Let your children play football

My father wasn’t what anyone might call an over-involved parent. He was a Fifties Dad, committed to cigarettes, beer, cards, the ponies and a demanding job


Wear this device so the boss knows you're losing weight

SAN FRANCISCO — To fight rising medical costs, oil company BP last year offered Cory Slagle — a 260-pound former football lineman — an unusual way


International Bacon Day: Our favorite recipes

It’s one of the top national trending topics on Twitter today — and one of the tastiest.  It’s International Bacon Day, which was falls


Antelope Island's visitation numbers increase

ANTELOPE ISLAND — Antelope Island visitation is nipping at the heels of Dead Horse Point for the No. 1 visited state park in Utah, while its park revenues for


Local experts applaud tighter controls on hydrocodone

OGDEN — The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has announced it will tighten controls on medications containing hydrocodone, moving them from a


Local 'horse whisperer' helps backyard horses

HUNTSVILLE — Occasionally, even a horse whisperer may have to raise his voice. Brant Seamons trains horses on his three-quarter-acre place in Huntsville. His


An ageless air for the teen's lair

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom is an exercise in negotiation. Gone are the days when you could choose animal art or ballerina bedding without a blink from


USU to host leader of national Interfaith movement

LOGAN — The leader of a movement aimed at building understanding and cooperation among diverse religious groups will bring his message to Logan Thursday.


Jesus Bread of Life Ministry reaches out to homeless in the park

OGDEN — There’s not one person who sits in the pews each week at Jesse Kemp’s church. That’s because Kemp’s Jesus Bread of Life


Treehouse storyteller not about to slow down at 83

OGDEN — Once upon a time, in a bustling mountain town, there lived a woman who lived to serve. This is no fairy tale, folks. Phyllis Savage has been serving

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Lye in tea? Counties target food handler's permits

OGDEN — A regulatory structure underpins the preparation and serving of food in Utah restaurants — a system that is meant to help prevent lye-in...

Dinosaur discovered 155 years ago to be excavated

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Paleontologists are excavating the first dinosaur ever discovered in Utah, 155 years after a geologist discovered the skeleton of the mammoth...