Groups file suit to keep goats out of La Sal Mountains

Lead BZ 102615 Mountain Goats 01-4

SALT LAKE CITY — Plant protection groups are suing the U.S. Forest Service, saying mountain...


World Famous Pho touts authenticity, but not afraid to break tradition

Meet the new kid on the block of Ogden’s restaurant scene. 


Where to worship on Ash Wednesday in Ogden, Layton areas

Ash Wednesday signifies the beginning of Lent, which is observed in the 40 weekdays before Easter. 


Wasatch View: Week of Love

Little-known facts about Valentine’s Day weekend, plus some unusual gift ideas.


Senate leader: Utah medical pot plan may not be dead

SALT LAKE CITY — The president of the Utah state Senate says a bill allowing the medical use of edible pot products may not be dead on arrival just because the Mormon church opposes it. Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, told reporters Monday that he has concerns about the plan but can’t...


No test scores? No problem: Applications surge after George Washington goes

WASHINGTON — Applications to George Washington University surged 28 percent in the first admission cycle after the school stopped requiring prospective students to submit SAT or ACT scores. GWU officials said recently that they received 25,431 bids for the entering 2016 class, up from 19,...


Dear Valentine's Day:

I must admit that sometimes you make me feel down. I rarely have anyone to cuddle at the end of the day and no plans for the night. Others have a grudge against you because they don’t get any heart-shaped chocolate boxes or bouquets of 12 roses. Some can’t stand the lovely-dovey kisses...


These are the states with the fastest talkers (New York isn't one of them)

Fast talking has long been considered the domain of uppity East Coast types: the investment banker with a phone to her ear as she practically jogs down Wall Street, the Washington lobbyist pitching a deal. On the West Coast, where there is seldom a real winter and never a shortage of beaches, we...


Oscar-nominated 'Boy and the World' looks at life through child's wide eyes

The dark horse in the animated-feature Academy Awards race, “Boy and the World,” by Brazilian filmmaker Alê Abreu, looks and sounds nothing like its competition. Hand-drawn using a mixture of colored pencil, photo collage and paint — and seemingly drawing inspiration...


It's Chinese New Year! Know your sign?

Today — Feb. 8 — is Chinese New Year, the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year falls on a different day in our calendar each year. Every year is marked with a different animal symbol so 2016 will be the year of the monkey. For people born in past monkey...


The TX. 10: Best Conversation Starters

1. Lovely weather we’re having. 2. How has your day been? 3. What are some things you like to do? 4. Have you seen (insert movie or show)? 5. Where did you get that outfit? It’s super cute! 6. Did you hear about what happened on the news? 7. What’s your major? 8. I had the...

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