront: Dear new shirt — this isn't going to be an easy life

D. Louise Brown

Dear New Shirt — I feel the need to open this letter with an apology. You’re going to experience a very different existence than the one you expected. And I’m the one to blame.


Column: Trump's response to Charlottesville shows we've made a monumental error

Confederate Monument Protests Photo Gallery Car

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s response to white supremacists in Charlottesville, columnist Don Porter asks how our country made such a massive error in its choice of leader.

Standard Deviations

Column: It's not the best time for a total solar eclipse in this country

MARK SAAL SIG StandardDeviationsPRINT.jpg

Despite predictions of gloom and doom, astrophysicists say our nearest star is good for another five billion sunrises.  

Real Estate

Real estate: Quick, now is the time to buy

real estate

Right now is a good time to find a home to purchase without the competition experienced in the last several months. That’s because those families with school-age children have settled in by now.


Keep calm — here comes The Who

Don Porter

Half of The Who’s original four members are in the grave, yet the survivors march forward. It’s not just for the money; they have plenty of that. It’s for the music, columnist Don Porter ventures to guess.

Tech Matters

Tech Matters: New Verizon program involves trading online privacy for freebies


Verizon Up has an unusual prerequisite. To enroll, you must also sign up for Verizon Selects, which grants permission to Verizon to sell your browsing and search history to third-party companies.

Standard Deviations

Girls camp: First-timer's experience filled with food, crafts and the venerated snipe


Columnist tries buying his way into heaven by volunteering for numerous church camps.

Real Estate

Did you know? Charles Darrow didn't invent Monopoly


Back in 1903, a woman named Lizzie Magie — a bold and progressive feminist, writer and inventor living in a home with a decent amount of land, which she had purchased herself (almost unheard of for the time) — decided to create a board game.


Homefront column: Caution elderly friends about shameful scammers

Scam caller concept.

My 87-year-old friend “Anne” said I can share her story as long as I don’t use her name, because she’s embarrassed at what she was almost persuaded to do.


Trout Bum: When lots of natural food is around, a fisherman's life isn't easy

Durrant trout bum fishing Green River

Like most of what the fly-fishing community accepts as proven theories (facts don’t exist in this game), the idea of a hatch that’s too good is likely born from angler inability more than anything else.

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