New railroad safety exhibit opens at Union Station

OGDEN — When it comes to trains, Elizabeth Sutton is looking for that delicate balance between excitement and respect, between healthy curiosity and equally

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At least Utah not as low as Wyoming on women's equality

“Welp. At least we’re not Wyoming.” “Man, how ’bout that Wyoming?” “Hey, could be worse. Could be Wyoming.” No


Bountiful's 500 South closing Monday, Tuesday nights

BOUNTIFUL — Bridge work on Interstate 15 will result in the closure of 500 South in Bountiful on the nights of Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 25-26. Girder work on

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Almost as fun as kickball

It’s like being in grade school all over again. Back when I was a kid at Valle Vista Elementary School in Southern California, there was really only one


Lethal doses of caffeine drinks explained

Ever wonder how many Diet Cokes it would take to kill you? Or how many Rockstar energy drinks? Or McDonald’s coffees? There’s more or less an app for


Searchlights haunt author who was in Japanese relocation camp as

OGDEN -- Going away to camp can be a frightening experience for any 10-year-old. But make it a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II, and it

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Columnist takes a shot at magpies

If all goes as planned, by the end of the week I hope to have a murder on my conscience. Relax, I’m not talking about THAT kind of murder. I’m talking

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Should cops be soldiers?

Ogden, Utah, is a long way from Ferguson, Missouri. I know, I Google Mapped it. And according to that particular little app, the two towns are separated by a


Concert eavesdropping: As ticket prices go, it's hard to beat

LAYTON — Like the famed swallows of San Juan Capistrano, they return each year. On a dozen or so evenings throughout the warmer months, just as the sun sets

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Better late than never to green smoothie party

Stuff is supposed to be certain colors. The sky is supposed to be blue, the grass is supposed to be green. Sunshine is yellow during the day, but more reddish-

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