Can the pope save President Trump?

Trump leaves

Pope Francis preaches humility and forgiveness, writes E.J. Dionne Jr. Is Trump open to such a...


Colorado can keep its marijuana

Moving for Marijuana Colorado

I read the ugly remarks by Doug Rice about Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson’s views on marijuana, and I was appalled (“Weber Co. Sheriff Terry Thompson has it all wrong on medical cannabis,” May 18 Standard-Examiner). Cannabis is a drug, Mr. Rice. As a medical expert, you know...

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Trolling a master troll — President Trump


“Trump has flailed his way into the appointment of a special counsel and a press corps whipped up into a near-Watergate-level frenzy,” writes Rich Lowry.

Real Estate

Who knew chirping birds could complicate a real estate deal?

Baby swallows in nest

On occasion, a real estate agent must assist clients in purchasing a home sight unseen. The agent has to be the eyes and ears for the homebuyers.

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How do Utahns in the House defend a health care bill that hurts Utahns?

Trump Congress Health Care AHCA Rose Garden

Now that we know how the AHCA will hurt Americans, Rob Bishop and the other Utahns in Congress need to explain how their support of the bill is morally acceptable.

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Trump's budget is built on lies and broken promises

Trump Budget Mulvaney

“Trump is asking us to bank our country's fiscal future on his signature catchphrase, ‘Believe me.’ We should know by now that we can't,” writes E.J. Dionne.


All businesses have the right to thrive, as long as they follow the rules

Sex Magazines Military Stores

The South Ogden City Council recently heard from the Young Automotive Group about a business they think should be encouraged to fail — adult businesses (“South Ogden City Council tables zoning for sexually oriented businesses,” May 17). The council may not know it, but there is a...

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No, America is not facing a race war

BS 030817 Latinos in Action 15 -10 students

“The races will find a way to intermingle,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


The Homefront: Graduate to something much more than just a job

BW 05222017 Fremont HS Graduation 011-7

If graduation is a means to the acquisition of a job and the resultant income, that’s great. But, if you stop there, you get an F as a human being.

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Eliminate Utah's evidence backlog. Fully fund the state crime lab

BZ 060216 Harrison Car Crash 07-4

By refusing to fully fund the crime lab, Utah lawmakers are delaying justice and putting innocent lives at risk.

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Trump's budget — a slow boat to ruin

Trump Budget Mulvaney

“The administration claims it will eliminate the deficit within 10 years. Sure it will,” writes Steve Chapman. “And I'm Usain Bolt.”

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