The rudest, and happiest, Americans live in Utah

road rage

We sure are confusing. A couple of weeks ago, Utah drivers were included in the Top 10 list of the nation’s rudest drivers. A survey of 2,000 drivers conducted in June 2014 by Insure.com...


The human condition on display in parking lots

You learn a lot about people in a parking lot. I thought about that the other day as I watched some fellow empty a couple of sacks of groceries into his car, then...


Faces of cousins a welcome link to the past

I’m sitting with my family and siblings at a picnic table in a park in the hometown of my grandparents. Clusters of families are gathered at other picnic...


It makes so much sense to be 4 again

I want to be 4 years old again. Yes, I remember what it’s like to be 5 and 12 and 17. I’m not saying I want to be all of those again. I just want to be...


'Treasure' is priceless when it's given away

Some of the remaining ‘treasures’ are already boxed when they show up. The garage sale is an average success. We sell some big things and some little...


Parenting isn't any easier the second time around

Notes from the Field: (Of a woman whose youngest ‘child’ is nearly 30 years old and who cheerily agreed to house, feed, and protect four young children,...


What's the difference between a tax and attacks?

I’m looking for a harbor, and a load of tea to dump into it…. That was an awesome Fourth of July, wasn’t it? Lots of “rockets red glare,...

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