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Our View

The Abdi Mohamed shooting video — a test of Utah's commitment to the law

Utah Police Shooting

The police body cam footage of Abdi Mohamed’s shooting belongs to the people. It’s ours to view.

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Think your vote doesn't count? Think again

Anti Gay Marriage Rally-4

It’s true what they say. Every vote counts. Even the ones that aren’t cast.

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"A day of Thanksgiving and Praise"

Lincoln Memorial

Today, as we give thanks for our many blessings, we reflect on Lincoln’s words creating a single national day of Thanksgiving.

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Four friends, 13,000 cans and a lesson about the power of gratitude

Secondary BS 110916 Good Shepherd Cans 04-8

Four people overcome homelessness, poverty and theft to show what it means to be thankful.

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When you're grocery shopping this week, think of the hungry

BZ 091614 Jan Luger 03-2

Maybe we can’t end hunger in Northern Utah between now and Thanksgiving. But we can start trying.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

Secondary BS 111816 Flag Burn 02 -1

Way to go, Weber State football! But shame on anyone who sends a death threat to Crystal Hall.

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Add protections for gay, transgender people to Utah's hate crimes law

Gay Rights Religious Rights

It’s time for Utah to finish the work it started in 2015. It’s time to add protections for gay and transgender people to Utah’s hate crimes law.

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A nonbinding referendum on DST is a waste of Utahns' time

APTOPIX Time Fall Back

Lawmakers already know how their constituents feel about daylight saving time. A nonbinding referendum won’t change anything.

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In Northern Utah, a community stands up against hatred and ignorance

Ogden vandalism

As a community, we stood up for Aaron and Nik McFarland. Now we need to stand up against bigotry throughout Utah.

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When it comes to yard signs, North Ogden has the right idea

McMullin yard sign

North Ogden only allows yard signs for five days after an election, then the city removes them, if necessary. Good for North Ogden.

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