Trump's mere existence is an embarrassment to the nation

Trump departs

In her letter regarding Don Porter’s “ravings,” Lorna Jorgensen seems to be of...

Guest Commentary

An introduction to health care coverage, Part I: Medicaid and CHIP

Stauffer cancer Medicaid

Medicaid and CHIP provide health care for the vulnerable members of society with a focus on age. The federal poverty level determines eligibility.

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Participating in the Ogden budget process has never been easier

MH 122016 City Council Meeting 05

Give the City Council credit — members understand their meeting schedule isn’t always convenient for the people they serve.

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Twin threats to our republic's health

Congress Health Overhaul McCain

“Our country is now as close to crossing the line from democracy to autocracy as it has been in our lifetimes,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.


White has been a big part of Ogden's recent success

SW 080916 Ogden City Tax

The important contributions of city council members are not always visible to the public, nor are the actions taken in the background to improve the quality of governance. As one of Marcia White’s key initiatives was excellence in government, her leadership and master’s degree in public...

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Roberts court has been a free speech champion

Obama Supreme Court Health Care Roberts

“Liberals and others will often find fault with the court, as well as Trump. But thanks to the justices, they will have a wide berth to complain,” writes Steve Chapman.

Me, Myself as Mommy

Column: How to navigate the other parents in our world

Family holding hands

Her apple bottom swayed in the air as she bent down to pick up some toys spilled from the shelf. Me, I noticed she didn’t bend her knees to give her back proper support. My 3-year-old saw a target.

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In Northern Utah, some families need help with school supplies

SW 081216 Backpack Bonanza 01

Not every family is affluent. For that matter, not every family is middle class. And those families need help providing their children with school supplies.

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Sessions is just the latest to displease the president

Trump Fact Check Sessions

“Why mention Clinton in this episode of Trump's reality presidency? Because when the heat is on, Trump always sprinkles a little Clinton in the mix,” writes Kathleen Parker.


‘Dunkirk’ delivers powerful story that reminds us of the realities of war

Don Porter

“Dunkirk” is a marvelous piece of cinema, columnist Don Porter says. But it can also be a terrible thing to watch. 


Tech Matters: Update your phone now to avoid hostile takeover

robot hand with blank screen mobile phone

The latest software version released last week patches a security vulnerability that could leave your phone open to a hostile takeover. An attacker could take control of your phone using the device's Wi-Fi chip, and that’s something you do not want.

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