Trump's "special abilities" include insults and blabbering, young reader says

Campaign 2016 Trump Florida

I read the Oct. 14 letter about Donald Trump’s special abilities (”Trump has special abilities our country needs right now”). To say it kindly, it was wrong. If you look at the big picture, he’s good for nothing! Here are his abilities: • Coming up with insults....


Voters, you're being manipulated by the media on Hillary Clinton's behalf

Campaign 2016 Debate Trump Media

I read Don Porter’s Oct. 19 claim that “Voter fraud is a figment of Trump’s — and his mouthpieces’ — imagination.” If Porter had actually conducted adequate research, he would have discovered that rigged elections in this country occur. In the last half...


Clemens fighting to make meds more affordable

BN 032216 Democratic Caucus 06-3

Richard Bolin's Oct. 19 letter hit the nail right on the head (”Clemens has the right skills, demeanor to replace Bishop in Congress”). Dr. Clemens has been my physician for many years and in addition to the other attributes pointed out by Mr. Bolin, Dr. Clemens has been fighting for...


Voters have two outstanding choices for Ogden School Board

Ogden School District Logo

It's great to have two wonderful women and mothers as candidates for the Ogden School School Board! I would like to congratulate these two wonderful women, mothers and teachers for the courage to participate in this election. It is not common to have two excellent people running, as are Sue Ann...


McMullin is no threat to Clinton or else he'd be getting the Trump treatment

BZ 101316 Evan McMullin 11-6


Column: Life on the inside is often slower paced, less connected to the outside

Brian Wood Behind Bars new sig

Many prisoners including myself do their best to replicate life on the outside by staying busy and getting into a routine. But for inmate Brian Wood life on the inside is a lot slower paced, Wood writes. 

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

RL 10212016 (Slideshow) Davis v. Fremont 5A Girls Soccer Championship 53-7

What the Davis High School girls soccer team accomplished by winning its third straight 5-A championship was extraordinary, by any measure. But city leaders in Pleasant View didn’t do Northern Utah air quality any favors Saturday.

National Commentary

Republicans created Donald Trump. Now they're stuck with the consequences

Campaign 2016 Trump Johnstown

“A race is on between now and Election Day,” writes E.J. Dionne Jr. “Can Republican candidates run away from Trump fast enough to keep their opponents from tagging them as enablers of the most dangerous candidate ever nominated by either party?


Send us your election-related letters by Oct. 31

Letter to the editor

Election Day is Nov. 8, 2016. The Standard-Examiner needs to receive your election-related letters by 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31, so they can all be published by Sunday, Nov. 6. Please keep your letters to 350 words or less and include your phone number so we can call and confirm your letter prior to...


Self-righteous Republicans need to look in the mirror

Campaign 2016 Romney

Our country is a mess right now. There is so much hate out there. Why can’t we be kind to one another, as Ellen DeGeneres tells us? I feel Republicans are showing their true colors when it comes to who they will support for president. Does it come down to whoever they like at the time, or who...

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