Quiz: How well do you know religious holidays?

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Take our quiz and test your knowledge of holidays observed throughout the year by different faiths.


Upgrade ski, snowboard equipment during the Ogden Ski Swap this weekend

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There are still a few weeks to upgrade or trade in your skiing equipment before Northern Utah’s ski resorts open for the season.

Local , Health & Fitness

Mountain biking program a life-changer for two Fremont High students

MH 110117 Fremont Elevate 01

“I knew the struggles he was having just a few months earlier (and) for him to ride that six miles of that course with all the other riders — I was super, super proud of him.”


Jazz up daily life by seeking new adventures

TX. Adventures

Last summer, I found myself falling in love with the old cities and awe-inspiring architecture of Italy, Switzerland and France. It was an experience I will never, ever forget. From the colorful buildings of Cinque Terre to the waterfalls of Switzerland and the Eiffel Tower itself, I was going on...


Forget Zion and Bryce — ever been to Pando?

TX. Pando clone

Growing up and living in Utah can certainly be a unique experience. Many of our state’s most remarkable and admired features are the exceptional outdoor vistas, ranging from expansive mountain fronts to diverse national parks full of numerous unique rock formations. While Utah’s five...


The TX. 10: Best animes

TX. Anime

1. “Yuri on Ice”: Normally I'm not into sports animes, but this one focuses on the ice skating and draws more attention to the skaters themselves. It gives a great description and attitude toward mental health and is LGBTQ+ representative! 2. “Fullmetal Alchemist:...


Bottom Line trivia

TX. Hippo

A hippopotamus’ lips can be up to two feet wide.


Minister retires after 12 years of reaching out to the poor of Ogden

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In the summer, First Baptist runs a hot dog ministry. In the winter, it gives away mittens.


Cuppa brings Ogden a new vegan-friendly cafe with space for creativity

SW 110217 Cuppa Ogden 02

Cuppa cafe offers a completely plant-based menu in addition to space for creating.


Challenges on the Castle County Trail System

ATV adventures

A ribbon-cutting ceremony opened the Castle Country Trail System in 2015. Offering more than 250 miles of trail covering an area around Helper and Price, this trail features railroad history, Indian history and wildlife. The map gives GPS coordinates and pictures of several interesting sites....

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