Miss Amazing title inspires Bountiful woman's self-confidence

JF 022217 MIss Amazing, Michaela Tucker 1

LDS service missionary Michaela Tucker will be handing over her title to another woman March 11 at...

Health & Fitness

Riverdale mother donates breast milk in honor of her late infant son

SW 022317 Nicura Thompson Colton Strong 01

When Nicura Thompson’s son died at 6 weeks of age, she decided to help other fragile babies. McKay-Dee Hospital and Mountain West Mothers' Milk Bank help.


Ron Halverson, former state legislator and LDS general authority, has died

Ron Halverson 1

Ron Halverson, 80, an Ogden icon, died unexpectedly early Friday, Feb. 24, at his home in Ogden. Because of his variety of involvement, as a businessman, volunteer, lawmaker and leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, those who knew him said he had the ability to make a...


Ogden's Talisman Brewing Company quickly growing as one-year anniversary nears

Secondary BS 022117 Talisman 03-2

Just under one year into business, Talisman Brewing Company says the beer is flowing and demand is growing.


Get a taste of Mardi Gras with these New Orleans-style recipes


Join in the spirit of Mardi Gras with these recipes for dirty rice, jambalaya, gumbo and more.


Black History Month Q&A sessions conclude with Ogden NAACP president

BZ 021617 Stanley Ellington Black History Month 02

The Rev. Stanley Ellington sees the day when we overcome racial tensions through love, forgiveness, long-suffering and kindness.


Struck by star power?

TX. Celebrities

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Trending With TX.: Holy smokes, this 'Batman' could be funnier


Who doesn’t like Batman? Who doesn’t like Legos? Two of the greatest things come together and make a movie, or so I thought before I saw the new


Do your part to fight smog, keep air clean

TX. Air Quality

On Jan. 31, Utah experienced the worst air quality in the nation. The winter inversion has caused unhealthy air in the past, but it has been better than this in recent years. What are inversions, and what can cause them? Inversions are caused when warm air traps cold air on the ground, causing the...


The TX. 10: Short prompts to get you writing

TX. Writing

1. What's been the best moment of your week? 2. Imagine a dog in a hat. Write about his owner. 3. How would Martha Stewart make a chocolate cake even better? 4. Is there life on Mars? 5. Describe the most amazing view you've ever seen. 6. What's one crazy invention you wish existed? 7. Imagine a...


26 TX-bottomline

TX. Computers

The word “modem” is an abbreviation of the computer terms “modulation” and “demodulation.”  

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