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Beyond the presidency, there are reasons to go on living

Campaign 2016 Debate Clinton Trump

“If the wrong candidate wins, a lot of Americans will yearn for an option that is not on the ballot: Sweet Meteor of Death 2016, which would end our misery by wiping out the human race,” writes Steve Chapman. “But even with Trump or Clinton in the White House, there will still be...


Who built the Browning House in Ogden? Now we know

Historic Browning Mansion

I was reading about the so-called Browning House at 2529 Jackson Ave., and I would like to make a correction to your Sept. 16 article (”Ogden's Historic Browning House for sale after years of renovation”). The house was built by my uncle, John Franklin Ellis, and his wife Telitha...


Public needs to be vigilant about idling UTA buses

UTA bus

While riding my bike this summer, I became concerned about a UTA bus (No. 645) that would regularly sit idling for extended periods at what appeared to be its first stop, positioned north at 4630 South, Old Post Road. This is adjacent to Weber State's University Village dormitory complex, and...

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Maybe crime's not rising, but voters think it is

LEAD BS 060315 Washington Shooting 01.jpg

“For now, the most responsible reaction to the 2015 crime data is neither ‘the sky is falling’ nor ‘move along, nothing to see here.’ Vigilance for 2016 and beyond is appropriate,” writes Megan McArdle.

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Everyone wants police reform. But how do we achieve it?

Killing By Police Tulsa-17

We must do something to reduce the growing tension between police and communities of color. The hard part is finding common ground.

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A night of sniffles and utter incoherence

Campaign 2016 Debate Trump

“What could be worse than to be sick, sniffling through his first presidential debate just days after he was challenging Hillary Clinton's health and, during the debate, taunting her lack of stamina,” writes Kathleen Parker. “Trump's own stamina was not, shall we say, in abundance...


Trump spent years repeating the lie that Obama wasn't born in America

Campaign 2016 Debate Trump spin

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, is the weakest presidential candidate in U.S. history. He is so weak that Hillary Clinton supporters — not Hillary Clinton, but yes,


Column: The adventures of capturing a mouse in the house

Don Porter

Columnist Don Porter took on a mouse in his house and won — kind of. 

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At every turn, Judge Raymond Uno lifted up those around him

Raymond Uno

Raymond Uno did not simply prevail over unjust imprisonment during World War II, fueled by the blind anger and terror of his own government — he showed the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

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Winners and losers from the 1st presidential debate

Campaign 2016 Debate Clinton Trump

“Clinton was head and shoulders above Trump,” writes Chris Cillizza. “She was, unsurprisingly, very well prepared — using a slew of facts and figures to not only make her positive case but to also slam Trump.”

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