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Now live on standard.net: An improved comment system

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We like to hear what you think about our journalism. We’ve updated our comments section to improve engagement and reader experience. 

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We want to know — what news sources do you trust?

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The Standard-Examiner is one of 25 newspapers taking part in a nationwide study by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, and we want you to help us.

Tech Matters

Tech Matters: Human or chatbot? How to tell

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When you can’t tell the difference between bot and human, you can run into trouble. Microsoft’s short-lived chatbot Tay made MIT Technology Review’s list of 2016’s biggest technology failures after jokesters on Twitter trained Tay to make offensive comments.

Guest Commentary

Utahns need compassionate care and medical cannabis reform

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“The CARERS Act would expand research and decriminalize the use of medical cannabis for those who use it in compliance with state law.” writes Christine Stenquist. “This bill would lead to the development of new medications and bring much-needed peace of mind to patients.”

Behind Bars , Guest Commentary

Behind Bars: Winter is the least enjoyable time of the year for Utah's inmates

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Spring can’t get here soon enough, inmate Brian Wood writes. 

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

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Today’s topics: #ADayWithoutImmigrants, Utah’s minimum wage, the Benedictine sisters and 30 percent of Utah schools lacking an anti-bullying policy. 

National Commentary

Let's find out the truth about Trump, Flynn and the Russians

Flynn Timeline

“All of this obviously demands serious investigation on Capitol Hill,” writes Rich Lowry. “Not a pretending-to-investigate-so-we-can-say-we're-investigating probe, but an honest-to-goodness attempt to get to the bottom of the whole fetid matter.”


Republicans obstructed Obama, but Democrats are supposed to move on?

Trump Resistance-Social Media

The Republican president is what he is. But don't suggest that people who don't care for him and/or his tactics are unreasonable (“Protesters, it's time to put on your big boy and big girl clothes,” Susan Alder, Feb. 15 Standard-Examiner). It is difficult to align oneself with braggart...

Guest Commentary

Updating "Schoolhouse Rock!" for the Trump administration

Trump oil Resolution 41

A classic song about the legislative process gets a remake for 2017. This time, it’s about Dodd-Frank, oil companies and President Trump.

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Utahns need access to court records — even in dismissed criminal cases

SW 101116 Tanis Ukena 05

The Utah Judicial Council wants to seal dismissed criminal cases. That would deprive Utahns of information they need to hold police, prosecutors and governments accountable for their actions.

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