Hundreds attend LDS mass resignation event near church's HQ

Sunday , November 15, 2015 - 3:24 PM27 comments

Brett Hein and Benjamin Hager
Standard-Examiner staff

SALT LAKE CITY — Hundreds attended a rally Saturday at Salt Lake’s City Creek Park where members gathered to withdraw from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The event was spurred by newly announced policies from the LDS Church regarding same-sex couples and their children.

More than 1,400 people confirmed attendance prior to the gathering at the event’s Facebook page. At least several hundred people were in attendance, with organizers providing tables offering help with paperwork and notaries public available to notarize resignation letters.

It was not known how many letters of resignation were submitted to the church at the event.

The following people spoke to the Standard-Examiner to offer context for their decision to attend the gathering.

Vickie Iverson, Salt Lake City:

"This week has been gut wrenching. If we don't say no now, when will we ever? It's not what we believe in, or what we stand for."

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Diane Wimber, Salt Lake City:

“I've been part of the church for 25 years, but this was the last straw.”

Trenton Adamson, Salt Lake City:

"These recent policies represent more hate then love, and that's not what God stands for. I didn't want my name associated with those kind of policies any more."

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Gerda Sanders, Salt Lake City:

"I worked with so many kids struggling to deal with their gender identity, and can't emphasize enough the enormity of this issue, and how it could effect their LGBT parents. Our grand kids can't understand why it could be wrong to have two mommies or two daddies. It's interesting how those that claim to have a direct line to God are always the last to evolve."

Dana Swindel, Salt Lake City:

"We decided to act today, because the church's policies are clearly hurting our children."

Mini Flower, Salt Lake City:

"My wife and I have kids in the church and we're concerned they're going to be ostracized. This is a major issue."

Amy Putnam, Salt Lake City:

"We're a straight, married, devout Mormon couple with two kids, and it's now clear that they're just making up rules as they go along. We felt this was a great time to stand up and do what's right for the community and our family."

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