Healing journey leads to 'Spiritually Healed' conference at Weber State

Brenda Mower-Lindsay and late husband, Brett Mower

One woman’s losses and her journey to heal are the inspiration behind...


19-year-old Ogden woman crowned as Miss Rodeo Ogden

Savanna Steed, a 19-year-old Ogden resident, was crowned Miss Rodeo Ogden Sunday, May 1 at Timbermine Steakhouse after a daylong pageant. 


Mother's Day 2016: Brunch, restaurant specials in Ogden, Layton, northern Utah

Looking for Mother’s Day brunch specials in Ogden, Layton, Weber County, Davis County and northern Utah? Here’s a look at the spots to take mom on Sunday, May 8.


The TX. 10: Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real

1. Unicorn 2. Mermaid 3. Dragon 4. Fairy 5. Wizard 6. Pegasus 7. Hobbit 8. Jackalope 9. Dwarf 10. Phoenix — Arianna Rackham, Northridge High


Can you spot ‘zany’ words, phrases Shakespeare invented?

This year marks the 452nd anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare as well as the 400th anniversary of his death. Both of these monumental events occurred in April in the English village of Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare’s life came full circle before his death in 1616. In his...


Soft grunge singer inspires with music, messages


Do holidays steal thunder from birthdays?

Merry birthday! Celebrations may get changed up when birthdays fall on Christmas, Halloween and other holidays.


Online classes not as easy as they sound

I've never been one to shy away from a challenge. I'm currently in four AP classes and am taking tests for all of them. And yet, I almost didn’t graduate. Why? Two words: Online classes. It sounds easy. Delightful, even. Taking a class at home? For school credit? It's an introvert’s...


Garden offers students learning from ground up

WASHINGTON — On a recent warm, overcast morning, Ketcham Elementary School received a very dirty makeover. Volunteers, along with a few older students, filled a half-dozen fruit and vegetable beds with soil, hammered a birdhouse into shape and set a pair of young fruit trees in place....


Ever wondered about your sense of smell?

For most animals, smells are neither good nor bad. Rather, they communicate something about the world.  Predators mark their territory with urine and other scents so competitors know that they’re in the neighborhood. Prey use their sense of smell to figure out whether a predator is...


Utah couples open up about disease of infertility, pressure to have children

Couples who have or are dealing with infertility want others to know they just need support, not judgment. “Infertility is a disease,” said Kristin Daugherty, advocate in Utah for Resolve: the National Infertility Association, a nonprofit organization. Several local families have...

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