Northern Living: Advice for selling homes in the winter and couponing like a

Some exciting news for Northern Living! We are now part of Wasatch View Magazine. We have changed our name to Wasatch View and will be writing and doing video for the magazine.  On this week’s show Dixie Higgs with Holbrook Realty in Bountiful has some tips for selling your home in the...


Ski patrol pros getting caught in avalanches raises red flag

Avalanche experts say si patrol members are highly trained, dedicated professionals who know every inch of their mountain. And when all that isn’t enough to keep them out of an avalanche, that should raise a red flag for the recreational snow user. “The take-home message for the rest of us is, if...

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You absolutely should not 'Be Like Bill,' the smarmy stick-figure meme eating

Bill does not forward chain emails. He does not take duck-faced selfies or click into schemes from Nigerian princes. He certainly doesn’t play Candy Crush, Instagram his lattes or post vague, passive-aggressive Facebook statuses. What Bill does do is instruct an audience of millions on some...


The Chinese smash-hit 'Monster Hunt' makes its way to U.S.

Last summer, the movie “Monster Hunt” became a monster hit ... in China. Now the family-friendly fantasy is making its way to the United States in search of further success, but it probably will fall short of world domination. The movie blends live action and animation with a story that...


How one Batman writer conquered the concern: 'What if everybody hates it?'

Scott Snyder has long said that the day would come when he would write the big return — when Bruce Wayne would go back to being Batman. But even such long-view awareness could not allay the author’s trepidation. Snyder has crafted numerous critically acclaimed Batman storylines...


Always unlucky and then ... life changes

I am not a lucky person; I would actually say that I’m ridiculously unlucky. I have never been drawn out in a raffle — well that’s not true, I was drawn once. I won some socks at a 5K; it was the item right after the grand prize iPad. I’m the person who knows all the...


Serving in Thailand brings lifetime of memories

This past summer I made the best decision of my life and decided to go on a humanitarian trip to Thailand. This is my experience and I would highly recommend any high school or college student to do the same; there are so many amazing organizations in Utah. The group I went with is called Youthlinc...


25 TX-bottomline

Male seahorses give birth to the babies; they have a pouch on their tail to carry the female’s eggs.


Weber State, other Utah universities restricting hoverboards

SALT LAKE CITY — Several Utah universities are joining colleges around the country in restricting hoverboards on campus as federal officials review dozens of fires tied to the self-balancing scooters. At least two Utah schools, including Brigham Young University, bar riding them on campus, and four...

Police & Fire

Police: Roy woman stole $26K in painkillers with fake prescriptions

Investigators said when she was questioned, Lori Hoskins, 37, admitted to filling out about 260 fraudulent prescriptions for painkillers since 2007, according to charging documents. Hoskins allegedly paid for the pills using Select Health insurance, which paid nearly $26,000 for about 56,000 pills,...

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