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President Trump works for the people of the United States

Trump US France-4

I still hold out hope that President Trump will eventually get it straight and realize that he is not the head of a large corporation. He is the president of the United States and we, the people, are his boss. For heaven’s sake, start listening to what the people want. Stan Jacobson Ogden


Legal or not, no one should consume alcohol

MH 053017 Pineview Alcohol Ban 05-4

I read a portion of the article mentioning how the Weber County Commission had voted to ban liquor from the beaches of Causey and Pineview reservoirs (“Passing of controversial Pineview, Causey alcohol ban spurs mixed feelings,” May 31). I was rather perplexed because I thought that at...


With President Trump, the results speak for themselves

Trump US Germany Merkel

In response to John W. Reynolds’ letter on “presidential dignity” (SE July 11, 2017) some thoughts come to mind. First of all, he states that “results speak for themselves.” OK, I will agree with that! So, what results did President Trump achieve in his six months in...


Trump has a long list of unkept promises

Congress Health Care Trump

A letter to the editor published July 11 definitely deserves an answer. It was titled “Why all this fuss about the dignity of the presidency?” The author then went on to ask, “Shouldn’t we be more concerned about creating jobs, finding solutions to a broken health care...


Utah needs to ban the sale of fireworks


Regarding fireworks: You don't kill a rattlesnake by cutting off his tail. Congratulations to Sen. Joel Briscoe, D-Salt Lake City, for deciding to look into a statewide ban on private residents using fireworks in Utah. Yet to cut off the head of the fireworks snake we have to have a statewide ban...


Republican health care plan is morally bankrupt

Health Overhaul Utah Protest

Christian conservatives helped put the Republican Party in power and as a reward, the Republican-controlled House passed a health care bill that goes against the major tenets of Christianity. The Senate under Utah’s Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee are doubling down on a bill that will go even...


Why all the fuss about the dignity of the presidency?

Germany G20 Summit Trump

When it comes to getting the job done I say dignity be damned. Let results speak for themselves. Rosie the Riveter didn’t worry about her makeup and hair during World War II, nor did the fighting men at Iwo Jima, Utah Beach or Bastogne care that their boots were muddy or their hair uncombed...


Rich lawmakers need to stand up for those who have less

Congress Health Overhaul Analysis

I cannot believe we as Americans will allow children to suffer or disabled people go without health care. I cannot believe that the poor do not matter to our lawmakers. There is an underclass that fights to exist every day, most of the time due to not making enough money to rent a place. Does...


A smaller Ogden budget with a tax increase makes no sense

MH 122016 City Council Meeting 08-3

According to the proposed budget, Mayor Mike Caldwell is not in tune with the Ogden City Council. In October 2015, close to the election, the city manager and the members of the City Council approved a salary increase for the Police Department without identifying a percentage. City Manager Mark...


Why did Jason Chaffetz even run for another term?

Chaffetz Resigns-1

Well, Jason Chaffetz has joined the rarefied air and become a talking head for Faux News, just as Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee did. Poor Chaffetz just didn't have the stomach to take on President Trump. As chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he spent millions of taxpayers dollars...

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