Outtakes: More Democrats elected in Utah? Don't get your hopes up

Chaffetz Comes Home-5

Although Utah has seen its own impressive demonstrations supporting progressive policy issues as well as opposition to the new president, I’m not convinced it will translate to more Democrats being elected to the Legislature in 2018.


Outtakes: Remember who benefits from eroding trust in the press

Don Porter

At this point, it’s hard to imagine America getting any weirder. But every time we allow ourselves such thoroughly disfigured definitions of hope, our new president obliges with a hitherto unimaginable utterance or command.


Columnist: Here are 'alternative facts' about The Northern Utah Unity Rally

SW 012117 Unity Rally 14

The newspaper said it was snowing at The Northern Utah Unity Rally. The alternative fact of the matter is that as soon as the Ogden march began, the clouds parted and the snow ceased to fall. The sun shone down, bathing us with the pure light of God’s own smile.

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