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The real threat to the constitution Is Trump

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“He knows as much about the Constitution as he does about taxidermy,” writes Steve Chapman. “The real problem is his disdain for the notion that it should hinder him from doing whatever he wants.

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Changes to school grades was a bad thing to do for Utah schools

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The state scores are about more than morale and, with the scale changing, it’s doing more harm that good. It might be time to drop the altogether.

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Rare storm brings out not-so-rare gems in community

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Before the huge storm that hit Washington Terrace Thursday could even roll away from the Wasatch Front, folks in the community began contacting the Standard-Examiner to ask how to help.

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FDA is striking dangerous deals with reporters


The FDA's “close hold” embargo is an innovation I'd never heard of, however: It forbids reporters to talk to any third parties until the embargo date and time.

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Debate moderators shouldn't duck

E. J. Dionne

No matter what Lester Holt does in the first presidential debate, he'll be denounced. ...But if you know the brickbats will come one way or the other, you might as well do the right thing.

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Americans are deciding for the world

E. J. Dionne

WASHINGTON — Like it or not, the decision we make in this November's election will be a choice on behalf of the entire world. How we vote will determine whether the forces of democracy, openness and religious tolerance remain strong, or whether our country throws in its lot with tribalism,...

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Ogden city should be transparent about 'graffiti' vs. 'art'

Pharaohs horses mural

The city whitewashing one wall and looking the other way — or even helping to fund — the painting of another would be a normal course of city business if the process by which it’s done was clearer.


Sitting during anthem no way to protest, show patriotism

Sept 11 Anniversary-12

Recently we, in this country, have forgotten how much this great country affords us. We have NFL players who disrespect the country that allowed them to attend a University for free due to their athleticism. Then if they're good enough, they move on to the NFL and acquire millions of dollars for...

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Trump letters cry conspiracy — turns out it's just consensus

Campaign 2016-Debate Moderators

The idea that everyone on the opinion staff at The Post is anti-Trump is probably close to correct. It is certainly not the case that editors and columnists are convening at the Keurig machine to plot Trump's ruin.


Wanna bet every family has been touched by opioid abuse?

Don Porter

Columnist Don Porter urges Utah lawmakers to take action.

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