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Woods Cross basketball camp, scrimmage spreads joy to special-needs children

WOODS CROSS — Friday night, a buzzer-beating layup gave Woods Cross High School an important 57-55 win at Highland High, keeping the Wildcats atop the Region 5 boys basketball standings.

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Dating and relationship advice from ... 'a leading voice'?

In nearly 30 years of writing for a daily newspaper, I’ve been called an awful lot of things.


Ogden uses emergency repair program to offer hope to low-income homeowners

OGDEN — Lloyd Parry sees the difference the city’s Emergency Home Repair Program makes in the lives of low-income homeowners.

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Cam Newton wasn't biggest loser at Super Bowl 50

This just in: Cam Newton is human.


Adaptive sports program teaches much more than just skiing

The first time Gaven Smith went skiing, things couldn’t have gone much worse for him. Since then? The sport has quite literally changed his life.

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'Brownney the Incontinent' teaches this columnist humility

You get peed on by one little guinea pig and you’re branded for life.


New Ogden Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to promote, offer resources to businesses

OGDEN — The latest chapter in the story of Hispanic businesses in Ogden involves, fittingly, a new chapter.


Wear Red Day urges women not to ignore sometimes subtle heart attack symptoms

Karen Hill knows her right from her left. 

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No harm, no foul: Oregon standoff all just one colossal misunderstanding

Goodbye, speeding tickets. Farewell, parking fines. So long, serving time for robbing banks.

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Wood and antler make great wedding rings — neckties, not so much

OGDEN — A few years ago, Brad and Liz Eaves were preparing for their upcoming marriage. While they were very much in love with one another, they weren’t particularly loving the frustrating hunt for wedding rings.

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