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If you've got the money, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has the time

Utah Governor's Race

Gov. Gary Herbert says he didn’t do anything wrong when he offered to meet with lobbyists in exchange for campaign contributions. Maybe not, but it calls his judgment into question.

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Seeking to provide context, a Utah history teacher goes too far

Teacher Racial Slur-1

We need not use the language of oppression to help students understand our racial history. That’s where a South Ogden Junior High history teacher erred.

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UTA's closing of committee meetings violates the Open Meetings Act

Utah Transit Authority

The Utah Transit Committee says the public has no right to attend its committee meetings. The law says otherwise.

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Sorry, Gov. Herbert. Our children aren't pawns in your re-election campaign

Utah Conventions-2

Speaker Greg Hughes says the governor’s proposal to end SAGE testing won’t be part of next week’s veto session. Thank goodness.

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Ogden's Historic 25th Street is remarkable. But don't take our word for it

Downtown Ogden photo

Historic 25th Street picks up another honor. We’re starting to see a pattern.

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Who deserves praise and criticism this week in northern Utah?

BS 050216 Lifetime Baby Shower 17-9

Thumbs up to Clearfield coworkers who helped a growing young family. Thumbs down to a Layton tagger who hates Donald Trump.

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It's time for Lagoon to stop caging wild animals

BN 071815 Lagoon Zoo Protest 03-2

Wildlife deserves to be treated with respect, as Ringling Bros. and SeaWorld learned. Lagoon, however, persists in treating animals as cheap entertainment.

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We need to stop diverting water from Great Salt Lake

BZ 102216 Great Salt Lake Aerial 10-9

We need to refill the Great Salt Lake, and soon. If we don’t, we’ll pay for it — in many ways.

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Wildlife center needs money, volunteers to save orphaned animals

orphaned wildlife

Wildlife contributes to the beauty of the Wasatch Front. Help the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah save as many orphaned animals as it can.

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Communities reacted well to windstorm's damage

BZ 050116 Windstorm 06

It was a rough weekend windstorm that hit northern Utah. The highest winds were in Farmington at 91 mph. It was not catastrophic, public damage is limited; some cities reported minimal damage.  However, the private damage tally is high. Cities reported damage as high as several hundred thousand...

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