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Never fear, Utah. Rep. Paul Ray intends to put California in its place

California Exit Utah

Utahns, if you want to get Rep. Paul Ray’s attention, move to California.

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O-Town Kitchen and Green Urban Lunch Box — made for each other

Secondary BZ 070916 OTown Kitchen 02-1

Green Urban Lunch Box benefits from a new revenue stream that helps it feed Utah’s hungry, and O-Town Kitchen gets the food it needs to keep single mothers employed. Everybody wins

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We won't reduce teen suicide by making health classes an option

kw 061715 HOPE Squad 6-12

The Utah State Board of Education just decided saving young lives takes a back seat to political grandstanding. And that’s a mistake.

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Margaret Wingate, a champion for the rights of disabled Utahns

Margaret and Patricia Wingate

By insisting we acknowledge the talent and potential of disabled Utahns, Margaret Wingate made this a better place. All it took was a little righteous anger.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Huffaker obit

This week the Editorial Board takes on the lowliest of scammers, a feeble action by Rep. Rob Bishop, a retiring judge and the benefit of National Night Out. 

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Ogden schools need to thoroughly document student conduct

BS 090116 Heritage Elementary 05-1

When schools document student misbehavior at all levels, it allows educators to intervene early. 

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Taking care of students and taxpayers at the same time

Weber Bond Initiative word cloud 2017

The Weber School District Board of Education found a way to invest in vital projects without making life harder for taxpayers. And for that, we’re all grateful.

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Utah men are avoiding the truth about equal pay

BZ 111914 Equal Pay Issues Trial 02-1

According to a poll, 67 percent of Utah men believe women earn equal pay. They’re not just wrong — they’re spectacularly wrong.

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Make it easier for everyone to breathe — drive less for a couple days

SW 052317 Bo Call Air Station 01

Ozone is making it hard for some people to breathe in Northern Utah. You can help by cutting back on your driving.

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Utah learns it cannot treat sexual assault victims as afterthoughts

Rape Kit Testing-1

A new hotline helps victims track their rape kits through the testing progress, no matter where they live in Utah.

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