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National Commentary

Don't be afraid about the election. But be worried

Campaign 2016 Trump Supporters

Kathleen Parker asks, “How do we mend the deep divisions that have evolved during this thoroughly nasty — and, at times, X-rated — campaign season? How does the country salve its wounds and reunite in common purpose?”

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Pro-lifers' fatal attraction to Donald Trump

Campaign 2016-Evangelicals

By supporting Donald Trump, writes Steve Chapman, pro-lifers are dooming everything they cherish.

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Who is more Catholic than whom?

Campaign 2016 Clinton Podesta

“The factual bottom line is that in private correspondence, the two Clinton campaign officials said nothing anti-Catholic, although they did not reproach the critical comments of their friends,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

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If a $1,000 child care credit is good, Clinton thinks a $2,000 credit is better

Campaign 2016 Clinton Pueblo

If it takes a village to raise a child, Clinton now wants to subsidize the entire village.

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It's up to other men to check "locker room banter"

APTOPIX Campaign 2016 Trump Women

Men need to call each other out on the “locker room banter” enjoyed by Donald Trump, writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Trump's libel suit against New York Times would be hard to win, experts say

Campaign 2016 Trump Ohio

Donald Trump probably couldn’t win a libel suit against The New York Times. But by threatening to sue, he could discourage other women from making similar allegations of unwanted sexual advances.

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It's not the 'locker room' talk. It's the 'lock her up' talk.

Campaign 2016 Trump Jail

“Imagine giving over the vast power of the modern state to a man who says in advance that he will punish his critics and jail his opponent,” writes Charles Krauthammer.

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When Clinton errs, she should just say so

Campaign 2016 Clinton Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton has made mistakes. She just doesn’t like to admit them, writes Albert Hunt.

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What you do know can also hurt you

SmallBiz-Small Talk-GMO Food-1

American consumers are drowning in data, writes Steve Chapman.

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A new poll shows a tie in Utah. Be skeptical. Be amazed.

APTOPIX Campaign 2016 Clinton Miami

“There's not a lot of polling done in Utah, so it's worth remembering that this is one poll, in isolation,” writes Philip Bump. “And that said: Dang.”

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