Standard Deviations: Drive-thru bank robberies? Are we really that lazy?

MARK SAAL SIG StandardDeviationsPRINT.jpg

Apparently, this suspect prizes convenience over effectiveness in allegedly robbing bank from the...


Sucking it up won't stop Trump from attacking the environment, civil rights

Presidents Day Protests Salt Lake City

In response to Suzanne Alder’s letter (“Protesters, it's time to put on your big boy and big girl clothes,” Feb. 15 Standard-Examiner), I would like to let her know that the protests against Donald Trump have been mostly peaceful protests. I, and all people I know, do not agree...

Guest Commentary

Don’t fixate on trade deficits — let the economy work

Trump TPP Trade

“The best strategy for the United States would be to ignore the trade deficit as a statistic without much meaning for policy and focus instead on creating jobs and helping American firms to export,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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When a natural disaster strikes, Northern Utahns don't wait to help

Secondary BZ 022017 Box Elder Flooding 04-15

About 300 volunteers turned out to help emergency responders fight flooding in Box Elder County. They deserve our thanks.

National Commentary

Betsy DeVos may be the least of public education's worries

Trump-12 Devos

Our public education system faces any number of problems, writes Esther J. Cepeda. Betsy DeVos isn’t at the top of the list.


Outtakes: Utah lawmakers cut off nose to spite face in public lands battles

Don Porter

When news came last week that Utah’s state legislators and governor had given the Big Kiss-Off to the Outdoor Retailer show, that old saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face came to mind.


Democrats support outdoor recreation industry, public lands, clean air

Outdoor Retailer Show-3

With the announcement that the Outdoor Industry Association is leaving Salt Lake City, it's important that Weber County residents express our continued support for our outdoor industry. Outdoor recreation is important to our future. According to Ogden City Business Development, the county is home...

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Continuous improvement is part of Weber State University's culture

Weber State Board of Trustees Meeting CAPES

“In an age of competition, quality and innovation are key to long-term viability. The same holds true in higher education,” write Eric Amsel and Gail Niklason of Weber State University.

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Party leader James Evans says it's time for Republicans to hide. He's wrong

CHAFFETZ burgers

James Evans wants Republican lawmakers to postpone their appearances in Utah. Jason Chaffetz says that’s a bad idea — and he’s right.

Standard Deviations

Are Mormon legislators going against 'opposition in all things' with HB 11?

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Utah Legislature running roughshod over “opposition in all things” principle of the LDS Church. 

National Commentary

President Trump and the media — can we all get along?

Trump news conference

Those who are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt should also be willing to give journalists a fair hearing, writes Kathleen Parker.

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