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Public lands raise revenue for Utah

Utah Federal Lands

At the rally to save Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, I met a young man who thinks Donald Trump is a great president. Trump had created a lot of jobs and more jobs would come from opening the monument areas to oil, mining, and drilling, he said. Here are the facts: The revenue from oil and...


Randall Carlisle was one of Utah's best TV news anchors

Randall Carlisle

I think Utah has been very fortunate in having some of the best TV news anchors in the country. Certainly, one of the very best has been Randall Carlisle, who recently retired from ABC 4. So it was sad to see Randall's last broadcast Sunday evening, Dec. 3. My husband and I wish Randall the very...


Either call out sexual abusers or get out of politics

Trump-2 Hatch

I was on a recent call with Sen. Orrin Hatch and heard him get grilled by callers on why he would support Roy Moore in Alabama (I was especially happy that one of the questioners was a man). Hatch danced around the question, praising President Donald Trump and expressing the need to end all sexual...


When we sit idling in our cars, we're contributing to inversions

Air Pollution Alert Utah

I am writing in response to the Dec. 11 story, “Inversion expected to last throughout the week; no-burn alert still in effect,” by Jessica Kokesh. As the inversion settles along the Wasatch Front, a new norm settles as well: Poor air quality. We would revolt at anyone throwing trash...


No, Jesus wouldn't have baked a wedding cake for a gay couple

APTOPIX Supreme Court Wedding Cake-6

Mark Saal recently editorialized on the case of the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple (”Columnist finds it sad that baker, same-sex couple have reached this point,” Dec. 3). I would like to comment on Saal’s statement that Jesus would have baked...


South Ogden moves vet by beginning meeting with Pledge of Allegiance

new web south ogden city logo

I had the opportunity to attend a public hearing at South Ogden City Offices with the mayor and some of the city council members. It wasn’t a public forum, but the mayor and members gave us a chance to express ourselves on an issue concerning our city. But that’s not the real reason I...


Hatch's hypocrisy on the deficit, Republican tax bill is disgusting


This is my response to the vote by Sen. Orrin Hatch on the latest tax measure in Congress: Sen. Hatch, we just spent eight years listening to you criticize the horrible federal deficit and debt and how they were destroying the nation, mortgaging the future, and generally a result of the job-killing,...


Utahns saw Trump was evil and voted for him anyway because he's a Republican

Trump National Monuments-20

With the guilty plea by former National Security Advisor MIchael Flynn and the potential incrimination of his superiors, we should begin talking about what this almost certainly means – our primary adversary colluded with the Trump campaign to affect our election. This is unprecedented and...


What the world needs now is love, not hate

Confederate Monuments Protest

It only takes a moment to watch the evening news and see the hatred that exists in the world. In a generation where four-letter words are commonplace in almost every facet of life, so is the four-letter word “hate.” Many of humanity’s actions have a root cause in hatred and it has...


Trump is promoting hate and fear, and Republicans love it

Trump Muslims May Tweet

Early Wednesday morning, Trump was up retweeting anti-Muslim videos originating from an ultra- right Nazi-leaning party in Britain. Most suggest these videos are either staged or fake. His 44 million followers on Twitter are eating this up. Republicans have hit a new low cheering on Trump while he...

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