National Commentary

National Commentary

Trump's claim that 'no administration has accomplished more in the 1st 90 days'

Trump 100 The Presidency-2

“It's rather silly for any president to suggest that his first 100 days somehow topped Roosevelt's achievement,” writes Glenn Kessler.

National Commentary

Jeff Sessions' frightening ideas about justice

Trump Easter Egg Roll Sessions

“You don't have to live on an island to worry about what Sessions is doing in the name of justice,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

UC Berkeley's un-free speech movement

Battle For Berkeley

“For any school to impede speakers because critics might protest violently is to give the critics control of who may speak,” writes Steve Chapman.

National Commentary

Trump's misguided thinking on visas and trade

Trump executive orders

Economic interaction with the rest of the world isn’t bad for America; it’s good.

National Commentary

With North Korea, we do have cards to play

Koreas Tension Trump-1

“There are deals to be made. They may have to be underpinned by demonstrations of American resolve,” writes Charles Krauthammer.

National Commentary

Even without a border wall, Trump is reducing illegal immigration

Border Tour Sessions

“If Trump had promised to almost immediately reduce illegal border crossings from Mexico to a 17-year low, it would have been dismissed as bombast,” writes Rich Lowry. “But here we are.”

National Commentary

"Sexual paranoia" arrives on campus

Unwanted Advances

Feminists probably aren’t going to like Laura Kipnis’s new book about sexual politics on America’s college campuses, writes Esther J. Cepeda.

National Commentary

Facebook lets streams of depravity flow freely

Facebook Event Zuckerberg

“Denial is, far too often, the Facebook way,” writes Margaret Sullivan

National Commentary

Trump's empty bluster and bombing

US Afghanistan MOAB

“Trump blusters and bombs because he doesn't know what else to do,” writes Steve Chapman.

National Commentary

No, Donald Trump isn't a neocon

Trump salutes

“What we have learned since he took office is that Trump is not an isolationist,” writes Rich Lowry.

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