Think art is easy? This AP exam plenty tough

TX. - AP art exam

“Which AP tests are you taking?”  When I responded to that frequent inquiry during the last month, my heart rate increased like every other high school student’s. For the most part, all Advanced Placement exams are held in the same awe-struck anticipation. But the AP art test, which I took, is not...


23 TX-bottomline

Equatorial Guinea

Despite its name, the African country of Equatorial Guinea is not found on the equator. Its name comes from its proximity to the equator and to the Gulf of Guinea.


Media often leaves questions unanswered

Salt Lake City Shooting-8

Media has become a big part of how we live, as a society, today. We get news, updates, stories and so much more through several different media sources. But is everything you see on the TV or the internet true? Most say no, yet it has still become rather frequent for people to believe whatever they...


National Park Service marks its 100th birthday


Ready to blow out some candles? The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday this summer! Special events are planned from coast to coast and overseas. There’s sure to be something near you. That’s because the park system oversees more than 400 sites, including battlefields, monuments,...


Want to get to know your pet better? Be like this scientist


Alexandra Horowitz’s best teacher had four legs and a keen, black nose. Horowitz even dedicates her new book, “Inside of a Dog,” to this teacher: a pooch named Pumpernickel. Horowitz is an animal scientist who studies what dogs do (their behavior) and what they know (cognition). She learned about...

Standard Deviations

Sunglasses, hats and pants: Mormon missionaries be stylin'

Sisters in pants

Pants, people. Mark Saal tackles how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently made a few changes to the dress standards for its missionaries for the latest Standard Deviations. AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PHOTOS OF WHITE SHIRTS?


Climbers scale 'the outdoor gym' at the Ninth Street Crag above Ogden

BZ 051816 Rock Climbing 02-1

On a warm spring evening, dozens of climbers filled the boulders and cliffs of the Ninth Street Crag May 18 above Ogden. The popular climbing area has earned the nickname “the outdoor gym” due to its popularity and crowds. This week the walls were spotted with small groups of climbers and larger...


Lucky Slice to take pizza around northern Utah in new food truck

lucky slice food truck.jpg

You can expect to see it make its debut soon. Here’s what Lucky Slice Pizza said about its food truck addition.


Historic Cache Valley cabin connects forest enthusiasts to the past

Blacksmith fork guard station 1

Stay in an old ranger guard station up Cache Valley’s Blacksmith Fork Canyon for a unique recreation experience.


Boy Scouts learn about different faiths while hiking to various Ogden churches

JF 051416 10 Commandment Hike 4

Boy Scouts and their leaders exercised their spirituality along with their bodies at an overnight event and hike last weekend, May 13 and 14.

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