Me, Myself as Mommy

Toilet-shooting teacher, so reassuring


It’s been a rough week, starting off with Scarlett finding and then opening a giant Amazon box encasing Christmas presents. I start shopping early. I’m also tackling the task of potty

Me, Myself as Mommy

No excuse for Ray Rice's behavior

I’m suffering from diarrhea of the keyboard. I have so many topics scrambling through my head: picking up children from school is a suicide mission, scary

Me, Myself as Mommy

Kid starts kindergarten, mom lists paranoias

It’s cliché (but to follow the cliché of the cliché, it wouldn’t be a cliché if it weren’t true) but my one-and-only

Me, Myself as Mommy

Shed the feelings of shame about depression

I’ve carried shame over many things in my life. I was charged with lewdness after mooning the county fair in Hurricane just weeks after turning 18. I eat sand

Me, Myself as Mommy

Still searching for non-idiotic infertility comments

Delicacy has never been a strong skill of mine. Nothing about me is petite, subtle or ethereal. Instead my mouth is gaping, inappropriate behavior robust, and I

Me, Myself as Mommy

Rethinking leaving child in car for a nap

People are dumb. Why am I missing the piece of the puzzle where parents leave kids in the car? This last week I’ve read at least three stories where kids are

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