Standard Deviations

30 years in the making: Mark Saal's search for the perfect cowboy hat

New cowboy hats

Standard-Examiner columnist Mark Saal buys his first Stetson after years of covering the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo.


Is there a relationship between warmer temps, algae bloom on Utah Lake?

Toxic Algae Utah Lake

While our congressional delegation is back at home for the August recess, it’s time for the press to take them to Utah Lake, along with researchers from Brigham Young University, Utah State University and the University of Utah to discuss the relationship between warming temperatures and the...

Guest Commentary

Is it OK to raise property taxes if it means sheriff's officers get a raise?

2nd Street search warrant

County commissioners might raise property taxes to pay for raises in the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Better do something,” one reader says.

National Commentary

Where's Ronald Reagan when you need him?

GOP 2016 Convention-3 Trump

Republicans say they revere Ronald Reagan. Then why did they just choose a nominee who rejects his ideals?

National Commentary

Notes from Cleveland: The two-part rebellion

APTOPIX GOP 2016 Convention Cruz

Cruz, McConnell and Ryan represented the anti-Trump faction in Cleveland, writes Charles Krauthammer. On the loyalist side — Gingrich, Pence, Giuliani and Christie.

National Commentary

Winners and losers from the final night of the Republican National Convention

GOP 2016 Convention-2

Ivanka Trump’s speech was a home run, writes Chris Cillizza. But will undecided voters recognize the grim portrait of America painted by her father?


Lack of parking shows Ogden leaders don't care about downtown

RL 082914 Ogden City Plaza Towing - Raptors Game-4-4

Let's face it, Ogden leaders have no interest in

National Commentary

Texas' voter ID law hit with political reality

Texas voter ID law

A few years ago, Texas’ voter ID law probably would’ve survived a legal challenge. But not today, writes Noah Feldman.

Our View

Children are going hungry this summer in Weber County. You can help them eat

SW 031716 Pantry Packs 03

The working poor don’t get a break from hunger just because it’s summer. Neither do their kids.

National Commentary

The GOP's long capitulation to Trumpism

GOP 2016 Convention-2 Shadows

“Trumpism is an ideological wasteland where anger is the only point and winning is the only objective,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “Here in Cleveland, we have seen what the wasteland looks like.”

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