Sea Bears restaurant, Union Station gun controversy blown way out of proportion

BS 031116 Sea Bears 03-2

Gun-averse columnist plans on patronizing Sea Bears Ogden Fish House, in spite of their views on...


Ziegfield Theater's "La Cage Aux Folles" teaches timely lessons

La Cage 3

Brava, Ziegfeld Theater! Brava, cast of “La Cage aux Folles!” Based on a play written in 1973 and first produced on Broadway in 1983, this timeless, award-winning musical has much to offer us today. On the surface, it plays for laughs using slapstick, modestly risqué gags, and a...


It takes water to make food

BZ Fruit Way Photos 38-6

I am writing in response to the article published Aug. 6, 2016, “She wants to Convince Utahns to use less water,” about Faye Rutishauser, the new conservation coordinator for the Utah Division of Water Resources. I am amazed when I hear of people who don't understand it takes water to...

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Marathoner Jared Ward makes Utah — and the United States — proud

Jared Ward marathon US Olympic Trials

Ward finished sixth Sunday against the greatest distance runners in the world. Think of it — a kid from Kaysville who grew up to challenge for a medal at the Olympics.

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Donald Trump's ideological test for immigrants is absurd

Campaign 2016 Trump Akron

“It's not wrong to want to keep out those who would do us harm — we should absolutely be thinking about better screening,” writes Esther J. Cepeda. “But restricting entry to only those who can traverse (or fake) an ideological purity quiz doesn't even pass the smell test....


Chambers family strives for 100 biking miles per summer

Biking Beaver Creek

Biking teaches persistence, Chambers kids learn

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Utah's Silicon Slopes should slant to sociability

Pokemon Go WSU

Small companies at Startup Ogden are developing the next generation of apps. But technology isn’t just about progress — it’s also about community, write David Ferro and Luke Fernandez of Weber State University.


Rocket scientists need instructors. So do teachers.

MH 081716 New Bridge 04-3

I have been a frequent reader of Mark Saal's column for several years. I have always found his humor amusing and his ideas thought-provoking. However, his demeaning reference to teaching (


Bishop doesn't care about recreation, the environment or conservation

Bishop goes to bat for his Public Lands Initiative

Our illustrious congressman, Rob Bishop, has a plan. He wants to sue the federal government to the tune of $14 million in taxpayer money to take the people’s public land and turn it over to the state to do with as it pleases. Then there is U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, who will try to ram this...

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The FBI found 15,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn't turn over. Uh oh.

Campaign 2016 Clinton-1

“So, the FBI found about 15,000 documents/emails sent or received by Clinton that were not part of the 30,000 emails her own search turned up,” writes Chris Cilllizza. “It's not clear, of course, whether any/all of these emails and documents were work-related.”

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Welcome to the new Standard-Examiner

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The new Standard-Examiner reflects our heritage. But it also demonstrates our commitment to innovation

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