Our endorsement in the GOP gubernatorial primary

Utah Conventions

Jonathan Johnson is a charismatic conservative newcomer. But Gov. Gary Herbert helped build a...


Carlin's background, love of children qualify her for State Board of Education

Utah State Board of Education

Elizabeth Carlin has a love of children and delights in seeing their progress. Although she has retired, she now substitute teaches because of this love of teaching and working with children. She has taken trips with People to People, which is an organization affiliated with the U.S. Department of...

National Commentary

The legal mess where religion meets health care

Supeme Court Abortion

“Religious liberty claims are the new form of objection to liberal social policy. That includes abortion as much as contraception or gay marriage,” writes Noah Feldman.

Our View

Utah cannot continue to ignore the Sixth Amendment


You have the right to an attorney. Unless you’re an indigent defendant in Utah.

National Commentary

Blaming entire communities is wrongheaded and un-American

GOP 2016 Trump New York 6-22-2016

When it comes to crime, Americans hold Muslim and Hispanic communities to a different standard. That’s wrong, writes Esther J. Cepeda.

From the Editors

Standard-Examiner honored by Society of Professional Journalists for 2015 work

Standard-Examiner logo

Utah’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists gave several awards to the Standard-Examiner for 2015 news reporting, columns and visual journalism.


Gochnour actually "brought in" more than Harvey

harvey gochnour combined web


Elliott would be a welcome addition to Davis County Commission

Political newcomer seeks Davis Commission seat

I am disappointed with the Standard-Examiner’s recent endorsement of Steve Hiatt for Davis County commissioner. Selecting him solely because he was mayor of Kaysville raises the question of how well he performed in that position. I, for one, am extremely concerned about his performance as...

From the Editors

Meet Standard-Examiner reporter Cathy McKitrick

Cathy McKitrick photo

Cathy McKitrick, reporter at the Standard-Examiner, shares what she loves about Northern Utah and what makes her passionate about journalism.

From the Editors

Meet the Standard-Examiner team: Kyle Hansen, digital projects manager

Kyle Hansen with fam

Kyle Hansen, digital projects manager at the Standard-Examiner, shares what he loves about Northern Utah and what makes him passionate about journalism.


Gochnour has a history of public management that will help Weber County

Candidates sound off on county form of government

I am a long-term resident of Weber County and the Ogden Valley, retired from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with over 30 years of wildlife management experience. Utahns have always valued farmlands, open space, wildlife and wildlife habitat and have employed a variety of land use and...

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