Guest Commentary

Term limits alone won't clean up mess in Washington

Tea party folks are convinced that "term limits" for elected members of congress will go a long way toward fixing what ails our bungling government. Good idea, but...


Appreciates the Standard-Examiner

Editor, I wanted to thank the Standard-Examiner for its good work producing a quality newspaper. In the past I have submitted editorials that ran in the Standard....

Our View

Our View: Disaster brings out best in neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors. That is the most positive feature of Utahns. When disaster hits one family, neighbors always seem to rally and help out, even if they...

National Commentary

'Game of Thrones' and too many rapes

“Well, We’re Talking About Rape Again,” is the headline of a column at Jezebel, but it has nothing to do with debate over the wording of campus...


Anti-Israel crowd ignore aspects of history

Editor, As a recent anti-Israel letter shows, left wing liberal educators are still actively twisting and distorting the truth.. Mr. Ogden claims that the Israeli...


Troops needed in Afghanistan

Editor, The Obama administration finally listened to our military leaders, and they are now planning on leaving 9800 troops in Afghanistan through 2016 and...


Davis sheriff doesn't need surplus military equipment

Editor, I was delighted when President Obama announced that he was issuing an executive order putting restrictions on the Pentagon releasing military equipment to...

Our View

Our View: No fees for mayors marrying

Like the captain of a ship, mayors in the U.S. have been performing marriage ceremonies on a discretionary basis for years. It has been considered an option, but...

National Commentary

How's that coexistence working out for you?

What is it about those who abandon American ideals that they would otherwise hold dear the moment terrorist groups make threats or when a particular point of view...


Follow who is behind new prison site

Editor, During the Watergate scandal in the 1970's, the clue to the solution was said to be “follow the money.” When and where our new prison site is...

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