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National Commentary

Doctors have a right — and duty — to discuss guns

NRA Convention

In a nation with more than 30,000 annual deaths from gunfire, and more than 70,000 injuries, promoting the safe storage and handling of guns is an obvious task for public health professionals. At least, it should be. As a paper published online this week at the Annals of Internal Medicine argues,...

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Donald, Hillary and the Bernie factor

Clinton Kentucky

“Under normal circumstances, Clinton wins,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “But if the fire alarm goes off between now and Election Day, all bets are off.”

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5 smart things Donald Trump has done since becoming the presumed GOP nominee

Election-Oregon-Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump effectively locked up the Republican presidential nomination on the night of May 3 when he won a sweeping victory in the Indiana primary. Ted Cruz ended his campaign that night. John Kasich followed suit the next day. It's been 16 days since that night. And Trump, the least orthodox...

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Clinton and Sanders need to find solidarity

Sanders California

“Sanders wants the party to have a more ambitious vision,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “This is exactly what Clinton must show voters she has.”

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Dear GOP: I'm just not that into you

GOP 2016 Trump Interview

A conservative blogger breaks up with the Republican Party. At least for a few months.

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Some people expected Colorado to go up in a puff of smoke. It didn't happen

Marijuana Tax Holiday

Legalizing pot in Colorado was no big deal, writes Steve Chapman. The skeptics were wrong.

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Congress finally begins to address the opioid crisis

Prescription Painkillers-New Warnings

Congress was late to wake up to the opioid epidemic, but now it appears ready to expand treatment. That requires funding, however.

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Hillary Cinton's viral nightmare

Clinton 5-17-16

For whatever reason, writes Kathleen Parker, Hillary Clinton can't to stick to the truth. She seems incapable of admitting to mistakes.

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The long-term effects of childhood hunger

Feeding America

Eventually, writes Esther J. Cepeda, addressing childhood hunger might help reduce the number of violent adults. But you don’t have to wait — you can donate food, money or time today.

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Trump's false claim that 'there's nothing to learn' from his tax returns

Trump tax returns

“Trump falsely claims that voters would learn nothing from his tax returns,” writes Glenn Kessler. “To the contrary, voters would learn a lot of information that Trump has long tried to hide from the public.”

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