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Snowbasin needs to add more parking

Snowbasin parking 3 LL

Snowbasin seems to have missed the point on the insane traffic issue it currently has (”Traffic piles up along with powder at Snowbasin resort; operators explain options,” March 3). It admits parking on the road is bad and illegal, but offers no other place to park. There is no talk of...


People should have a right to self defense

police car lights

Whatever happened to self defense? Are we supposed to be knocked unconscious, shot down and destroyed and not be able to strike back? If we are brave enough to defend ourselves, we will be sent into the legal system, and if we’re convicted we’ll go to jail or prison. We’ll be...


Churchill and Trump share similarities


People living in freedom are not the majority in this world and never have been, which points to the uniqueness of our form of government — a republic with democratic processes and three branches of government incorporating a system of checks and balances. The design has served us well, for...


Reader amused by cowardly lion editorial cartoon

Fitzsimmons edit toon

Your editorial cartoon on Feb. 28 was priceless. I especially loved the cowardly lion costume. This cartoon, alone, was well worth the cost of the subscription. Roberta Mahin Ogden


Responsible gun owners should be able to carry concealed weapons at school

School Shooting Real Time Reaction

Kudos to the Ben Lomond High School students for their creativity in the three-minute sympathy demonstration for the Parkland, Florida, shooting victims (”Students at Ben Lomond High standing against gun violence in schools,” Feb. 26). A more mature action would be a voluntary after-...


Hollywood should make enlightening and uplifting movies

McKee edit toon 3-5

Thank you! I do not always agree with the editorial cartoons, but Monday’s was right on! We do not watch the Oscars and we do not go to the movies. Right after the evening news Sunday night, I saw a commercial for another violent movie. Violent video games and movies filled with violence and...


A reminder that all the boobs aren't on Capitol Hill

Statue of justice

It was big news this week that the Utah State Bar inadvertently sent all the lawyers in the state a email that contained a photo of a bare-breasted woman. Some were offended, but I think it was a good reminder that all the boobs in Utah aren't on Capitol Hill! Scott Riddle Roy


Find your voice — register to vote

MH 110816 Voting 07-6

On Feb. 14 in Parkland, Florida, a gunman entered a high school and opened fire, killing 17 students. Like many shootings before this, it led to a heated debate about what, if anything, should be done to prevent similar tragedies. Well-intentioned ideas sprung up from all sides, some more viable...


N. Ogden amphitheater will be a venue other communities can only dream of

North Ogden amphitheater

With growth comes change, and growing pains are often part of the process. It’s not uncommon for long-range community projects to be challenged by homeowners who become new neighbors to the project. As a result, long-planned projects often progress slowly. Small communities, such as North...


Media has contributed to America's moral decline, gun violence

School Shooting Florida-7

The recent school shooting in Florida was a real tragedy. But, to be honest, we must put the 17 deaths in perspective. In the U.S., drunk drivers kill about 30 innocent people per day. Abortions kill about 1,793 babies per day. Of the 100,000 schools in the U.S., over the last 25 years, gun deaths...

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