No harm, no foul: Oregon standoff all just one colossal misunderstanding

Ranching Standoff-3

Goodbye, speeding tickets. Farewell, parking fines. So long, serving time for robbing banks. Thanks...

Guest Commentary

"Dope market money changers," a sheriff and medical marijuana: A conversation

Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson wants Utah lawmakers to reject medical marijuana. “Wealthy, dope-market money changers are descending on state level politicians all across the country in an effort to spread their despicable lust for money via drug addiction,” Thompson wrote on the...

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The Republican 'establishment' nonsense

WASHINGTON — The reigning idiocy of the current political season is the incessant tossing around of


Utahns should demand transparent government, ban on boxcar bills

Ever hear of a boxcar bill? Here’s how it works: At the beginning of the Utah Legislature, a bill with a number is filed. It is given a short general title, but contains no legislative language. In the waning hours of the session, language is inserted. The bill is quickly passed, without any...

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Clinton attacks on Wall Street ring hollow

The following editorial appeared Feb. 5 on Bloomberg View: It's nice work if you can get it: In 2013, after stepping down as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton earned $9.7 million in speaking fees — a lot of it from banks and investment firms, including $675,000 for three speeches to Goldman...

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Who had the worst week in Washington? Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Ever since Donald Trump rode his white-hot rhetoric on immigration to the top of the Republican presidential field, one question has lingered: When voters went to, you know, vote, would they have second thoughts about supporting the Donald? The early returns suggest that the...

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Our View: Baby steps toward cleaner air

The Clean Air Caucus is doing some good this year at the Utah Legislature. There are 15 bills in the hopper designed to improve air quality. Let’s all think about that as we’re sputtering through a likely air inversion next week.  The 15 measures, while much needed, are baby steps...


Without the federal government, the American West wouldn't exist

Guest Commentary

Just say no to medical marijuana

To an average sixth-grader, “Just Say No to Drugs” is an accepted norm that he is taught that may save his life. This may seem self-explanatory. Our Utah state legislators, on the other hand, are struggling with peer pressure and the challenges of effective leadership with this same...

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Cruz, Rubio and God

If you attend a Republican presidential event on the campaign trail, you may come to wonder if you made a wrong turn and ended up in church. If you are not a believer — an evangelical Christian believer, that is — you may feel ever so slightly unwelcome. The deity-centric approach is...

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Drones need better regulation, but they can also aid firefighters

A single drone can bring a firefighting operation to a standstill; Utah forestry officials saw it happen at least three times in the last two years. But the answer is better regulation, not a blanket threat of jail time for drone operators. Rep. Kraig Powell, a Heber City Republican, proposed a law...

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