Column: Who do you know who could benefit from a Have a Heart home?

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Every year, a committee of home builders and Realtors find a lot that’s either donated or...


Trump's mere existence is an embarrassment to the nation

Trump departs

In her letter regarding Don Porter’s “ravings,” Lorna Jorgensen seems to be of the opinion that everybody has a right to her opinion (“Left-wing ravings of columnist Don Porter have become irritating,” July 18). Those of us who share Porter’s...

National Commentary

Be afraid of Trump's election integrity commission. Be very afraid

Trump Kobach

“Now that this body exists, it will almost certainly try to find ways to rationalize purging legitimate voters from the rolls and erecting yet more barriers to voting,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr.

National Commentary

Trump, Republicans are wasting an historic opportunity

Congress Health Overhaul Lee

“A majority is a terrible thing to waste. Six months in, Republicans are giving every indication that is exactly what they might do, to their everlasting disgrace,” writes Rich Lowry.

Behind Bars , Guest Commentary

Behind Bars: How a prison lockdown made me grateful for the privileges I have

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My wait during this period of lockdown made me realize how grateful I am for the privileges I currently have and what my “time” is like at the moment compared to what it’s been, inmate Brian Wood writes. 

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

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This week the Editorial Board takes on lunch in the park, vandals at Roy High School, a new face at the Weber-Morgan Children’s Justice Center and the death of a K9 officer. 


Mueller, FBI need to get the lead out

Trump Russia Probe Mueller

"Urgent!" ought to be the most-used rubber stamp in Washington today. Why? Because the White House seems to have lost its "Top Secret" stamp. If, as it now appears, the election of Donald Trump was a covert Russian operation, surely the Kremlin knew that even if it were wildly successful, its shelf...


Liberals don't hate Trump. They're embarrassed by him


In his July 11 letter, John W. Reynolds asked, “Why all this fuss about the dignity of the presidency?” Because we have worked hard (since Adam and Eve) to become a dignified, civilized and cultured people! Agree to a so-called new normal? No! You say health care is broken? Go back and...

Standard Deviations

COLUMN: NY Times Magazine slaps Northern Utah with gawking ode to Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty-2

For Easterners, Spiral Jetty story basically paints Weber, Davis, Box Elder counties as uninhabited.

Guest Commentary

When Sessions recused himself, he was doing his job, Mr. President

Trump Interview

“Part of the power of the legal system is avoiding the suggestion of bias,” writes E. Kent Winward

Our View

Davis County Jail failed its 2016 inspection — and Utahns deserve to know why

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Until we know why the Davis County Jail failed its 2016 inspection, we can’t hold the sheriff accountable for the safety of prisoners and staff. But the state and county don’t want to release details. They need to reconsider.

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