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Fly the flag at half-staff in memory of the Republican Party

GOP 2016 Cleveland Wall Brigade

We, like many of you, have flown our American flag at half-staff a lot over the last few years, most recently because of the police officers killed in the line of duty in Dallas and Baton Rouge. We will continue to fly the flag at half-staff throughout the Republican National Convention, in...


We need forgiveness and friendliness not revenge and violence

Police Shot Baton Rouge

Jasmine Pittman wrote a July 13 guest commentary titled “Scared, angry and black — life after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.” Well, I am a police family member who is scared, angry and white. We need our police force. Who else will help us when we really do need help?...


Personal cars, trucks part of a "complex system of violence"


If you dare, take the keys to your personal motor vehicle, hang them up for a month and engage in the gentle traveling ways of walking, bicycling, or riding the train/trax/bus. If you do this, soon all around you will experience motoring aggression that has been obscured into an insensitive...


Utah's school system must've failed Trump supporters

Campaign 2016 Trump Pence

I keep reading the letters to the editor and believe Donald Trump’s supporters didn’t get a good education in Utah’s schools. Language: We’re almost a bilingual nation. Trump’s supporters want to send immigrants back where they came from. Math: Trump filed for...


Volunteer, indie film fan shocked by Sundance's decision to leave Ogden

Film Sundance Robert Redford 2016 Park City

I am a former Weber County resident who volunteered at Peery’s Egyptian Theater for the Sundance Film Festival. When I wasn’t volunteering, I attended the festival. So I was shocked to hear of Sundance leaving Ogden — especially since I read about it in the paper and wasn’t...


Dr. Leon White, Sterling Morris made Roy a better community

Roy High School Logo

I would like to offer my sympathy and thanks to the families on the deaths of two Roy icons, Dr. Leon White and Sterling Morris. They both made a difference to the families in Roy and to Roy High School. Mr. Morris taught music for years, passing up lucrative offers to stay and make music special...


Utah conservatives beholden to each other, not the larger population

MH 062816 Primary 02-1

The Utah Republican Party has done it to itself. It has ruined the caucus system and will lose its control of the nomination process, and thus the electoral process. Because it could, it dominated the system with a few very conservative members who were sent as delegates to the conventions to...


Artist Mark G. Willard set a great example for Horace Mann students

Horace Mann Elementary

I have intended to write for some time now and have finally decided this is the day to express my appreciation for an amazing man who has touched my life and the lives of all the sixth-graders at Horace Mann Elementary School. As a volunteer at the school, I was privileged to experience greatness...


Rice and Powell breathe a sigh of relief

Republican Convention

I am wondering if all of America heard that deep sigh last week that seemed to resonate from East Coast to West. I heard it. It came from former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. And I thought I heard the whisper,


Lincoln Parkin was an amazing son and brother

lincoln parkin 3.JPG

The family of Lincoln Don Parkin expresses gratitude to the countless family and friends who reached out to us since his death in early April. We miss him dearly. Since he died alone, we were not sure of all the circumstances surrounding his death. We initially thought it may have been self-...

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