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Columnist chilling in Rexburg, waiting for total solar eclipse

REXBURG, IDAHO — It’s the calm before the (solar) storm.


Farmington's Haugen Auto closes, land sold; 'McMansions' will take its place

FARMINGTON — This past spring, when Larry Haugen sold eight acres of prime Farmington real estate to a land developer, word on the street was that the Haugen Body & Repair owner had instantly gone “from mechanic to millionaire.”


94-year-old man tells story behind baseball game performance

SOUTH OGDEN, Utah (AP) — Harold “Hal” Golde may not be the oldest person to perform the national anthem at a baseball game, but he’s certainly in that ballpark.


Difference between total and partial eclipse is like night and day, experts say

OGDEN — We should probably point out there’s a reason Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 hit song wasn’t called “Partial Eclipse of the Heart.” Or even “93 Percent Eclipse of the Heart.”

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Column: It's not the best time for a total solar eclipse in this country

This might not be the best time to be having a total solar eclipse. Especially one that’s been ominously dubbed “America’s Eclipse.”

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Arkansas couple travels the country, spreading love for farm animals

OGDEN — After spending Friday afternoon at the Golden Spike Event Center, I was fully prepared to write a melancholy obituary for the traditional county fair.

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What does staring at a solar eclipse do to your eyes? Here's what doctors say.

It’s not polite to stare. And in some cases, it’s downright dangerous.


94-year-old veteran, singer tells love story behind Raptors game performance

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly spelled Nelson Eddy’s name. The Standard-Examiner apologizes for this error.

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Girls camp: First-timer's experience filled with food, crafts and the venerated snipe hunt

Three months of summer, three summer camps.

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Standard Deviations: Meet Ogden's new 'spokeshobo,' Artie the Homeless Guy

OGDEN — I think I’ve found us a new official spokesperson. It’s Artie McCarty, the Homeless Guy.

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