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In convention's rocky start, deeper questions emerge about Trump

GOP 2016 Cleveland Melania Trump

The Republican National Convention didn’t start especially well, writes Karen Tumulty. But the good news for Donald Trump is that it runs through Thursday.  

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Plagiarism, denial and a missed opportunity for the Trump campaign

Melania Trump

After Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama, the simple thing would’ve been to apologize and move on. But that’s not the Trump way, writes Kathleen Parker.

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Mike Pence is a sign of Trump's weakness

APTOPIX Campaign 2016 Trump Pence-10

“There were many Republicans who could have helped Trump far more,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “He could not turn to them because they are scrambling as far away from this ticket as they can.”

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Welcome to the Trump National Convention. Expect the unconventional

Trump 7-16-16

“This isn't the Republican National Convention,” writes Chris Cillizza. “It's the Trump National Convention.”

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Who possesses the temperament, character and wisdom to keep us safe?

Campaign 2016 Trump

The war on terror takes more than bullets and bombs, writes Kathleen Parker. You also need a leader with wisdom and a sound temperament.

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Donald Trump turns up the racially charged rhetoric with 3 simple words

Lives Matter Rally

Donald Trump’s resurrection of the words “law and order” recall the racially charged politics of the 1960s, writes Max Ehrenfreund. It could prove divisive.

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Mike Pence — Indiana governor, Trump running mate, and hypocrite

Campaign 2016 Trump-1

President Obama struck Mike Pence as a vain, unprincipled threat to the republic, writes Steve Chapman. And Donald Trump isn’t?

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Donald Trump just turned a key moment into a complete mess — again


Donald Trump’s announcement of his running mate should’ve been a shining moment, writes Philip Bump. Instead, he blew it.

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The problem with the GOP ticket isn't Mike Pence. It's Donald Trump

Campaign 2016 Trump Pence-7

The problem with this year’s Republican ticket won't be the vice presidential candidate. It’s the guy at the top.

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Chris Christie is the pick! (For Worst Week in Washington)

GOP 2016 Trump-10

Chris Christie bet everything on Donald Trump. It didn’t pay off, writes Chris Cillizza.

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