Trump launches a suicidal war on his own party

Trump Senate Republicans

“There are many things Trump does not seem to comprehend about the presidency,” writes...

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Charlottesville, Trump and the resurgence of white nationalism

Trump Charlottesville statement

“By inciting the racist right to mobilize, he has awakened its vastly more numerous opponents. He has also made it much harder for his more moderate white supporters to overlook his darkest impulses,” writes Steve Chapman.

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Utah Sen. Mike Lee finally speaks out against white supremacy

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Mike Lee waited until Tuesday to say anything about Charlottesville. But when he did, he broke with President Trump and forcefully condemned Nazism.

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College isn't the only way to achieve the American dream

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“While college is an important and desirable rite of passage for many, policymakers must pay more attention to the segment of the population that is looking for different pathways into the middle class,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Democrats need to start rebuilding their party

Congress Health Overhaul Harris

Democrats, you can come out of your hiding places. The election is over, and you lost. This is the time to start rebuilding the Democratic Party. While President Donald Trump is dismantling the Republican Party, you have an opportunity to reorganize your party. No more promises. The people want to...


Liberal media is ignoring Trump's many accomplishments

Trump departs

Recent letters to the editor extolled the accomplishments of President Obama and claimed that President Trump had nothing to show for his first six months. Let the folks still living in Obama’s “Camelot” take off their rose-colored glasses and face reality....


Column: Trump's response to Charlottesville shows we've made a monumental error

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In the wake of President Donald Trump’s response to white supremacists in Charlottesville, columnist Don Porter asks how our country made such a massive error in its choice of leader.

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Millennial racists take center stage in Charlottesville

Confederate Monument Protest blazer

“Racist grandpas may be dying out, but their bigotry is regenerating in today's youths,” writes Catherine Rampell.

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Utah's churches point out a universal truth — white supremacy is evil

Trump Infrastructure Charlottesville blame

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, one Utah denomination after another delivered the same message — racism is evil and white supremacists are wrong. Their words carry moral authority.

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Mothball the Confederate monuments

Confederate Monument Protest Charlottesville Lee

“The monuments should go. Some of them simply should be trashed; others transmitted to museums, battlefields and cemeteries,” writes Rich Lowry.


Kudos to those responsible for flowers in downtown Ogden

Petunia Hanging Basket

I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks to all those people responsible for placing the hanging baskets of flowers and pots around the downtown area. A special thanks to Rebecca, who is responsible for the planting, watering and overall care of the 300 flower pots. I live in the downtown...

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