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National Commentary

Donald Trump's ideological test for immigrants is absurd

Campaign 2016 Trump Akron

“It's not wrong to want to keep out those who would do us harm — we should absolutely be thinking about better screening,” writes Esther J. Cepeda. “But restricting entry to only those who can traverse (or fake) an ideological purity quiz doesn't even pass the smell test....

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The FBI found 15,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn't turn over. Uh oh.

Campaign 2016 Clinton-1

“So, the FBI found about 15,000 documents/emails sent or received by Clinton that were not part of the 30,000 emails her own search turned up,” writes Chris Cilllizza. “It's not clear, of course, whether any/all of these emails and documents were work-related.”

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A nice column about Donald Trump

Campaign 2016 Trump Michigan

Kathleen Parker asks, “Which is the real Trump? The guy who insults everybody, or the one who almost says he's sorry and wants to bring the country together?”

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A turbulent week for Trump overshadows Clinton's vulnerabilities

Campaign 2016 Clinton Martha's Vineyard

“This was a week in which any number of developments could have put Clinton on the defensive,” writes Dan Balz. “Instead, days of turmoil inside Donald Trump's campaign made the Republican nominee the big story — and the coverage of his campaign was anything but flattering....

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Donald Trump's sour Virginia cocktail

State Fair Democrats Illinois

Donald Trump has handed Hillary Clinton a big lead in Virginia, writes E.J. Dionne. And the same thing is happening in North Carolina.

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The bare truth about burkinis

France Burkinis

In a free society, people live and let live. If French politicians don’t like burkinis, they have an option, writes Steve Chapman — don’t wear one.

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Hillary Clinton hasn't held a press conference in 257 days. That's ridiculous.

Campaign 2016 Clinton 8-18-16

“Clinton's struggles with the press conference format are a major part of why she hasn't done one in so long,” writes Chris Cillizza. “Why do something you aren't good at unless you absolutely have to?”

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Extreme weather — the new normal?

Deep South Weather Flooding

A storm dumped 2 feet of water on Baton Rouge. Louisiana, in 48 hours, producing floods that killed at least 11 and damaged thousands of homes. Is extreme weather the new normal?

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In the Middle East, the price of U.S. powerlessness

CORRECTION Syria Russia bombing

“The reordering of the Middle East is proceeding apace,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “Where for 40 years the U.S.-Egypt alliance anchored the region, a Russia-Iran condominium is now dictating events.”

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Free speech has been very good to Donald Trump

Campaign 2016 Trump Wisconsin

“The U.S. Supreme Court has recently accorded a high degree of protection to falsehoods,” writes Noah Feldman. “And the kinds of justices that the Republican presidential nominee might appoint could well reverse it.”

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