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Hey, all you crybabies in the Buttercup Generation. Trump won. Grow up

Trump Campus Protests Rutgers-6

Since the elections have ended I keep reading about how it has affected a lot of people on the more liberal side. I've tried to ignore them but with the protests (riots) and the letters to the editor, I can't remain silent. I hear about how they are having panic attacks, tightness in their chests,...


Woman no longer wants to be part of a church whose members supported Trump

Republican Convention Religion

Twenty years ago, I suffered a series of misfortunes. I lost my oldest son, my job, my car and my house, and ended up living in government-subsidized housing in Layton, along with all four of my children, where most of the tenants were young females with small children. One Sunday in sacrament, the...


Idaho bridge player grateful for hospitality, assistance in Northern Utah

Bridge hand

I wish to express my gratitude to your fine community for the generosity and courtesy I received during a recent visit. I was attending a duplicate bridge tournament held at the Golden Spike Elks Lodge, which is a very comfortable facility and we bridge players were treated extremely well. The...


We can't allow bigotry to prevail in the White House, either

Sack edit toon 11-16-16


Utahns have an abundance of things for which to be thankful

Bonneville Girls Basketball

It is always fortunate that we have the holidays to look forward to after November elections. After we divide ourselves over political positions or opposing candidates, it is only fitting that we have Thanksgiving and the subsequent holidays to stop and take stock of the things that are most...


We don't need to raise the minimum wage. Young people need to work harder

Campaign 2016 Why It Matters Minimum Wage-1

Anyone over the age of 40 can remember when they were young and worked at a minimum-wage job. We never expected it to be a “living wage.” It was for entry-level jobs, usually held by teenagers, college students and part-time workers. We are fooling ourselves if we think there are no...


Hypocrite Republicans obstructed Obama but now demand loyalty to Trump

Obama State of Union

Republicans spent eight years obstructing and impeding President Obama. They even met in private on the night of his first inauguration to scheme as how to do this. But now those same Republican hypocrites are saying we should come together to support president-elect Donald Trump because his...


Police are people too

Police Badge 1.jpg

Cops. Good or bad, we got them. They come in every color. They represent all ethnic groups, faiths and the lack thereof. They are from all races and ethnic groups, but mostly they are American. They come in every sexual persuasion. They work every day of the year and in all weather conditions.They...


Mormons used to think, vote independently


Wouldn’t that be great if we could return to a time when the Mormon people, now so sheeplike in their Republican voting behavior, were more independent thinkers? Long ago, in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four presidential campaigns, President Heber J. Grant told his people — almost...


Clinton won the popular vote, which makes Trump's victory bogus


The election is over, the votes have been counted, the results are what they are. Now that the Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House, who are they going to blame if things go bad? This election, by rights, should put Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn...

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