Our View: Amend Utah's gun laws


The threats against fem­i­nist speaker Anita Sar­kee­sian and her de­ci­sion to can­cel a speech at Utah State Univer­sity be­cause state law pre­vents the...

Our View

Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs up: To the se­niors at Har­ri­son Regent Re­tire­ment Com­mu­nity in Farm­ing­ton. We think it’s...

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Drawing the line in Ogden's turf war

For a people who love to preach about the supreme rights of property owners in this state, we sure do like to get all up in each other’s business when it...


Reader notes scripture on marriage, resurrection

Editor, The Standard-Examiner recently published a letter encompassing a number of subjects. (“Mormons tolerate gay marriage,” Oct. 16) Among those...


Bishop will sell out our wilderness

Editor, After the September 1st District congressional debates, Rep. Rob Bishop revealed his reason for running again for Congress: "The actual reason I’m...


Let's keep Utah a beautiful state

Editor, Utah, what a beautiful and prospering state to plant our roots in. The four seasons and its natural beauty are a sight for sore eyes. Our cities and most...


Multiple use of federal lands preferred

Editor, This is a response to the letter writer of “Mr. President, protect Utah’s wilderness,” published Oct. 13: The letter writer wants more...


Davis School Board members merit re-election

Editor: Recently a Facebook posting read “You know you are from Clearfield if you remember…” while featuring several vintage photos of long-gone...


McAleer more qualified for Congress than Bishop

Editor, In all my years in Utah, I’ve seen few things as perplexing as the Standard-Examiner Editorial Board’s recent endorsement of Rob Bishop (Rob...


Travel ban on Ebola is counterproductive

Editor, The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has revealed how vulnerable we are as a nation when it comes to disease control. In spite of all the warnings from...


Gravel pit may be forced onto area above Willard

Editor, The Willard City council has submitted an application with Box Elder County for a rezoning of city property, owned in the county above Willard. This action...

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Our View: Amend Utah's gun laws

The threats against fem­i­nist speaker Anita Sar­kee­sian and her de­ci­sion to can­cel a speech at Utah State Univer­sity...