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Meeting Elizabeth Smart was an emotional experience

Elizabeth Smart Pornography

Sept. 10, I had the privilege of attending the second annual Women’s Retreat. Elizabeth Smart was the keynote speaker. I will never forget her horrific kidnapping. I followed the headlines faithfully for nine months. My husband and I went to Arizona for the winter, and on our way back to Utah...


Donald Trump's extramarital affairs are just fine with Utah conservatives

Campaign 2016 Trump child care

When Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, conservatives were all over him like a skin disease, even demanding his impeachment. A trial was held but conviction, as you’ll recall, failed in the Senate. Now comes Donald Trump, a man who has fathered five children by three different...


Despite what paper reported, Mt. Ogden Health Center is the best

Secondary BS 082916 Fern Hawks 02-4

This is regarding your Sept. 4 article about nursing homes (”8 local nursing homes fined after state inspectors find deficiencies”). Again, the Standard-Examiner is guilty of irresponsible reporting. You interviewed one person and drew a conclusion about Mt. Ogden Health and...


Congress needs to pass a budget before it goes on recess

Obama Congress

It's that time of year again. The congressional recess starts in October. Congress is supposed to pass a budget before it recesses. Maybe it will; likely it won't. Typically, Congress gets together in a lame-duck session just before Christmas and passes emergency budgets packed with extensions and...


Senator Hatch, perhaps you can explain Trump's plan to defeat ISIS

Campaign 2016 Trump Asheville

Perhaps Orrin Hatch, our longtime U.S. senator and a strong Donald Trump booster, can help this equally longtime Republican understand Trump’s ISIS statements. Trump has said our generals have been reduced to rubble; he knows more about ISIS than all the generals put together; he has a...


Celebrate National Arts in Education Week

BZ 110614 Ogden River 11-10

Sept. 11-17 is National Arts in Education Week, and as a firm believer of arts in the schools, I want to thank the parents and teachers in the Ogden City School District who do so much to promote the arts for our kids. In the last several years there has been a greater focus on technology, science,...


We need emissions testing for all motorized vehicles on Weber County roads

SW 082216 Health Board Meeting 01

After living here for almost 25 years, I wonder why they don’t have emissions testing for all vehicles operating on public roads in Weber County. It’s bad enough Northern Utah being in the geographic position it’s in. We’re down in a hole with mountains all around. I get on...


Pokemon Go has become an obsession for middle-aged woman

Pokemon Go WSU

I am a 57-year old woman, and apparently I look older than my years because wherever I go, I am automatically offered the senior discount. Perhaps I look old because I dress and live conservatively — I have an IRA, dinner on the table most nights, and I don’t own a TV. I am also a level-...


Taco trucks contribute to the economy


A Hispanic surrogate for Donald Trump recently warned,


Thanks to Leavitt's for supporting Heaven Can Wait Dash for Donation

Intermountain Donor Services

Intermountain Donor Services, the federally designated, non-profit organ recovery organization that serves Utah, would like to thank Mike Leavitt and his staff at Leavitt’s Mortuary for all of their support again this year for the Annual Heaven Can Wait Dash for Donation. The dash is held to...

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