Marijuana arrests fall to lowest level since 1996


Arrests for simple marijuana possession in the United States fell to nearly a two-decade low last...


Ex-ally: Gov. Christie seemed happy about bridge gridlock

Christie Traffic Jams

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A former ally of Gov. Chris Christie who pleaded guilty in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal testified Tuesday that he told the governor about the traffic jam while it was underway and that Christie appeared happy about it and joked sarcastically that there was...


5 defense issues that Clinton and Trump did not discuss during their debate

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump covered a lot of ground Monday night. But despite a 30-minute portion entirely devoted to the subject “Securing America,” there were plenty of issues related to the defense and national security of...


A young black girl's devastating testimony to Charlotte police and city leaders

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. Almost too small to reach the microphone, Zianna Oliphant stepped to the podium at the Charlotte City Council meeting on Monday. Six days had passed since the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott - a period marked by anger and unrest in North Carolina’s largest...


Wealthy, but 'not in a braggadocious way': Donald Trump's favorite humblebrag

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. At one point during Monday night’s debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump described the wealth he says he has. “I have a tremendous income,” Trump said. “And the reason I say that is not in a braggadocious way. It’s because it’s about time that this country had...


Smartphones may soon be equipped to address drunk driving questions

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. Are you sober enough to drive? The familiar way to test levels of blood alcohol (without actually drawing blood) is with breathalyzers. They are used by police trying to identify drunk drivers and in ignition-locking devices designed to prevent intoxicated people from...


For Trump, a night of missed opportunities. Here are 5 big ones.

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. Donald Trump’s suggestion Tuesday morning that he may “hit” Hillary Clinton harder during the next presidential debate came amid intense criticism, much of it from fellow Republicans, over his failure to effectively prosecute a case against his rival. Below are five...


Donald Trump flip-flops on Lester Holt's debate performance

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. In the immediate aftermath of Monday’s presidential debate, Donald Trump had nothing but praise for moderator Lester Holt. “I thought Lester did a great job,” the Republican nominee told CNN, adding that he thought the evening’s questions were fair. By the time he...


Consumer companies lead indexes higher; energy drops

Financial Markets Wall Street

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks are higher Tuesday as solid quarterly results from cruise line operator Carnival give travel-related companies a boost. Technology companies are also gaining. Energy companies are falling as the price of oil returns Monday’s gains. A survey showed consumer confidence is...


Hundreds of tech companies are letting employees skip work on Election Day

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. The 2014 electoral cycle marked a new low for U.S. voter turnout: Not since World War II had fewer Americans gone to the polls, as a percentage of the population. Now, nearly 300 tech firms want to counter the decades-long decline in voter participation by making Nov....


The more we learn about air pollution, the worse it gets

(c) 2016, The Washington Post. The World Health Organization - which has previously found that indoor and outdoor air pollution killed a shocking 7 million people globally in the year 2012 - released a new analysis Tuesday underscoring the extent of the risk, which seems to grow worse and worse the...

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