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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

MH 013017 Coaches vs Cancer 02-1

WSU’s Randy Rahe made sandwiches for a good cause. Meanwhile, however, the thought of Rep. Mike Noel becoming BLM director isn’t very appetizing.

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It shouldn't take 2 years for the Utah crime lab to test a rape kit. Pass HB

BW 06152015Northern Utah Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners 011-10

Richard Simon Garcia’s DNA turned up in a Davis County rape kit from 2014. The kit was just tested. That’s unacceptable.

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Utah women deserve equal pay for equal work

BZ 111914 Equal Pay Issues Trial 03-2

Utah has the fourth largest wage gap in the nation. A conservative Republican says it’s time for equal pay.

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Utah jails need more transparency — or prisoners will continue dying there

Heather Ashton Miller and sister Ashley

Utah jails don’t need to announce it when prisoners die in custody. And far too many of them are dying.

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Think Trump’s refugee ban doesn’t matter in Utah? Meet Nimo Hashi.

Trump Travel Ban Utah Hashis SLC

Trump’s refugee ban violates everything Utahns believe about kindness, decency and the promise of America.

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Utah lawmakers mum on refugee ban and Ogden unity march was major success

Trump Travel Ban Impact Miami-23

Yet another crazy attempt to force federal land into Utah’s possession, praising the power of unity and asking Utah lawmakers to speak up on an issue currently dividing the nation — and the state. 

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Utah's Zion Curtains don't work. It's time to take them down.

03 new zion lede.jpg

The only way to reduce alcohol use by Utah’s adolescents and young adults is by investing in education and treatment, not clinging to a myth about the power of invisibility.

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Poof! Another irresponsible blog by Rep. Jeremy Peterson disappears

Peterson blog women's march

Rep. Jeremy Peterson erased another blog post. And this time, he didn’t just take aim at one women — he belittled thousands.

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Fake news isn’t news at all — it’s propaganda, and we need to reject it

Trump-1 Spicer inauguration

Here’s one way to fight fake news — support the local news organizations that cover your community.

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Thanks to the Miller family, the Jazz are here to stay in Utah

Jazz Ownership Transfer Basketball-1

We’ll always have the Jazz. And for that, we can thank the Miller family.

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