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There will never be too many flags in a parade

Editor, There is no such thing as too many flags in any parade! I was so shocked when I read an opinion on this subject matter (“Perhaps too many flags in...


Dogs, smoking lessen enjoyment at market

Editor, Would it be possible to forbid dogs and smoking at that farmers market in downtown Ogden? For the pass three weekends I have attend that function and have...


An assault on the American way of life

Editor, How can anybody who loves our country support our president's unrelenting campaign to transform the United States into a bankrupt, centrally controlled...


Recycling costs revealed

Editor, I will graduate from Weber State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s in geography. I surveyed local residents about recycling for my senior project...


Letter saying we need more Trumps laughable

Editor, The July 15 letter to the editor “We need more Trumps in the U.S.” was very interesting and laughable. Is that we what we call freedom of...


Clean up needed across the street from school

Editor, It is about time for some public shaming! I drive Harrison almost daily and no matter how many times I pass Ogden High School I admire this beautiful...


City parking policy seems unfair

Editor; It was a few weeks ago when my wife and I treated ourselves to an early anniversary dinner and a movie. The movie we enjoyed at the corner of 23rd street...


The military should be armed

Editor, The military can’t be armed? I read it over and over again it says that both they and civilian personnel can carry a weapon if they believe that...


Global warming is a propaganda hoax

Editor, What is propaganda ? A lie told often enough that the people will believe it. Hitler used it with amazing success in creating millions of brainwashed...


Swedenborg recounted many near-death experiences

Editor, I was delighted to read comments about Near Death Experience (NDE) in Standard Examiner’s May 15 Faith Section by Doug Gibson, and again in the...

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Thanks for outpouring of love for Sister Danile

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Senator Mike Lee is a profile in courage

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