Teen moms find an ally in the Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership

Lead MH 101216 Head Start 03

Teen moms need all the help they can get finishing high school. And soon, thanks to the Ogden-Weber...


Self-righteous Republicans need to look in the mirror

Campaign 2016 Romney

Our country is a mess right now. There is so much hate out there. Why can’t we be kind to one another, as Ellen DeGeneres tells us? I feel Republicans are showing their true colors when it comes to who they will support for president. Does it come down to whoever they like at the time, or who...

Guest Commentary

We've had too much self-interested partisanship. I'm voting for statesmanship

BS 101716 Bishop Clemens Debate 21 -19

“I’m going to come out to readers who have speculated on my political leanings: I am bipartisan,” writes E. Kent Winward.

Our View

To improve safety at Odyssey Elementary, we also need to address homelessness

Lead BZ 100616 Odyssey Elementary 01

We need to protect the children who attend Odyssey Elementary. But we can’t do that unless we also address the roots of Ogden homelessness — or, at the very least, do more to help transients find jobs, housing and stability.

National Commentary

Clinton Is a threat to the 2nd Amendment — and the 1st

Campaign 2016 Clinton Cleveland

“Trump and Clinton make me miss Al Gore's famous Social Security lockbox,” writes Steve Chapman. “Over the next four years, it would be the perfect place to keep the Constitution.”


Tanis Ukena and his family grateful for community's support

MH 101816 Tanis Ukena 02-1

I would like to thank the public for its love and support. My family and I have been astounded by your compassion and generosity. With the donations I've received so far, I am well on my way to being able to pay for my LDS mission. I would especially like to thank Dallas Butters and Kris Meyers,...


Clemens has the right skills, demeanor to replace Bishop in Congress

BS 101716 Bishop Clemens Debate 05 -3

I'd like to say a few words in support of Dr. Peter Clemens, who is running against Rob Bishop for the U.S. House in the 1st District. As one of his patients for the past several years, I've had an opportunity to judge his professionalism and demeanor. During my office visits with him, there was no...

National Commentary

Evan McMullin, the GOP debacle and what might have been

Campaign 2016-Independent Candidate McMullin

Jennifer Rubin wonders, “What if McMullin or another similar new face had been able to get ready six or nine months ago?”

National Commentary

The president needs to designate Bears Ears as a national monument

Travel Endangered Places-5

Since taking office, President Obama has used the Antiquities Act of 1906 to create or expand 26 National Monuments. He needs to create one more: Bears Ears.

National Commentary

Clinton and Trump are both out of the question. So how does a conservative vote?

Campaign 2016 Clinton White Plains

“I will not vote for Hillary Clinton,” writes Charles Krauthammer. “But, as I've explained in these columns, I could never vote for Donald Trump.”


Ogden needs to deal with the underlying factors that drive homelessness

Secondary BZ 100616 Odyssey Elementary 03-2

I’d like to thank reporter Mark Saal for an informative story on homelessness in Ogden (”Problems with homeless vexing Ogden elementary school,” Oct. 17 Standard-Examiner). We as a country (and as a city) have never dealt with the largest underlying factors that drive...

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