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National Commentary

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of The Slants, it ruled for free speech

Supreme Court Offensive Trademarks

Political correctness can’t silence the First Amendment, writes Rich Lowry.

National Commentary

George H.W. Bush had it right — we need a kinder, gentler nation

Congressman Shot Baseball Scalise Strong

“We can't un-crazy crazy, but we can each try to stem the madness,” writes Kathleen Parker.

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Donald Trump is a Republican now

Trump-1 Camp David

“The president may be besieged, unpopular and prone to lashing out self-destructively, but all of this cements his bond to his party rather than erodes it,” writes Rich Lowry.

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The jungle of political suspicion

Congressman Shot Baseball Leaders

“Every gun measure is decried as confiscation. Every tax increase is described as oppressive. This simply shuts down dialogue before it can even start,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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Political violence — "as American as cherry pie"

Trump Domestic Terrorism-3 McVeigh

“This grotesque outbreak of political violence was a tragedy, but it was not an aberration. The first step to overcoming our flaws is to admit how deep they go,” writes Steve Chapman.

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A message to Russia — and President Trump

Russia Putin media

There is a larger issue at stake as well, beyond Russia or Trump’s relationship with Russia: Congress needs to reassert its prerogatives in foreign policy.

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When will we get off this carousel of hate?

Congressman Shot Baseball-2 officer

“The damage is clear,” writes Michael Gerson. “If words can inspire, then they can also incite or debase. We are on a descending path of enmity.”

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Rather than heading to the movies, take a moment this summer to look inward

Film Box Office Wonder woman

“As religion gets increasingly marginalized in public life, and as trust in institutions from government to education systems continues to plummet, it's a wonderful time to understand the roots of our own beliefs,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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McConnell and Senate Republicans are gutting health care in darkness

Congress Republicans McConnell

“McConnell is trying to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act using methods completely at odds with how the law was originally brought to life seven years ago,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

On the left, a headlong rush toward impeachment

Trump gestures

“Presidents have been hated by the other side before, but rarely with this sort of intensity and immediacy,” writes Rich Lowry.

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