Climate change, growing wildfire risk expected to make Utah's air worse

box elder fire.jpg

Utah’s dry weather and damaging wildfires stir up dust.


7 TED Talks to guide you from pregnancy to parenthood

WEB ONLY ted talk Reshma Saujani

Embrace the back-to-school season and check out these 7 TED and TEDx Talks spanning topics on pregnancy, birth and parenthood that you shouldn’t miss.


We all waste time on the internet, but this guy became an expert on it

TEC-Yahoo-What It Means-2-1

Months before Kenneth Goldsmith began to teach his college class, “Wasting Time on the Internet,” he already had his first lesson: The internet needs constant feeding, and a college course on fooling around online is exactly the kind of content it wanted. The Penn course went viral...


Tighten your family's food budget without skimping on nutrition

BS 022416 Kartwheels 02-1

As I’ve reflected on our summer months, the fun moments and the misses, I’ve noticed that the money we spent on activities skyrocketed - paddle-boarding has become a family obsession - and the amount we spent on food plummeted. Perhaps we ate out less frequently or loaded up on more...


Crafters Anonymous: Ogden woman transforms colored glass into majestic mosaics

LEAD BS 072816 Glass Mosaic 01

Pilar Fielding says its become difficult for her to see a surface and not think of how it could become a work of mosaic art.


GOAL Foundation hosts breakfast to show off fitness trail

GOAL Foundation Fitness Trail

Youth and volunteers will demonstrate how to use the GOAL fitness trail equipment.


70-year-old speed skier from Mountain Green defies nature in extreme sport

LEAD BS 082416 Speed Skier 01

At 70, people ask Rauli Karjalainen if he’s too old to be a newcomer in a hobby sometimes called the fastest non-motorized sport on Earth — but Karjalainen says he wants to go out with his boots on.

Police & Fire

Rachael Runyan park dedication honors slain Sunset girl, promotes Amber Alerts

MH 082616 Rachael Runyan 20-19

The 1982 case remains active and Sunset Police Chief Ken Eborn says several persons of interest still are being watched.


'Healthy' sweeteners, protein-powerhouse quinoa, other nutrition myths debunked

quinoa photo 234

Is agave really better than white sugar? Will cleansing help my body detoxify? We all hunger for nutrition advice, but not all the advice you hear is worth believing. Here are the truths behind five common nutrition myths:


'Cow Girl' saddles and rides Daisy all over Portage

Lead BZ 082216 Cow Girl 01

Ceci Schoenenberger has raised her heifer from birth; it’s one of a large menagerie of animals for the 15-year-old Portage girl. 

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