Outtakes: Critical response to Streep’s Trump takedown is beautifully ironic

APTOPIX The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show-1-1

Shut up and act. It’s a bizarro world we live in, isn’t it?

Guest Commentary

Utahns' TV tastes and political support don't always sync — except when they do

TV Duck Dynasty

The New York Times says the Trump campaign used TV-viewership data to identify and run broadcast advertising in areas with a high number of viewers concerned about immigration and anti-Obamacare.


Columnist's New Year's resolution is to exercise more

Don Porter

Columnist Don Porter is heading to the Gettysburg National Military Park for a bike trip with an old friend, so his New Year’s resolution is to exercise more. 


Outtakes: Two beloved pets have left the Porters during holidays

Old Dog Angel on Cloud in Heaven

There are three pets left: cats Sophie and Gatsby, and the lovable mutt named Todd. When the time comes to meet their Great Reward, may they do so well after December and before November.

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