Was $1 million for Outdoor Retailer show a form of bribery?

In looking back through some older issues of the Standard-Examiner, I came across the March 10 article “Legislature offers $1 million to keep show.” This is in response to the Outdoor Retailer show planning to leave Utah after state leaders called for the new Bears Ears National...


Trump is right — nobody cares about about his tax returns


President Trump has elected not to release his income tax information, something he is not required to do. This causes Democrats to care, a lot — you might even say obsessively. His response is that “people don’t care,” and he is right. Many of us are tired of the game of...


Utah's Rep. Jason Chaffetz putting distance between himself and Trump

Congress Chaffetz-10

With Chaffetz, we can probably blame his early exit on nothing more complicated than the man’s boundless ambition. Speculation getting the most traction is that he’s going to start early on his campaign for governor — or a regular gig at FOX News.

Our View

Utah in the crosshairs: 'Come for vacation, leave on probation'

Utah alcohol ad

Utah is already paying for its new law establishing a .05 blood alcohol threshold — and the law doesn’t even take effect for 20 months.

National Commentary

Illegal immigrants pay taxes, too

BS 021617 Betos 12-4

“If the immigration hard-liners magically got their way and the nation's illegal immigrants suddenly disappeared, the United States would lose out on an estimated $11.74 billion in annual state and local tax revenue,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.

Standard Deviations

Women to Women Foundation promotes higher education for single mothers

Tired young mother holding 6-month daughter and drinking coffee

Group of Davis County women try to make a difference in the lives of single-parent homes.

Guest Commentary

Real problems, real people and real science

Science March Houston

“Our present and future depend on science and scientists and, fortunately, both scientists and scientists-to-be want to help,” writes David Ferro.

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Tolerating sexual violence is no longer an option in Northern Utah

SW 042217 YCC Walk Against Sexual Assault 04

The YCC Family Crisis Center honored three investigators Saturday for their help in the fight against sexual violence. In Ogden, we need their help more than ever.

National Commentary

Trump's foreign policy — making it up as he goes along

Trump ambassadors

“Rather than a master strategist, he's a human grab bag of tactics wandering erratically everywhere in search of someone or something to conquer,” writes Kathleen Parker.

National Commentary

Mar-a-Lago promotion belongs in impeachment file

Trump State Department-1

“Nothing weakens the rule of law more effectively than gradual erosion. That's why it's important not to treat the Mar-a-Lago post as minimal or insignificant,” writes Noah Feldman.

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