No cookies in tent for Ogden temple open house

OGDEN -- The emphasis is on feeding the spirit, not the body, at the Ogden Temple open house. There will be no cookies served in the hospitality tent, as there have


Local photography business shares aerial footage of Ogden Temple

With the Ogden Temple open house quickly approaching on Aug. 1, a local photography business recently posted a video of aerial shots of the temple to their Facebook

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Ask Angie: How much does it cost to rewire a house?

Dear Angie: How much will it cost to rewire my home? _ John C., Staten Island, N.Y. Dear John: This is a question we get frequently. The answer, as it is so often

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For Your Home: How to make white decor easy to live with

It must be summer because I'm seeing white everywhere. But, just like with fashion, white isn't just for summer anymore. White is for furniture. If images of white

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Treasures: Floor lamp has charm, but when was it made?

Dear Helaine and Joe: I recently purchased a floor lamp from a friend. Through the patent I was able to learn that the design was created by Ernest Klopfstein, who

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Yardsmart: Guilt-free grasses

My client and I stood before a massive old pampas grass in her backyard. This giant grass from the Argentine blooms with big, white feather dusters above the nearly

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Home Fix: Bath fan vents causing mold problem

Q: I read with interest your article on venting a bathroom fan. I live in Austin, Texas, and my daughter lives in Illinois. The builder told her there are no codes

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Plumber: Three top tips for a 'professional' looking kitchen

Q: Dear Ed, we recently purchased a home that was perfect, except for the kitchen. We plan a complete remodel and since I love to cook, I want my new kitchen to be

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Style at Home: The art of downsizing

My life changed the day I visited a friend who had downsized into a charming home perched on the perimeter of a little lake on the outskirts of Kansas City, Mo. I

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Spreading the green around with American plants

Mark Eberle and Dan Caprioli are friends and fellow biologists with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They're also major gardeners. Eberle and his wife, Heather

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