KidsPost Summer Book Club: 'Slacker'


Review: “Slacker” by Gordon Korman Ages 8 to 12; 230 pages Do you ever find yourself...

Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations: Mylan's EpiPen fiasco can't be unseen

Drug Price Transparency-2

Mark Saal: I’ve seen it, and I still don’t believe it. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch defends outlandish price increases for auto-injector.

Police & Fire

New avenues sought for drug detox in Utah jails

BS 082416 Skier CCS Anti Heroin 0237-3

Jail medical supervisors have argued forcefully about security and logistical concerns. But the Weber County Jail is just starting a pilot program with treatment agencies to provide Vivitrol detox injections prior to release.


6 ways to work out like a football player

Explosive Jump

Whether you’re a football fan or not, these six powerful and explosive workouts will help you get football-player fit this fall.


28 TX-bottomline

TX. Pineapple

It takes almost three years for a pineapple to grow to its full size.


Say farewell to a season in the sun

TX Drawing Summer 2016

The summer of 2016 was full of memories we won't forget. Here's a fun way to say goodbye to the season — find these 20 images of summer hidden in our illustration. 1. American flag 2. Baby Dory 3. Donald Trump sign 4. 3 fireworks 5. 3 Pokeballs 6. Radio 7. Palm tree 8. Food truck 9....


The grimy, black biofilm that's creeping over the Jefferson Memorial


WASHINGTON — It’s black! It’s creepy! And it’s crawling over the Jefferson Memorial! It’s biofilm — a microbial invasion of uncertain origin that has begrimed the stone surface of one of the nation’s most hallowed monuments. Part algae, part...


The TX. 10: Summer Anthems We Loved

APTOPIX Sweden Eurovision Song Competition-14

1. “7 Years” by Lukas Graham One of the biggest radio hits of the summer, “7 Years” is a song about Graham’s own hopes and dreams, fulfilled and unfulfilled. The song is famous for being honest, widely relatable and untraditionally emotional for the genre. 2....


KidsPost Summer Book Club: 'Slacker'


Review: “Slacker” by Gordon Korman Ages 8 to 12; 230 pages Do you ever find yourself sucked into a video game so deeply that anything not coming through your headphones sounds like a distant “blah, blah, blah


Six things to know before your first Comic Con

TX. Comic Con 2

All right, kids, it’s that time of year again! Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 is coming up soon, and just like last year, the convention sounds like it’s going to be amazing. There’s an awesome lineup of artists, celebrity guests and events this year, starting Thursday, Sept. 1 and...


New choir to bring soothing sound to sick and dying in Ogden

LEAD BS 081616 Threshold Singers 01-7

The group is a new branch of a non-profit group that has spread to 150 communities. 

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