A new look for Liberty Park and a nonprofit that employs those with special

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Some people see a need and fill it. People like Jared Abney, founder of Mentor Mowing, for instance.

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Who deserves the blame for Donald Trump? His voters

Everybody’s trying to decide who deserves the blame for the rise of Donald Trump. It’s voters who refuse to hold him responsible for his positions, writes Charles Lane.

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We need to stop diverting water from Great Salt Lake

We need to refill the Great Salt Lake, and soon. If we don’t, we’ll pay for it — in many ways.

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Saving the elephants — finally

Humans increasingly understand that killing elephants is more than a threat to the survival of an iconic species, writes Steve Chapman. “It's also a crime against an intelligent, communicative creature whose inner life is more complex than we once imagined.”


Target loses West Point customer over transgender bathroom policy

I am writing regarding the Washington Post story in the May 4 Standard-Examiner, “Group tests Target’s bathroom policy.” I could not believe it. There are some pretty bad people out there who could take advantage of this — child molesters and rapists! How are...

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In the debate over bathrooms, echoes of the South and white-only fountains

“I haven’t taken a poll, but it seems to me that people who use the restroom go there to — well, use the restroom,” writes Adrienne Andrews. “To assume that those who identify as transgender will visit the restroom to attack or harm others is as flawed as the...

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Wildlife center needs money, volunteers to save orphaned animals

Wildlife contributes to the beauty of the Wasatch Front. Help the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah save as many orphaned animals as it can.

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They're going to try to make Trump look mainstream. Don't buy it

“Many forces will be at work in the coming weeks to normalize Trump — and, yes, the media will play a big role in this,“ writes E.J. Dionne Jr. ”On both the right and the left, there will be strong temptations to go along.“

Me, Myself as Mommy

Take time to write down your history — your loved ones will be thankful you did

Columnist Meg Sanders reflects on the importance of her family members writing down their histories, which offer a window into who they were and are.


Urge Hatch, Bishop to do something about prescription drug prices

There are three major issues facing Congress and the president in the prescription drug area: 1) Importation of drugs from safe countries; 2) Medicare putting its drugs out for bid; and 3) Blocking deals with generic drug manufacturers that prohibit them from producing drugs. There are now eight...

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Do you hate Trump voters? You've got a problem

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