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Schools need to help instill values in our children

APTOPIX Oregon School Shooting-11

I look at what's happening in our country and ask myself, What has changed? It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to see. Now many may disagree, but I remember when I was in school there was still things like opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance. Was that wrong? Look what we have come...


Harvey's experience dealing with Weber County Commission gives him the edge

Legislators come out in support of Jim Harvey

I am bit disappointed in the Standard-Examiner's decision to endorse Caitlin Gochnour for the Weber County Commission. She and Jim Harvey are good candidates, but the background of dealing with the Weber County Commission for more than 23 years has to tilt the balance to Harvey. Also, if elected,...


Jim Harvey was vetted and deserves to be county commissioner

Diesel testing, bike paths among issues debated

It has been with keen interest that we have followed the primary political rhetoric for the county commissioner’s office. At this year’s neighborhood caucus, my husband and I were elected to represent our PV 1 district at the county convention. He had served in this position once before,...


Jim Harvey's work at Golden Spike Arena qualifies him for county commisison

Candidate Jim Harvey fields questions

As the race for Weber County commissioner comes to an end this month, I felt the need to voice my support for one of the candidates. My support goes to Jim Harvey. I have known Jim for over 20 years. I worked with him while serving as the county sheriff and a county commissioner. I feel...


Johnson a leader in building an economic foundation for Utah

SW 030116 Jonathan Johnson 03

Just look at the list of people who take money from the pockets of taxpayers. Albert Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. How true. Economics and government go totally in different directions. Lawmakers need to have a degree in economics...


Gochnour demonstrates concern, compassion for constituents

BZ 091614 Hispanic Heritage Meeting 05-4

This year’s presidential primaries have been characterized by unusually high levels of acrimony and negative attacks by Republican and Democratic candidates. However, what is even more significant is the lack of voter support for candidates backed by the “political establishment.”...


We should pray for the president

APTOPIX Nightclub Shooting What to Call It-12

Do you think it could help our nation to pray for our president? My mother-in-law told me many times, “It used to be a custom to pray for the president of the United States of America, no matter what party he was from.” I believe we must pray not just for peace, but be specific and pray...


We need your election-related letters by June 21

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We need your letters about the June 28 primary elections by 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 21. Please limit your letters to 350 words or less and include your name, hometown, and a daytime phone number where we can reach you to verify authorship prior to publication. We will publish all election-related...


Pornography is an epidemic that needs to be controlled

Pornography Health Crisis Utah

In response to the May 31 letter from Bruce Adams,


Standard-Examiner headline displayed its anti-gay bias

BZ 061516 Orlando Vigil 14-5

I am disgusted by the front page subhead in the Monday, June 13, edition of the Standard-Examiner about the tragedy in Orlando, which reads:

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