Why health care can't be fixed

Health Overhaul Tax Reform Ryan

“Trump has led voters to believe they can have all the stuff they want and none of the stuff...

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Republicans bowing to King Trump, embracing the monarchy

Trump Inauguration Oath

Monarchical tendencies abound in the person of The Don.

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Trump couldn't care less about the deficit

Trump-2 Opioids

Congressional Republicans pass tax cuts. Democrats join them on a big infrastructure bill. President Donald Trump's proposed spending cuts come to little or nothing. The deficit balloons, and not many people in Washington care.


Conservatives acted like adults when Obama won. Learn a lesson, Democrats

Health Overhaul-3

Two fine examples of “low-information” people had letters in this newspaper March 13, 2017. One letter called for an investigation of President Trump and his alleged ties to the Russian government (”Demand that Sessions appoint a special counsel to probe Trump's ties to Russia,...


Mexico may pay for a wall — to keep the Americans out

The way many of our good-paying manufacturing jobs are being outsourced to Mexico (jobs from Nabisco, Carrier, and Chrysler, just to name a few), it’s possible that many living in this country might want to move to Mexico in search of a job, seeing how there might not be any here. It’s...


A story about a little old lady, a celebrity and a homeowners association

Westwood Village

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Outtakes: Utah's lawmakers should be concerned with texting while driving too

Texting and driving

Our governor and legislators are all worried about drunk drivers, but they should be just as concerned about drivers who are weaving and wandering and risking others’ lives by messing with their phones.

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Our nation's schools should be ICE-free zones

File Mar 13, 6 37 02 PM.jpeg

“Though there is a policy stating that ICE officers and immigration agents should refrain from enforcement actions at K-12 schools, there is no statute or law guaranteeing it,” writes Esther J. Cepeda. “There ought to be.”

Tech Matters

Tech Matters: Modern-day tax scams and other telephone troubles

Danger Scam Alert

A robotic female voice says she is calling from the IRS, a warrant has been issued for my arrest, my house is being watched, and I must call her back immediately. What do they want? iTunes gift cards.

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Student evaluations are focused on the wrong customers

BS 021616 WSU Campus 04-3

“The university needs to hear from students, but student evaluations, as currently administered, should only be considered for what they are worth,” writes Weber State University’s David Ferro.


Utah needs to spend more money on its public schools

Secondary BZ 082516 Science Teacher 05-4

Those of you who are worried about the K-12 experience of Utah's children are doing the right thing. Education on the cheap here hasn't worked, and it's in danger of causing harm further and further down the road. How do I know that? We're discovering, slowly but surely, that those countries that...

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