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Lantern House needs a crosswalk, but so does 26th and Wall Ave.

Family members remember crosswalk victim

It was with great dismay I read the page one story on April 7, 2017, headlined, "Crosswalk to follow Lantern House down Wall.” Placing that lighted crosswalk in Wall Avenue near 26th Street was long overdue, and I was extremely pleased to see it installed. A new, dedicated crosswalk on Wall...


Rabid Democrats are to blame for health care bill defeat, Washington gridlock

Health Overhaul-1 Schumer Pelosi

Since November, Democrats have dug in their heels relative to Washington bipartisan relations. For many of them, Donald Trump’s election was traumatic, and in an effort to justify their actions they cite Hillary Clinton’s plurality of popular vote saying she should have won. They would...


Roy just had a tax hike for public safety. Now it wants to police other towns?

Roy Police Department

Why is Roy City engaging in discussions to provide police service to Hooper and West Haven when only seven months ago, it passed the fifth-highest tax increase in the state, citing multiple pressing needs in emergency services as the primary reason? There is a special meeting of the Roy City...


When it comes to using Roy police coverage, the math doesn't add up

BS 022217 Roy Police Prses Conference 02-1

The West Haven City Council is thinking about dropping its law enforcement contract with the Weber County Sheriff’s Office due to an increase of a little over $100,000 for the next five years. The council is proposing to instead get the needed law enforcement coverage from the Roy Police...


Obama threatened every American's right to keep and bear arms

Congress Regulations Guns

I am writing to respond to Don Porter’s April 5 column, “Utah columnist happy about gun industry slump,” which downplays the threat posed by the gun control lobby and President Obama. The columnist claims that groups such as the NRA used “fearmongering” to gin up gun...


Teenagers were perfectly capable of carrying firearms in Vietnam

Vietnam War-Huet

Pros and cons of concealed carry aside, at issue is picking a number that indicates maturity. Stan Jacobson’s March 28 letter indicated 18-year-olds lacked the maturity and experience to carry a concealed firearm (”Utah teens don't have the maturity, experience to carry concealed...


Utahns need to do more to prevent child abuse

Child abuse pinwheels

In many ways, Utah is progressive. Yet not enough done to protect our children from irresponsible parents. As a grandparent, I was introduced to the Utah Division of Child and Family Services and Child Protective Services. I respect their interests in all cases. Yet children are not just case...


Trump, Bannnon, GOP intent on dismantling the New Deal

US-China-Trade Trump

During the eight years of the Obama administration, the overriding goal of the Republican Party, aside from insuring that Obama would be a one-term president, was to impose an agenda on the American people that was little more than an Orwellian political ideology. It was an agenda that promised...


Autistic muppet will be a welcome addition to "Sesame Street"

TV-Sesame Street-Autism

The PBS children’s series “Sesame Street” debuted when I was 6 years old. That was in 1969. But recently I thought the program had strayed from its mission, which was to teach children the alphabet and how to read simple words and sentences and how to count and do simple math....


Thanks to Trump, Republicans will lose the Senate in 2018

Trump US Germany

Republicans will lose the Senate in November 2018 for two reasons: 1) Republicans are determined to maintain control over the Senate Intelligence Committee charged with investigating Russian interference during the 2016 election. So far, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the only ones...

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