Outtakes column: All about Trump's parade and the pooper scoopers who follow


“The president’s defenders are basically the political equivalent of the pooper scoopers along a parade route. You know, the people who follow the horses with a push broom and a shovel, attempting as best they can to remove the feces from the sun-baked road surface before someone steps...


Grandchildren can cure the politics, terrorism or other news that ails you

Children having picnic

Now that we are weeks into this summer of discontent, columnist Don Porter has been looking for distraction from news about horrid politicians, suburban murders and religious terrorism.


Outtakes: James Comey takes us back to 1973

Comey Ad

Maybe some young folks will be inspired to run for office, become activists — or, gasp, maybe even journalists.


Column: Gettysburg bike tour tells Civil War history in intimate, emotional way

Don Porter

If you take a tour of Gettysburg, consider going on a bike tour instead of one by car or bus — it’ll be a memorable experience, columnist Don Porter says.

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