Tell the Weber-Morgan Board of Health you want diesel emissions testing

SW 082216 Health Board Meeting 03

Don’t let up now. Tell the Weber-Morgan Board of Health you want it to approve diesel...


Media has overblown Kaepernick's refusal to stand for national anthem

Packers 49ers Football Kaepernick

I think this flap about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem has been overdone. I do believe that during the raising of the flag, an American should respect the flag, by rising, by saluting while in uniform and by placing one’s right hand over...

National Commentary

Standardized testing is imperfect — but necessary

Judy Park

“I have multiple years of teaching in public schools already under my belt and over 11 years of having two children in local districts,” writes Esther J. Cepeda. “Throughout those experiences, I've never had a problem with annual standardized tests. And I'm not alone.”


Want to detox from political news? Binge watch Netflix's 'Stranger Things'

Don Porter

In order to be involved in the water cooler and social media conversations, columnist Don Porter and his wife have committed ourselves to some bingeing in the Netflix realm.

Our View

In redesigning Lester Park, Ogden renewed its commitment to the community

Lead option BS 082916 Lester Park 01

Ogden is rebuilding Lester Park, which will undoubtedly be beautiful. But so is the city’s renewed commitment to democracy.

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The Affordable Care Act is a misnomer

Aetna ACA Exchanges

“The Obamacare exchanges were supposed to enhance choices and hold down costs — and are doing neither,” writes Rich Lowry. “Abandoned by more and more insurers, the exchanges — once billed as robust


Local VFW, Home Depot teamed up to repair woman's house

VFW logo

I recently met a wonderful group of people. The local chapter of the VFW got together with the people from Home Depot and took a look at a few things my old house needed help with. They spent the day painting, paneling, trimming and otherwise fixing whatever needed doing. I can't begin to say how...


Liberal media is promoting Gary Johnson in order to defeat Donald Trump

Campaign 2016 Johnson

It's interesting that when Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate, ran for president in 2012, our liberal media wouldn't even give him the time of day. Nobody even knew who he was. Now that Donald Trump is running for president, Johnson is getting all kinds of coverage and will...


Columnist wrote a blatantly one-sided piece supporting Hillary Clinton

Campaign 2016 Clinton California

Don Porter, do you get paid extra for soliciting votes for Hillary Clinton? (”Utah GOP leaders should follow Lt. Gov. Cox at the voting booth,” Aug. 24 Standard-Examiner.) Donald Trump or Clinton will be president. So Mitt Romney’s support for a third-party candidate may show good...


Lawmakers need to support teachers financially, help them do their jobs

MH 081716 New Bridge 10-9

In response to the State Board of Education’s new policy to allow individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree to be hired by school districts as teachers (“Schools can hire teachers without teaching licenses,” Aug. 13 Standard-Examiner), many S-E readers suggested that the...


Teachers deserve our gratitude — and better salaries

MH 081716 New Bridge 07-6

I had occasion recently to help our daughter set up her second-grade classroom at a local elementary school. She needed my pickup truck to carry several big bins of classroom materials from her garage to the school. My wife and I then helped her set up her room for the start of school. While there,...

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