Power company likely doesn't want to lose coal

Editor, Rocky Mountain Power Corporation (RMPC) is asking the Utah Public Service Commission (PSC) for permission to add a monthly charge of $4.65 to those who

Guest Commentary

D'Souza's 'America' is two films; one more partisan than the

Dinesh D’Souza is a talented political documentary filmmaker, arguably a Michael Moore for the right-wing. His latest film, “America: Imagine the World

Our View

Our View: Struggling with math

The current controversy over practices and changes with the Development Mathematics Program at Weber State University is more of an indictment of the lack of


'Commie' teachers in college tell lies about Israel

Editor, Regarding the letter of July 23, “America does nothing to stop the killing in Gaza,” our present U.S. leadership gives Gaza millions of


Chief Ashment shouldn't generalize those who question

Editor, In response to statements that Ogden police chief, Mike Ashment, made in the July 27 article, “Report offers lessons from Stewart shootout,”

Staff Columns

Remembering my daughter's friends lost in plane crash

My daughter lives and attends college in Los Angeles. She was looking forward to August, when several of her now-graduated pals from Syracuse High School planned to


Palestinians, Israelis have the same 'holy' DNA

Editor, The death count of Palestinians is now over one thousand, and tens of thousands more are homeless. And, (as of this writing) the slaughter of innocent men,

National Commentary

Why ‘compassionate conservatism’ is still dead

Compassionate conservatism is back. That’s how Peter Beinart, a contributing editor at the Atlantic, reads a number of recent developments in Republican

National Commentary

Why the House should sue Obama

The Constitution states that it’s Congress’ job to make the laws and the president’s to faithfully execute them. It does not permit a president to

Standard Deviations , Staff Columns

Killer clouds of plasma no match for 'Sharknado 2'

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to watching Syfy … Last July, the Syfy Network introduced us to the campy B-movie horror flick “Sharknado.

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