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FROM THE COMMUNITY: How I reconciled my duty to God with my duty to my country


From the Community contributor Dee W. Flitton shares how he went from dreading being drafted into the military to considering it a blessing. 


These days, parenting looks a lot harder than it was

SW 030316 Meg Johnson Parenting 01

Columnist Mark Saal laments how quickly children are forced to grow up these days.


Wild game adds variety to Utahns' meals

BZ 092016 Wild Game 05-4

When it comes to cooking wild game or wild birds, most cook it just like they would the meat and fowls they would buy from a store.


Weber County diesel emissions testing program approved by health board

SW 092616 Emissions vote 01

The measure is meant to help improve air quality in Weber County, particularly during winter inversions and summer ozone events.


Utah 1st Congressional candidates speak on plans to solve opioid epidemic

SW Photo Illustration opioid epidemic 01

What do Rob Bishop and Peter Clemens think about the opioid epidemic — and what Utah lawmakers are receiving money from a powerful pro-opioid manufacturer’s lobby? A look at what the candidates said in Utah’s 1st Congressional race.


No ‘cheating' — just talent in world of digital art

TX. Digital Art


25 TX-bottomline

TX. Apples

Eat your favorite apple to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day on Monday, Sept. 26, honoring the birthday of the American apple tree planter.


Key to confidence is liking person you are

TX. Body Image

Every day on social media or in magazines or on TV, we can see an ad or article telling us the “5 Reasons Why We Should Love Ourselves” and within the same few minutes also see an ad informing us, “How to Lose Weight Fast.” No matter how many “self-love” pleas we...


The TX. 10: Top Packing Tips

TX. Packing Tips

Moving into a new house, a new bedroom or off to college? Check out these tips for smooth and simple packing. 1. Seal things up: A really good packing tip for necklaces, earrings or any other jewelry/accessory is to use Press ’n Seal, a plastic film made by Glad. You rip off a sheet and place...


Tipping guide: The basic rules of tipping everyone should know

restaurant tip money

How much should you tip at a full-service restaurant? At a coffee joint? At a food truck? Fast-casual? When you use a gift card? When you order carryout? When you order delivery? When the owner serves you? When you’re ordering at the bar? During happy hour? Here’s a full guide on how...

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