Don’t blame Weber County employees for next year’s 21 percent tax increase

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Blame county commissioners for the 21 percent tax increase. Blame voters. But don’t blame...


Clinton gets 2.7M more votes than Trump and loses? Only in America

Campaign 2016 Clinton

A few years ago, President George W. Bush criticized Russia’s Vladimir Putin for backing away from democratic reforms in his country. Putin’s response went something like this: “Excuse me, but in your presidential election of 2000, Al Gore got 550,000 more votes than you, but you...

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Donald Trump was right. He got incredibly negative press coverage

GOP 2016 Convention Trump

“Any candidate — Democrat or Republican — who said and did the things Trump said and did during the fall campaign would have received lots of press attention, most of it negative,” writes Chris Cillizza.

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Without a crossing signal at 33rd and Wall, somebody's going to get hurt

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Wall Street was already dangerous for pedestrians to cross near 30th. Now, with the presence of Lantern House, Wall needs a flashing crosswalk light at 33rd.


Homefront: Bridging the chasm between selfish and serving

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At a young point in my life, I learned a timely Christmas lesson about selfishness and service.

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Once — before Trump — we believed truth would prevail. Now we don't care

Trump tour

“What made Trump different was his conviction that most people are happy to be fed nonsense as long as it is palatable,” writes Steve Chapman. “He lied without reservation or limit, about topics big and small, and he got away with it.”


ATV Adventures: Utah's Prospector OHV Backway Complex is ready for riders


The Tooele County Trails Committee, in conjunction with the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, has produced a map marking 440 miles of backcountry trails.


Flag burning is a form of treason

Flag Burning Laws

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What if Trump's next tweet is about the F-35?

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If Trump’s already calling for the cancellation of the Air Force One program, he could just as easily target the F-35 — and that’s a potential disaster for Northern Utah.


What's with Mitt Romney cozying up to the man he blasted?


Imagine what must be going on in the head of Mitt Romney. It’s baffling.

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The left stops another oil pipeline. But only for a while

Oil Pipeline-3

“Fortunately for Dakota Access, and everyone else in the energy industry, help is on the way,” writes Rich Lowry.

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