Column on Jenner was hateful

Editor, Jim Burton's hateful column “Did ESPN exploit the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner situation? (July 30) is a cleverly disguised attack on equality and...


Don't set your heart on material things

Editor, I believe there is a “life force” within us. Flowers bloom, reach their beauty, then die. This die-hard, younger, stronger, too busy to...


Local traffic signals can confuse drivers

Editor, I have noticed something about traffic signals in a number of intersections both in Ogden and in Salt Lake City. The signal for turning left hangs directly...

National Commentary

Mullah Omar's death needn't end Afghan peace effort

If the reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar died two years ago, as reports suggest, it may thoroughly cloud an already hazy picture in Afghanistan. For now,...

National Commentary

Planned Parenthood and our abortion choices

Confronting reality is not always a pleasant experience, but it is always a useful one. The covertly recorded videos of Planned Parenthood officials are a reminder...

Our View

Our View: Swastika tagging disturbing

Ben Lomond High School in Ogden was tagged with graffiti. That’s not unusual; schools play pranks, particularly during rivalry sports events. However, the...


Many underground rivers in the area

Editor, The people pumping water out of their basement the past month or so are pumping water of an underground river. There are many of them all along the Wasatch...


Senator Mike Lee is a profile in courage

Editor: Utah Senator Mike Lee is a profile in courage. He stood up to fellow Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and voted no to the...


Thanks for outpouring of love for Sister Danile

Editor, To our friends in Utah: How does one say thank you to all our friends in Utah? By writing a letter to the editor, of course!! That’s what this is...

Our View

Our View: Boy Scouts make the right decision

We approve of the Boy Scouts of America ending its absolute ban on gay adult leaders while retaining the right of church-affiliated Scout troops to keep the ban....

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Our View: Stronger bedbug regulations needed

Bedbugs may bring a smile, or a chant of “don’t let the bedbugs bite,” but they are no joke to those who have to deal with them. In Ogden,...