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Standard Deviations

2015: The Year of the Motorist

It takes an awful lot to make mass transit look appealing to the masses. But a perfect storm of impending motorist headaches could accomplish that feat this spring....

Standard Deviations

Admit it, guys — you have no idea where Liechtenstein is

If you were to accidentally swallow something that can’t be digested — a penny, a paper clip, a slice of Domino’s Pizza — there are any...


Rancher remembers good old days at Ogden stockyards

OGDEN — Calvin Grant has livestock in his blood. The Pleasant View rancher, who jokes that he’s “either 48 or 84 years old — I...


Digestive system, reproductive system — whatever

In this week’s adults-only installment of “Saal in 60 Seconds ... or So,” the columnist goes on a rant about Idaho lawmaker Vito Barbieri and...


Editor announces resignation from Standard-Examiner

OGDEN — Executive Editor Andy Howell is leaving the Standard-Examiner. Howell announced his resignation at a newsroom staff meeting on Tuesday afternoon....

Standard Deviations

Turns out, Utah could be the MOST emotionally recharged state in

Apparently, it’s more or less fairly official. We here in Utah have been ranked “the No. 1 Least Emotionally Recha—” Meh, never mind....


City, school seek to preserve glory days of Ogden's stockyards

OGDEN — The glory days of the Ogden Union Stockyards are long gone. Once bustling with the noisy commerce of cattle, sheep and pigs, the stockyards have long...

Standard Deviations

Lost baby portrait raises all sorts of questions

Think of today’s issue of the Standard-Examiner as a carton of milk. An extremely wordy, news-filled, carton of milk. True, you won’t be getting your...

Standard Deviations

Box Elderly respond to British tabloid's lies

In this week’s edition of “Saal in 60 Seconds ... or So,” columnist Mark Saal explores the ghost town that is Box Elder County. Spooooky! ...

Standard Deviations

Brits bagging on Box Elder? Daily Mail better watch its back

The British are coming! The British are coming! I mean, they’ve got to be on their way, right? Especially after that positively glowing travel piece that ran...

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