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National Commentary

Clinton's choice of a running mate will reveal a lot about her

APTOPIX DEM 2016 Clinton Raleigh

Whom shall it be — Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker or Sherrod Brown? Hillary Clinton’s choice of a running mate is important, writes Steve Chapman.

National Commentary

In a case out of Utah, the 4th Amendment takes another hit

Supeme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court just made the Fourth Amendment almost meaningless. Now, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor points out, police can stop you, demand ID and check it for outstanding warrants — “even if you are doing nothing wrong.”

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Taking the fall for Trump

GOP 2016 Trump Shakeup

Somebody had to take the fall for Donald Trump’s abysmal campaign performance. And that somebody was Corey Lewandowski, writes Kathleen Parker.

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Six weeks to sanity — the anti-Trump surge is finally here

GOP 2016 Trump Treasure Island

Republicans had nine months to figure out Donald Trump, and they never did. The rest of the country only needed six weeks, writes Jennifer Rubin.

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Trump is wrong about banning Muslims, but he's right about immigration

GOP 2016 Trump Las Vegas

“Donald Trump does the cause of immigration restriction a disservice by rendering it in caricature,” writes Rich Lowry. “But the questions he raises won't go away, and they shouldn't.”

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Coal isn't dying because there's a war on it

Coal Moratorium

The coal industry may be dying, but it isn’t because of a “war on coal.” It has more to do with cheap natural gas, debt and renewable energy, writes Barry Ritholtz.

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After Orlando, is the gun lobby finally cornered?

Guns Congress-6

Sen. Chris Murphy’s filibuster last week marked a shift in the gun debate, writes E.J. Dionne Jr. It showed that advocates of sane gun laws are no longer on the defensive.

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After Orlando, exercises in irrelevancy

DEM 2016 Clinton national security

Give our leaders credit for trying to prevent mass shootings, writes Steve Chapman. But nobody’s suggested a real solution.

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What's behind McCain's claim that Obama is 'directly responsible' for Orlando?

Obama McCain

Q: Why did John McCain say President Obama is “directly responsible” for the deadly attack on an Orlando nightclub? A: Trumpism, writes Chris Cillizza.

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Congress, end the ban on gun violence research — now

APTOPIX Obama Nightclub Shooting-12

Funding research on gun violence isn’t about violating anybody’s rights or confiscating their firearms. It’s about gathering information.

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