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Standard Deviations

Billy Joel was wrong: Walking alone in Bed-Stuy isn't completely crazy

NEW YORK CITY — Three things sane people don’t do, according to Billy Joel:


Drama Club of Ogden celebrates its 100th year

OGDEN — It might be the oldest Utah club you’ve never heard of.


Utahns wait in line for hours for Cabela's Farmington opening

FARMINGTON — When the new Cabela’s store opened at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 21, Colton Christensen was the first customer through the doors.


Roy software designer using Kickstarter for bacteria game 'Microids'

Alien microorganisms have hitchhiked to Earth on a passing asteroid. Living in a Petri dish, these tiny germs feed on radiation. Your task, as a scientist, is to use trial, error and collected data to discover the right combination of radiation to allow the organisms to grow and thrive.


'What Is That Thing?' West Haven construction sparks readers' imaginations

WEST HAVEN — It’s time to play “What Is That Thing?”


Springsteen stands up for LGBT rights

Isn’t it weird how everybody doesn’t think just like you?

Standard Deviations

Transgender people don't commit perverted acts in restrooms; perverts do

Go figure. Grown-ups are acting like a bunch of 2-year-olds.


Robert Phillips, who helped build Spiral Jetty on Great Salt Lake, dead at 76

Robert Smithson may have had the vision to create it, but Robert Phillips had the know-how to actually build it.


West Haven metal detectorist returns woman's high school ring 43 years later

WEST HAVEN — “Forty-three years.”


Food Truck League returns to Northridge High in Layton

LAYTON — Kristopher Kanger is standing in the Northridge High School parking lot, soaked to the skin.

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