Far below South Dakota, a cave holds pure, promising water

WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK, S.D. — Hundreds of feet beneath the Black Hills, a team of scientists and researchers snake through dark, narrow and silent corridors...


Judge blocks Obama administration regulation on waterways

A federal judge in North Dakota has blocked a new Obama administration rule that would give the federal government jurisdiction over some smaller waterways in Utah...

Standard Deviations

Rolling coal giving diesel truck owners a bad name

They call it “rolling coal.” But only because “being a total jackass” was already taken. I was on Interstate 15 a few weeks ago, driving...


Despite protests, more Utah cougars can be harvested in 2016

Despite growling complaints from protesters, the Utah Wildlife Board voted Thursday, Aug. 27, to pass its updated cougar management plan. The Salt Lake Tribune...


New weapon against smoking vehicles in Utah

The state has offered some guidance on how counties can crack down on smoking vehicles, and it’s borrowed a page from Weber County’s old procedures....


Greenhouse growing at WSU Davis campus

LAYTON — Botany and nutrition students share a common need — plants. Weber State University students will soon be growing those plants in a...


EPA workers had no way to get word out after toxic spill

BILLINGS, Mont. — Documents show it took more than 90 minutes for members of a federal cleanup crew to issue a warning about a toxic spill because they were...


Australian firefighters 'happy to help' in US West

BOISE, Idaho — Mountainous conditions in the Pacific Northwest will be nothing new to dozens of firefighters from Australia and New Zealand who have arrived...


Solar power becoming cheaper than ever with Weber State program

Weber State University’s community solar project sprang up in spring, and it is already helping lots of local homeowners tap into alternative energy. Karen...


Lucky Utah sees few wildfires in 2015

As fires rage to the west, ripping through hillside and home alike, Utah has benefited from a mercifully quiet summer. Officials say the timing of rainfall...

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