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Democrats shouldn't rely on pot and gay marriage

After George W. Bush won re-election in 2004, Democrats had a bit of a freak-out about social issues. Prominent strategists, and even their losing presidential

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Our View: State school board confusion

A top priority for Utah’s Legislature needs to be fixing the flawed procedure in determining state school board candidates. Recently, a judge ruled that the

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Jim McMahon crossed many lines and he's loved for it

We wouldn’t admire Jim McMahon so much if he wasn’t … Jim McMahon. If the former BYU star and Super Bowl-winning quarterback was more like the


Reader agrees with Porter on armed teachers

Editor, I am in absolute agreement with Don Porter’s views pertaining to armed teachers in our schools. (“Poorly trained teacher militia won't make


Riverdale wave deserves to come back

Editor, The Riverdale wave, at the Riverdale Kayak Park, was the finest surf wave in Utah before 2011, when there was enough water. If the flows got above 1200 cfs


Many good reasons not to expand Medicaid

Editor: Your recent Sept. 17 editorial on expanding Medicaid (“We can’t wait on Medicaid”) neglected to mention the good reasons not to expand

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On Islamic State plan, voters aren't divided on party lines

Last week, President Obama laid out his plan for attacking the Islamic State, and the immediate response from Republicans was almost uniformly negative. That

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Aggies can light the "A" with Garretson

The band played on. The fans cheered. And Utah State quarterback Darell Garretson wanted just one thing: Light the A. As tradition dictates, the big block

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Analysis: The Islamic State claims it's facing a crusade

WASHINGTON — In his speech last week announcing plans to combat Islamic State extremists, who are wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama was

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The U.S. Constitution turns 227 today

The U.S. Constitution is 227 years old. Wednesday, Sept. 17 is Constitution Day. Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the Constitution by 39 brave men

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