In the gym, exercise decorum

gym decorum

Spend enough time at the gym and you’re bound to develop some pet peeves. It’s a communal space, shared by people with idiosyncrasies that can drive others up a wall — humming while


Sleep-tracking apps: Do they work?

If you’re like most Americans, then you’re probably within arm’s reach of your phone every waking hour. But can your phone also help you get a


What to tell children about a parent's cancer

“I can’t imagine going through that with a child that age,” we moms with cancer tell each other. Every parent, every kid, every cancer is so


VIDEO: Socialize, stretch and meditate at this women's class

SOUTH OGDEN — There were smiles in abundance as a few dozen women socialized and then stretched and meditated at the free Gentle Movements class at the


Want to get ahead in your career? Marry a dork.

Home life sounds way better with a conscientious spouse than with a jerk, doesn’t it? As it turns out, marrying a conscientious person may help you make more


VIDEO: Thousand Nurses Protest with an Ebola Die-in

U.S. hospitals aren't ready for an Ebola outbreak, according to nurses who staged a "die-in" Wednesday outside a Las Vegas Strip resort where they were holding a


Safety agency studying Toyota acceleration problem

DETROIT (AP) — A U.S. safety agency is looking into a car owner’s allegations that older Toyota Corollas can accelerate unexpectedly at low speeds and cause crashes,


Blast from the past: Heirlooms are reminders of family ties

Sometimes we are lucky enough to get old items from our ancestors. Maybe it’s a black and white picture that is fading or a chipped doll with marks on her,


The TX. 10: Why Fall is Better than Summer

1. Hot chocolate every day 2. Those really crispy leaves on the sidewalk that I go out of my way to step on because it sounds nice. 3. My birthday! 4. Halloween!


Parents are way off base in reading teens' text messages

Texting has taken our world by storm. We no longer know how to communicate face to face. As a result, parents invade their teenagers’ personal lives thinking


Pondering what we know and how we know it

Consider this: You don’t actually exist. That’s right. For all you know, you only exist in your mind, and everything you see and feel — your

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