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Strong public schools made America great

Trump-5 DeVos

We now have a president who wants to make America great again. I hear constantly about things that should be fixed, improved or rejected. But I believe that strong public schools made the United States of America great in the first place. Of course there is some room for private school and...


Thanks to an Ogden neighbor for his help this winter

Secondary BZ 112816 Snow 03-3

It behooves me to thank my friendly neighbors for the kindnesses they have shown. A special note of thanks goes to Jim Hansen. Through the years, “Jimmy” has, with the support of his family, been an asset to our neighborhood. Every winter, Jim uses his expertise and equipment to make it...


Pedestrians, put down your cell phones and pay attention to traffic

cell phone 4.jpg

I'm amazed at the number of people who, when they get out of their cars in a public parking lot, begin to text or talk on their cell phones before they have walked 10 feet or less. The other day, I saw two people almost get hit by cars because they were paying absolutely no attention to what they...

From the Community

Valentine's Day: Northern Utahns share their love stories

France New Year's Eve-20

We asked for your love stories, Northern Utah, and you provided. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Democrats need to support Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Senate Supreme Court Gorsuch

I was raised in a Democratic family. But unfortunately, it is not surprising to see the Democratic reaction to Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. It is in sync with their whole strategy of trying to create problems for a new administration. Rather than...


Middle East refugees are modern-day Pilgrims

BW 02042017 Anti-Tump march down 25th Street 17-11

Hey, folks — refugees from the Middle East are no different than the Pilgrims who came over and landed on Plymouth Rock and who were escaping tyranny and seeking freedom and a better life. So let me see if I have this right: By allowing refugees into this country, Americans could be killed in...


Hollywood types, anarchists creating fear about Trump

Utah Legislature Womens March

Who’s afraid of Donald Trump? Apparently a whole bunch of people, judging from the thousands (maybe millions) who demonstrated recently. They had mixed agendas and not all were anti-Trump; some were there for the publicity and notoriety, some chose to use language that would make a sailor...


We deserve nonpartisan elections for the Utah State Board of Ed

Jennifer Graviet

It’s actually pretty simple. Our State Board of Education members should abide by Utah Code which requires that boards shall design their school programs, that are suggested by generally accepted scientific standards of evidence, to focus on the core standards for Utah public schools....


Men shouldn't be treated as inferior to women

I just watched the new Mr. Clean commercial. At first I thought,


Shoebox gifts are a tangible expression of God's love


I am writing to thank Northern Utah residents for spreading joy to children around the world this Christmas season. The generosity of volunteers, families and groups paved the way for us to collect 18,100 shoebox gifts for the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas Child — the...

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