God does not condone homosexuality

Anti Gay Marriage Rally-1

Editor; I agree with a letter in the newspaper about not using the word marriage for same sex unions “Keep 'marriage' definition as it has always been,” Oct. 12. Not only should the use...


Smart meters? Oh, my aching head!

Editor, Electricity Smart Meters? Oh my aching head! Last year, Fox News reports over 900 house fires being caused by these "smart" meters and Brigham City is...


Join with change, vote Irvine for House

Editor: Eric Irvine is an excellent candidate for the Utah House of Representatives. When I was first elected to the House, a law enforcement officer, Gary Cox,...


Bluegrass gains mainstream audience appeal

Editor, Bluegrass music has become more popular over the past several years. It started with the film “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” and has gained...


Why do we send same people to Congress?

Editor, If everyone hates Congress, then why do you keep sending the same people back to Washington? James R. Tucker Roy To write the Standard-Examiner a letter...


Utah drivers are pretty good

Editor, I wish to respond to the Oct. 20 letter, “Utah drivers need to grow up.” I got quite a chuckle out of it.  I wonder how “grown up...


UTOPIA can bring phone, net prices down

Editor, Thank you Layton for trying to provide residents with better service at a lower cost. A few weeks ago I attended an open meeting on UTOPIA where the city...


Keep the Ogden sign where it is

Editor, Please leave the sign where it is. (“Ogden sign outdated,” online letter Oct. 21) Maybe restore it but don't change it. That sign has been...


Don't prey off free government offerings

Editor, This letter is in response to the letter to the editor, "We need health care for all," Oct. 22: While I agree that health care should be available for...


Bishop is a career politician

Editor, I was surprised to read in your newspaper that it is backing Utah’s career politician, Rob Bishop, in his re-election bid this time around. Perhaps...


RAMP tax is a blessing for Weber

Editor, A family from California visited Treehouse Museum recently and wanted to tell me how much they loved Treehouse and how unique it was in their experience of...

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Gravel pit may be forced onto area above Willard

Editor, The Willard City council has submitted an application with Box Elder County for a rezoning of city property, owned in the county above Willard. This action...