No 'Obamacare' spoken at hospital

Health department

Getting old ain’t for sissies. That popular saying is truthful despite its insensitivity. I last heard it uttered the other day in the hallway of a local hospital, and I’m inclined to...


Escaping the Ebola threat in Yellowstone

Last week, my favorite radio host, Rush Limbaugh, warned his fellow Americans that President Obama and the current administration are allowing the Ebola virus to...


Rosy view of Obama's record 'just nuts'

I listened to the most hilarious NPR interview Monday while driving home from the FrontRunner station. It was with New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, author of...


Marriage equality now the law of the land

Technically, it’s not over. But we all know it’s over. “It”? The whole dustup over same-sex marriage in Utah. The U.S. Supreme Court...

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