'Adult Coloring Club' comes to Weber County Library

Crafts-Adult Coloring Books

The Southwest branch library is among the first locally to offer coloring classes for adults.

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Brexit: Same phenomenon, different country

Britain EU Photo Gallery

Are Donald Trump and Brexit related? Jennifer Rubin says they’re both the byproducts of an economic trauma we’ve yet to address.

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A Lindquist Field tradition ends and a conversation begins

MH 062016 Raptors GrandJunction 12-10

The grounds crew at Lindquist Field called themselves the “Drag Queens.” After the Orlando massacre, at least one fan considered the act inappropriate.

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Supreme Court decisions have consequences. This one had 4 million

Supreme Court Immigration Texas

Republicans won’t address immigration reform or give Merrick Garland a hearing. The result is a deadlocked Supreme Court that sent 4 million immigrants back into the shadows.

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Hillaryism: Government as gap-filler

DEM 2016 Clinton-4

Defending the status quo is a thankless task. But that’s Hillary Clinton’s strategy, writes Charles Krauthammer.


Carlin's background, love of children qualify her for State Board of Education

Utah State Board of Education

Elizabeth Carlin has a love of children and delights in seeing their progress. Although she has retired, she now substitute teaches because of this love of teaching and working with children. She has taken trips with People to People, which is an organization affiliated with the U.S. Department of...

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The legal mess where religion meets health care

Supeme Court Abortion

“Religious liberty claims are the new form of objection to liberal social policy. That includes abortion as much as contraception or gay marriage,” writes Noah Feldman.

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Utah cannot continue to ignore the Sixth Amendment


You have the right to an attorney. Unless you’re an indigent defendant in Utah.

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Blaming entire communities is wrongheaded and un-American

GOP 2016 Trump New York 6-22-2016

When it comes to crime, Americans hold Muslim and Hispanic communities to a different standard. That’s wrong, writes Esther J. Cepeda.

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Standard-Examiner honored by Society of Professional Journalists for 2015 work

Standard-Examiner logo

Utah’s chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists gave several awards to the Standard-Examiner for 2015 news reporting, columns and visual journalism.


Gochnour actually "brought in" more than Harvey

harvey gochnour combined web

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