Standard Deviations: Columnist gets 'microaggressive' about 'trigger warnings'

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It’s a year later, and we’re still arguing about hearing offensive ideas on college...


Trump spent years repeating the lie that Obama wasn't born in America

Campaign 2016 Debate Trump spin

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, is the weakest presidential candidate in U.S. history. He is so weak that Hillary Clinton supporters — not Hillary Clinton, but yes,


Column: The adventures of capturing a mouse in the house

Don Porter

Columnist Don Porter took on a mouse in his house and won — kind of. 

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At every turn, Judge Raymond Uno lifted up those around him

Raymond Uno

Raymond Uno did not simply prevail over unjust imprisonment during World War II, fueled by the blind anger and terror of his own government — he showed the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

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Winners and losers from the 1st presidential debate

Campaign 2016 Debate Clinton Trump

“Clinton was head and shoulders above Trump,” writes Chris Cillizza. “She was, unsurprisingly, very well prepared — using a slew of facts and figures to not only make her positive case but to also slam Trump.”

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Clinton shifts the election in her direction

APTOPIX Campaign 2016 Debate

“Clinton shifted the contest her way during her party's convention,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “She did it again during Monday night's debate.”

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Trump's false claim that stop and frisk in NYC wasn't ruled unconstitutional

Campaign 2016 Debate Trump Holt

“Kudos to Holt for sticking to the facts here,” writes Michelle Ye Hee Lee. “He precisely made it clear that stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in New York, whereas Trump resorted to word games.”


Let's try each day to be better and nicer

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We are very fortunate to live at this time and in this place. There is beauty and wonder all around us! But along with the beauty, there is also discouragement. Each of us is faced with trials and challenges. And although there is wickedness in the world, I truly believe that there is no room in...


These days, parenting looks a lot harder than it was

SW 030316 Meg Johnson Parenting 01

Columnist Mark Saal laments how quickly children are forced to grow up these days.

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Contrasting views on diesel emissions testing

BZ 082516 Diesel Testing 07-6

The debate over diesel emissions testing in Weber County wasn’t just about air quality, writes David Ferro. It was also about politics.


Pick up a banned book this week. Assert your right to read

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This is Banned Books Week. Assert your right to read.

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