Elliott would be a welcome addition to Davis County Commission

Political newcomer seeks Davis Commission seat

I am disappointed with the Standard-Examiner’s recent endorsement of Steve Hiatt for Davis County commissioner. Selecting him solely because he was mayor of Kaysville raises the question of how well he performed in that position. I, for one, am extremely concerned about his performance as...

From the Editors

Meet Standard-Examiner reporter Cathy McKitrick

Cathy McKitrick photo

Cathy McKitrick, reporter at the Standard-Examiner, shares what she loves about Northern Utah and what makes her passionate about journalism.

From the Editors

Meet the Standard-Examiner team: Kyle Hansen, digital projects manager

Kyle Hansen with fam

Kyle Hansen, digital projects manager at the Standard-Examiner, shares what he loves about Northern Utah and what makes him passionate about journalism.


Gochnour has a history of public management that will help Weber County

Candidates sound off on county form of government

I am a long-term resident of Weber County and the Ogden Valley, retired from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with over 30 years of wildlife management experience. Utahns have always valued farmlands, open space, wildlife and wildlife habitat and have employed a variety of land use and...

National Commentary

Donald Trump just savaged Hillary Clinton. The problem — he savaged himself too.

GOP 2016 Trump New York

Donald Trump delivered a cohesive and effective indictment of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign on Wednesday, painting the former secretary of state as a pay-to-play politician who purposely keeps the public in the dark about her activities and who puts personal ambition above all else.

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This is one fireworks ban people in Ogden need to take seriously

BZ 072414 HOUSE FIRE 01

If you see somebody lighting a fire or shooting fireworks where open flames are banned, call the police. We can celebrate summer without burning down Ogden.

National Commentary

Clinton's choice of a running mate will reveal a lot about her

APTOPIX DEM 2016 Clinton Raleigh

Whom shall it be — Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker or Sherrod Brown? Hillary Clinton’s choice of a running mate is important, writes Steve Chapman.


Homefront: Don't use mass shootings to beat gun control drum

louise brown web sig.jpg

I'll say it straight up and simple: I resent any person, from the president on, who uses a mass shooting like the Orlando tragedy to beat the gun control drum. It's a blatant, parasitic ploy plugging into the emotion generated by a horrific experience to push an agenda that has no business being...


Reader reflects on magpies, illegal immigrants, Donald Trump and America

Black-billed magpie

What has happened to our beloved nation? It is illegal to kill magpies and rattlesnakes, yet the magpies destroy the smaller birds and destroy their nests. They also eat our early fruits and veggies. A rattlesnake can kill you with its poison. Now, the United States permits immigrants to come here...


OSI group plans to educate Ogden residents about city blight plans

Lead BZ 060216 Blight Open House 01-4

OSI (Ogdenites in Search for Information) has researched beginning from 2000 until 2016 and documented how blight area residents were poorly informed about the urban renewal process while federal funding was pouring into the Blight Area, delegated to Ogden City. We found nonprofits, government...

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