Bishop doesn't care about recreation, the environment or conservation

Bishop goes to bat for his Public Lands Initiative

Our illustrious congressman, Rob Bishop, has a plan. He wants to sue the federal government to the tune of $14 million in taxpayer money to take the people’s public land and turn it over to the state to do with as it pleases. Then there is U.S. Sen. Mike Lee, who will try to ram this...

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The FBI found 15,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn't turn over. Uh oh.

Campaign 2016 Clinton-1

“So, the FBI found about 15,000 documents/emails sent or received by Clinton that were not part of the 30,000 emails her own search turned up,” writes Chris Cilllizza. “It's not clear, of course, whether any/all of these emails and documents were work-related.”

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Welcome to the new Standard-Examiner

New Standard-Examiner flag

The new Standard-Examiner reflects our heritage. But it also demonstrates our commitment to innovation

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A nice column about Donald Trump

Campaign 2016 Trump Michigan

Kathleen Parker asks, “Which is the real Trump? The guy who insults everybody, or the one who almost says he's sorry and wants to bring the country together?”


Standard-Examiner newsroom tackles #firstsevenjobs phenomenon

Seven Jobs video interviews

We asked 20 reporters, photographers and editors at the newspaper to share their first seven paying jobs.


Salaries for sheriff's deputies, Weber County commissioners should be reversed

SW 081516 Weber Tax Hearing 04

I just read the article about the sheriff’s office salaries and the commissioners’ salaries (”Weber's property tax proposal raises compensation questions,” Aug. 17 Standard-Examiner). I am very disgusted to think this is true. Weber County Sheriff's deputies make $34,778 per...


Elect Trump to control immigration, bring jobs back to America

Campaign 2016 Trump Virginia

Donald Trump has been running contrary to the Republican establishment since day one. It is no wonder that he has had trouble endorsing some of the people that were trying to get him to conform to the establishment’s desires rather than what most of the people want. Let’s vote out all...

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A turbulent week for Trump overshadows Clinton's vulnerabilities

Campaign 2016 Clinton Martha's Vineyard

“This was a week in which any number of developments could have put Clinton on the defensive,” writes Dan Balz. “Instead, days of turmoil inside Donald Trump's campaign made the Republican nominee the big story — and the coverage of his campaign was anything but flattering....

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Who deserves praise and criticism in Northern Utah this week?

MH 081016 Helping Hands 12-24

“A Moment in the Ring” gave special needs entrants a chance to shine at the Weber County Fair. But in downtown Ogden, vandals ruined a four-legged piece of art.

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Donald Trump's sour Virginia cocktail

State Fair Democrats Illinois

Donald Trump has handed Hillary Clinton a big lead in Virginia, writes E.J. Dionne. And the same thing is happening in North Carolina.

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