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Thumbs up, Thumbs down: Pay it forward; be a better neighbor

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This week’s focus is on paying it forward, doing good for your neighbor (even if it causes some mild discomfort) and the power of a well-reasoned argument — or a terribly reasoned one, for that matter.

National Commentary

Nothing will end Trump's conflicts of interest


“The political system can try to mitigate a president's shortcomings, and limit his temptations, with laws and rules and norms of behavior,” writes Francis Wilkinson. “But it can't install an ethical compass in a president who doesn't have one.”

Guest Commentary

Does Ogden need an I-15 freeway interchange at 24th Street?

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An Interstate 15 freeway interchange at 24th Street in Ogden would cost between $80 million and $100 million. Is it worth the investment? 

National Commentary

The GOP's new attack on women's right to choose

Congress Health Care

The effort to ban fetal tissue research is yet another indirect anti-abortion ploy.

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What happened to the honeymoon?

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“Donald Trump has not yet been sworn in and the honeymoon has already come and gone,” writes Charles Krauthammer.


Kudos to students, teachers in Ben Lomond mentoring program

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I am writing in response to what to me was a mean-spirited letter from Tracie Gale complaining about giving attention to the current success a Ben Lomond student is finding through a mentoring program at the school (”Kids don't deserve attention for doing what they're supposed to do,:”...

National Commentary

BuzzFeed crossed the line in publishing salacious "dossier" on Trump


“In an era when trust in the media is already in the gutter,” writes Margaret Sullivan, publishing the Trump dossier “does absolutely nothing to help.”

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Despite the snow, Utah's water crisis isn't over

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We don’t have water to waste, even after a good winter.

National Commentary

No wonder there are so few minority journalists

APTOPIX Airport Shooting Florida

“When a white person commits a horrible crime, no one expects white reporters or white opinion writers to specifically deny responsibility or empathy for a culprit's actions,” writes Esther J. Cepeda.


Driver grateful for help getting up hill in Jan. 4 snowstorm

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I was driving home from work in Ogden the night of that terrible snowstorm on Jan. 4. The roads were snow packed and very slick. Some had not even been plowed. It was after dark, around 8:30 p.m. I am a 68-year-old grandma, and I drive a Volkswagen. I was alone and terrified. I was driving...

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