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Richard Richards, friend to Reagan, dead at 82

SOUTH OGDEN — Richard Richards, who spent two years as chairman of the Republican National Committee and helped get Ronald Reagan elected president, died...


The experts recommend the best vacations

Get Away Today, a South Ogden-based travel company, is celebrating its silver anniversary this year. With 25 years of experience in the travel industry, here are...


Return of the Dragon: Iconic sign goes back up on 25th Street

OGDEN — The folks on Historic 25th Street haven’t been this excited since the repeal of Prohibition. They’re calling it “Return of the...


Get Away Today marks 25 years in travel industry

SOUTH OGDEN — Disneyland may be the Happiest Place on Earth, but Chuck and Julie Smith like to think their own little place comes in a close second. The...


Weber and Davis counties begin counting the homeless

OGDEN — In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning, six volunteers hike along the Bluff Trail near downtown Ogden, flashlights bobbing in the darkness....

Standard Deviations

Littering at Sundance? Your trash might get thrown away

It’s arguably the coolest thing that happens in Utah each year — right up there with Trucktober — and I’m missing it. Again. What’s...

Standard Deviations

Journalists' deaths leave holes in tight-knit (dysfunctional)

A newsroom is very much like a family. Often tight-knit, occasionally dysfunctional, but always — always — family. Even after a reporter or editor...


VIDEO: Synthetic ice rinks the wave of the future?

SYRACUSE — It may not be as much fun as owning a Zamboni, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper. On a recent January morning, six city workers gathered at the...

Staff Columns

Columnist: See Jabba the Hutt run on a treadmill

Not since Jane Fonda has a nation been so captivated by a workout video! In this week’s “Saal in 60 Seconds ... or So” segment, a certain...

Standard Deviations

Gay Mormon husbands: Reality show not that real

We have some shocking — simply shocking — news to report to you today, coming to us from the otherwise normally well-adjusted world of reality...

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