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Blue-state disgrace

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Immigration is a complex problem. So is the long-term question of how the United States should handle the influx of tens of thousands of

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How to save Gaza

WASHINGTON — After two weeks of protests and denunciations, it’s time to acknowledge that outrage won’t end the war in Gaza. The most plausible

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Courts’ Obamacare contradictions

First blame Congress. Generally a useful rule these days, it certainly holds when considering Tuesday’s worrying, though possibly temporary, setback for the

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In this Gaza war, the truth lies underground

Here is one of the more astonishing facts of an already fairly astonishing war: The tunnels that Hamas has dug under Gaza’s border with Israel — tunnels

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Our View: Abrupt firing ill-serves residents

Residents of Pleasant View city were ill-served by the manner in which that city’s police chief, D. Scott Jackson, was abruptly fired by two members of the

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Our View: Remember our pioneers

Today is Pioneer Day and there are many opportunities statewide to attend events that remember the pioneers who crossed the nation to come to Utah. The Mormon

Smart Sales , Guest Commentary

Utah statehood was a long sales process

Happy Pioneer Days and happy birthday Utah as we celebrate our 118th year as a state. The process to gain statehood required 50 years of sales strategy, patience,

Success Strategies , Guest Commentary

Are you the boss everyone wants to work with?

“The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate you away from those who are still undecided.” ~ Casey Stengel Unfortunately, employees

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Our View: Welcome a planned rehab center

Residents in South Ogden should not fear a proposed residential addiction treatment facility replacing what was once a monastery property for nuns. Some residents


Congress should spend vacation meeting with constituents

Editor, Just a thought——since Congress doesn’t work the whole year anyway, and when they do, they do not have a clue regarding what the people

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