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Our View

What happens to 1,800 acres of land when a N. Utah abbey closes? That's up to


Trappist monks found peace and meaning in the Ogden Valley. So can the rest of us if we preserve the open land they’re leaving behind.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

LEAD BS 033017 Everest 01-5

This week’s topics: Vaccinations, a Utah deportation, Ogden’s Oak Den neighborhood and a cancer survivor climbing Mount Everest.

Our View

No, your honor. A convicted Utah rapist isn't a great man. He's a criminal

Utah Judge Rape Case

A judge just praised a convicted rapist as a great man. No wonder Utah struggles with sexual violence.

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Another possible case of animal abuse in Sage's neighborhood? This has to stop

sage the cat

Officials are investigating a case of animal abuse just a few blocks away from the neighborhood where Sage the cat lived. Help police find who’s responsible before another pet is hurt.

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Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot read

This One Summer

As long as America remains a place where people can still read, think and believe according to conscience, others will try to tell them what they cannot read, think and believe.

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Think dog bites are funny? Your mail carrier doesn't agree

Postal Dog Attacks-1

There’s nothing funny about dog bites. Take control of your pet today, before somebody gets seriously hurt.

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We understand the health risks we face. Now, as a community, we can address

Community Health Improvement Plan 2016-2020

After two decades, the community understands the health risks it now faces. And more important, it has a plan to address those risks.

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Utah Rep. Fawson picks needless fight; Rep. Chris Stewart sets good example

Chris Stewart Town Hall

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Utah?

Our View

Two N. Utah school districts just hurt the fight against teen suicide

SW 092416 NUHOPE Walk 05

How does sexual orientation affect teen suicide in Utah? Thanks to two Northern Utah school districts, we won’t know anytime soon.

Our View

After a deadly home invasion, S. Ogden neighbors refuse to give in to fear

south ogden homicide surveillance footage 121316 diptic

The best way to protect yourself as a neighborhood is to act like a neighborhood — even after an act of violence.

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