Our View: We can't wait on Medicaid

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Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says that our state has a “conceptual” agreement on expanding Medicaid to make sure that the poor have access to quality health care via the Affordable Care

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Ukraine's uneasy compromise pleases no one

The compromises Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has made to end the fighting in his country have taken shape, and they are dangerous to his political future.

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Scotland, don't go

Through waves of European revolutions, grand reform movements, the building and dismantling of history’s greatest global empire, two world wars and the


Don't challenge a law enforcement officer

Editor, How come the police only shoot the fine, upstanding, sensitive, law-abiding young men? People, please review the Aug. 23 Standard-Examiner commentary, by

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An update on Ogden’s creative class

A decade ago, I wrote an article about Richard Florida’s book The Rise of the Creative Class. The book makes the case that communities with an active arts and


With these GOP values, I'll stay a Democrat

Editor, A reader referred to the President, Democrats and those who voted for them as evil with unAmerican values. (“Voters chose evil in 2012,” Sept.

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Five ways to support Ukraine

This month’s NATO summit in Wales responded to Russia’s actions in Ukraine with a new commitment to a rapid-reaction force and forward deployments in

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Our View: High court should settle marriage issue

Later this month the U.S. Supreme Court will meet in conference to discuss what to do with Utah and other states’ cases involving same-sex marriage. The high

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Utah at Michigan: Yup, it's a big deal

The days of getting starstruck by a place like The Big House are long gone for the University of Utah football team. Big House, schmig house. The Utes play in the

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Constitution Day helps protect from lawlessness

Constitution Day, Sept. 17, is a day for reflection on the importance of the American Constitution. The document teaches Americans how to secure for ourselves and


Family easily lives on $4.50 per person

Editor, Apparently I may be one of the smartest people in the top of Utah. My husband and I and our 5 month old son live on a budget of $270 a month for food. That

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