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National Commentary

Bannon's garbage case for Roy Moore

Alabama Senate Unorthodox Campaign

“As Democrats at long last begin to dump Bill Clinton, Bannon wants to adopt the ethics of the party of Clinton,” writes Rich Lowry.

National Commentary

Trump triumphs over his appeasers

Trump National Monuments Hatch

“Trump thought his outrageous style wouldn't hurt him, and he was right,” writes Steve Chapman.

National Commentary

Trump says he's returning federal lands to the people. But which people?

Trump National Monuments

If Trump's legal interpretation of the Antiquities Act wins the day, future presidents could alter any monument established by their predecessors. That means the potential to open once protected areas for all kinds of development.

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Republicans are failing the Roy Moore test

Alabama Senate Moore rally

“All those who say "Let the voters of Alabama decide" are applying popular sovereignty to a matter of basic morality,” writes Michael Gerson.

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Roy Moore and the conscience of conservatives

Alabama Senate Money

“Bannon is right to cast the election as being about "honor and integrity." When it comes to these virtues, it is not a close call,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

The fraudulent case for the border wall

San Francisco Immigration Steinle

“If you are determined to demonize unauthorized immigrants and celebrate harsh tactics, you can always find a way to skate around the facts,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Repealing the Obamacare mandate now makes sense

Taxes Insurance Requirement

“Repealing the mandate, even as a stand-alone measure, now seems to me to pose fewer dangers than it once did,” writes Ramesh Ponnuru.

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No, Michael Flynn didn't violate the Logan Act

Trump Russia Probe-3

“The idea that Flynn could be prosecuted under the Logan Act for his role is a fevered fantasy,” writes Rich Lowry.

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With tax bill vote, Senate Republicans revealed their inner plutocrat

Congress Taxes Lee

“How is this for symbolism: In their tax bill, Senate Republicans gave a break to private jet owners, but refused to increase the corporate rate by 0.94 percentage points to cover the cost of helping an estimated 12 million working-class families,” writes Michael Gerson.

National Commentary

How Trump lost his cover

Trump taxes

“There is not an authentically populist bone in this billionaire's body. He regularly demonstrates his utter contempt for working people by treating them as rubes,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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