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National Commentary

"Trump" doesn't translate into Dutch

Germany Netherlands

“Still, hold the Champagne. It's troubling that someone as extreme as Wilders (imagine a more malicious version of Trump) would get as many votes as he did,” writes E.J. Dionne.

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Opioid deaths — another drug war failure

Fatal overdose

Jeff Sessions says marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin. Tell it to the 32,000 Americans who died of heroin and opioid overdoses in 2015, writes Steve Chapman.

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Meals on Wheels isn't "showing any results" — if you ignore all these results

Trump Budget-5 Mulvaney

Trump’s budget chief says Meals on Wheels doesn’t work. He’s wrong, writes Christopher Ingram.

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Trump tweet about wiretapping is worth investigating

APTOPIX Trump Russia wiretap

Congress needs to establish an independent commission to public investigate Trump’s claims about wiretapping.

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Obamacare repeal in the real world

Congress Health Overhaul Ryan

“The idea that you can eradicate Obamacare root and branch is fanciful,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “For all its catastrophic flaws, Obamacare changed expectations.”

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If they can't do it now, Republicans can probably forget health care reform

Congress Health Overhaul-9 Ryan

“A lot of Republicans' legislative and political success is riding on these next few weeks/months,” writes Amber Phillips.

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Despite the way it's treated by the Census Bureau, Hispanic/Latino isn't a race

TV 031317 Felix

The way the U.S. Census Bureau may collect data in 2020 suggests that Hispanic/Latino is a race. It isn’t, writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Rachel Maddow had a decent scoop. Here's what she did wrong with it

Trump Taxes Maddow

“In the end, a scoop is a scoop, and Maddow certainly milked it for all it was worth.” writes Margaret Sullivan. “To her credit, she also put the crucial subject of Trump's finances squarely back in the national conversation.”

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Are immigrants destroying our way of life?

BS 021617 Betos 10-2

“The fear that foreigners will poison our culture or destroy our government has no basis in experience,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Arguing people don't need health insurance isn't a winning strategy

Pence Health Overhaul

“President Trump's promises about universal coverage aren't achievable, but to lurch in the other direction and dismiss the significance of health insurance is politically poisonous,” writes Rich Lowry.

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