Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

Captain Kirk knew nothing about discovering space

Obit Leonard Nimoy

“Our space needs change as we grow older,” writes D. Louise Brown.

Guest Commentary

Face it — America will never do anything about gun violence

Texas Church Shooting

“As for the United States, the NRA and makers of semiautomatic firearms have won. Americans have lost, because these mass murders will continue,” writes Don Porter.

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When are the computers going to take over?


“Machines were supposed to make our lives easier, but it seems all they've done is speed up everything,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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Utah, tourism and a .05 BAC — an S-E reader conversation

Utah Governor's Race

Was lowering Utah's blood alcohol threshold to .05 a bad idea? Here’s what readers had to say.

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But what about Hillary Clinton's private email server?

Trump Russia Probe

“I’ll be honest with you: None of that Russia nonsense matters. It’s absolutely baffling why we aren’t still trying to get to the bottom of the deadly Benghazi attack,” writes Don Porter.

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Low-tech advice for a high-tech world

Family photograph

“If you want to capture memories of the older generations, you are going to have to do the work,” writes Michael Vaughan.

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The Senate invalidates a rule intended to protect consumers

Citigroup Settlement

Consumers used to be able to join together and sue banks for their bad behavior, even if the fine print said otherwise. Not anymore, writes E. Kent Winward.

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Depressed teen, fatal crash and fair punishment — a reader conversation

BS 070616 Marilee Gardner 01

Readers reacted to a juvenile court sentencing for a teenager accused of killing two young adults in a high-speed crash in June 2016. The teen tried to flee the scene and was initially being tried as an adult.

Guest Commentary

Daylight saving time — maybe we should sleep on it

Time Fall Back

“Numerous studies have shown mixed results in the value of DST,” writes David Ferro.

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