The questions surrounding Donald Trump's election are more than 'mere politics'


The inspector general’s investigation of FBI Director James Comey is urgent, writes Kathleen...


Try asking your Heavenly Father who Jesus is

APTOPIX Vatican Pope Christmas

I am writing in response to Alasun Geddes’ letter published Jan. 18, stating that she was searching for the real Jesus (”Search for the real Jesus leads woman back to Taoism”). She claims to have read the New Testament 14 times and still doesn’t know who Jesus is? I’ll...

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Immigration in Northern Utah: An S-E reader conversation

BS 090116 Heritage Elementary 05-1

President Trump promised to deport immigrants who came to the United States illegally. Some of them have children in our schools. What should happen to their kids?

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The right and wrong way to respond to President Trump

Trump Inauguration

If inauguration day holds one truth, it's this: The U.S. is more durable than any one president.

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Obama's self-revealing final act

Obama departs

“Commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, one of the great traitors of our time, is finger-in-the-eye willfulness,” writes Charles Krauthammer.

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Moments after taking the oath, Trump transforms White House website

Trump Inauguration-8

“Strikingly absent from the six issues the website highlights — and from his speech Friday — was anything on repealing or replacing Obamacare,” writes Ashley Parker.


Congress must act to protect Medicare — and patients

Health Care Rallies

In the new year, Congress and President-elect Donald Trump have promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If they are successful, it is imperative that they also reverse the Medicare payment cuts to hospitals and clinics that are embedded in the ACA. This action is critical to caregivers in Utah...

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As a president, Obama was a failure. But as a symbol, he'll endure


“One of the root causes of Obama's domestic political failure was the tension between his pitch for himself as a unifying figure and the fact that he was a committed man of the left,” writes Rich Lowry.

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The Trump inauguration: Strange times in America

Trump arrives

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Eliminating Utah concealed carry permit is a bad idea, just like it was in 2013

Concealed Weapons Permit

Rep. Lee Perry fancies himself a Mr. Fix-It for a set of statutes that already seem to work pretty well. 


Trump isn't just undesirable, he's unqualified for the presidency

GOP 2016 Convention Trump

Jan. 20, 2017, will mark one of the biggest mistakes this country has ever made. Somehow an electoral minority became convinced that a man with no pertinent experience could effectively run — even improve on — our complex system of governing 320 million souls. The past few months have...

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