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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Lead BZ 082516 Science Teacher 01

If your children studied under Maggie Huddleston or Susan Sommerkorn, they learned from two of the best. But meanwhile, motorists are still hitting kids in crosswalks.

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By closing our last child care lab, we just made life harder for young mothers

BS 090216 Teen Mom 09-4

Elaine Jensen saw more than a decade ago that without the Two Rivers child care lab, some young mothers in Weber County don’t have a chance. It’s still true.

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Tweaking, polishing and perfecting

New Standard-Examiner flag

You told us what you liked about the new Standard-Examiner and what you’d like to change. We’re listening.

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It's Hunger Action Month. And in Northern Utah, we need to act

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Nearly 20 percent of Weber County children don’t know where their next meal is coming from. It’s Hunger Action Month — let’s do something to reduce that number.

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It's National Suicide Prevention Week. Utah, are you paying attention?

SW 031916 Out of the Darkness Walk 08

Suicide is the leading cause of death among Utah children ages 10-17, and the rate is exploding. This is a public health crisis.

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Who deserves praise and criticism in Northern Utah this week?

Opioid Drugs Medicare

An aggressive new program in Davis County could reduce opioid overdose deaths. Meanwhile, we need to catch the Farmington arsonist before somebody dies in a fire.

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Ogden police keep equating gangsters with terrorists. That doesn't help

Islamic State Mass Graves-12

A police commander says Ogden gangs “have the same mindset as ISIS.” That doesn’t help the community address its gang problem.

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Hitting the road for Labor Day? Have fun — and be careful

MH 072216 I-15 Contrsuction 04-3

If you plan to travel for the Labor Day weekend, by all means, enjoy yourself. Just be careful — and patient.

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Utah doesn't require amusement ride inspections. That needs to change

Water Park Fatality

Sooner or later, a Caleb Schwab will die at Lagoon or another Utah amusement park, simply because the state trusted its parks to govern their own safety. And then Utahns will wonder why their elected lawmakers weren’t paying attention.

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In redesigning Lester Park, Ogden renewed its commitment to the community

Lead option BS 082916 Lester Park 01

Ogden is rebuilding Lester Park, which will undoubtedly be beautiful. But so is the city’s renewed commitment to democracy.

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