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Utahns continue to elect lawmakers who vote against the things we want

Public Lands Plan

It’s a mystery to me why so many Utahns commit political suicide by voting against themselves. How? By electing representatives who refuse to vote for things the majority of citizens want. Let’s look at a few examples. Year after year, polls show that Utahns want adequate funding for education. So...


Teacher at South Ogden Junior High didn't need to use racial slur

Teacher Racial Slur-2

With all due respect to teachers and especially our students, we are too quick to use racial slurs. At South Ogden Junior High School, history teacher Douglas Barker did say the full “N-word,” which I know is not at all necessary to say. Just say “the N-word” or “black.” Must we keep dragging up...


Our problems could be the result of our lack of reverence for God's name

LDS Temple Moroni

Oh, the power of a word. There is much to do of late about the power one word has (”South Ogden Jr. High teacher violated policy by using racial slur,” May 4 Standard-Examiner). I never cease to be amazed! When African-Americans are offended by a word, they do something about it. Christians say...


Trump's rise is similar to Hitler's

GOP 2016 Trump Christie

I see the latest Fox News poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton. I've often wondered how Adolf Hitler was able to dupe the Germans into putting him in power. Now we are witnessing the same sort of thing here in the United States of America! Who would have ever believed it? Gullibility...


Teacher thrilled at the growth shown by Ben Lomond HS students

LEAD BZ 110314 STEM Conference 05-4

As another round of SAGE testing comes to an end, I want to express my gratitude and pride in the students, parents, teachers and community of Ben Lomond High School. I've been a teacher at Ben Lomond for 10 years and have three Ben Lomond grads of my own who are proud to be Scots! Despite the...


Former Ogden City Council colleagues: Gochnour will help build a better county

BZ 091614 Hispanic Heritage Meeting 05-4

Collectively, we have all worked alongside Caitlin Gochnour as fellow members of the Ogden City Council for several years. We all understand the importance of bringing people together to make the most informed decisions, and Caitlin brought an important voice to the council. Caitlin always...


Electing Trump would help the country recover from 8 years of Obama

Election-Oregon-Presidential Campaign

Trump doesn’t need the money or fame. He wants to help America.


Ogden NAACP leader defends investigation of racial slur

Teacher Racial Slur

I am responding to the May 13 letter from George Garwood, Jr., “No need for NAACP to investigate teacher’s use of racial slur, former mayor says.” The mission of the NAACP is to work toward eradicating practices of discrimination and hatred. What the Ogden Branch is exploring as racial harassment...


A note to clarify who wrote the letter about Obama and bathrooms

The Standard-Examiner published a letter to the editor Tuesday, May 17, from Philip Johnson of Ogden (”Obama won't be happy until he forces people to have sex in public places”). It was Philip S. Johnson who wrote the letter, not Philip B. Johnson, M.S., an Ogden marriage and family therapist.


Obama won't be happy until he forces people to have sex in public places

Transgender bathrooms

I come from an era of respect for others and modest behavior. The Obama administration is committing yet another act against morality and the will of God by forcing schools to enact a policy where one sex can watch the other use the bathroom. Shame shame on you, President Obama, for this...

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