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Winter solstice celebration comes to Ogden

OGDEN — A winter solstice celebration and arts and crafts boutique returns to Ogden. The 5th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration and Arts & Crafts...


Local grocery store donates 400 hams to the hungry

SOUTH OGDEN — It’s not a ton of food. But it’s close. Calculating 2,000 pounds to the ton, the 1,395 pounds of ham Macey’s grocery...

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Hoping to attend BYU? Sorry, Santa and Jesus

Christmas needs a shave. And, quite possibly, a haircut. I hadn’t really given it much thought until recently, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent...


'Gappers' help the needy who fall through the gaps

CLEARFIELD — Merri Ann Perkins-Crowther is desperately looking for gappers. Perkins-Crowther, the coordinator at the Davis Community Learning Center, is...

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Best gifts ever include ... bacon

Depending upon when you read this, there are only about 12 shopping days left until Christmas. Ten, if you’re Mormon. Which means, if you’re like me...

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Of Mormons and the Utah-BYU rivalry

Some are calling him an outright nutcase. Others, a well-meaning but misguided soul. Me? I think the guy’s a freakin’ genius, and I see his potential...

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Ogden man shares memories of Pearl Harbor attack

Seventy-three years after the fact, the memories are still just as fresh — just as raw — as ever. Bill Jackson chokes up whenever he talks about the...


105-year-old United Way volunteer celebrates birthday at work

OGDEN — Guess who is still very much alive and kicking — emphasis on the kicking part. On Tuesday, Velma Saunders celebrated her 105th birthday with a...

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Record holiday display could be ours, Utah

THIS! This is what Christmas is all about. Because nothing says “Happy Birthday, Jesus” like putting more holiday lights in your yard than anyone else....

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Quilters kicked out of hospital at the holidays

At this time of the year, when much of the community celebrates the story of a young, expectant family who could find no room at the inn, a much older family is...

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