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VIDEO: Jury gives Lovell death sentence for 1985 murder

OGDEN -- Deliberating just short of 11 hours, a jury opted for the death penalty Wednesday for Doug Lovell in the 1985 murder of Joyce Yost. After the decison was...


Weber County shares side in sexual harassment case

SALT LAKE CITY -- After years of quiet, Weber County's side of things is emerging in the civil trial of a former judge accused of sexual harassment by his chief...


Box Elder cold case murder to be highlighted in TV

BRIGHAM CITY -- A cable news channel will air a Box Elder County murder highlighted by a DNA resolution, revisiting one of the county's rare homicides, this one...


Wild animals blamed for empty search for murderer's victim

OGDEN -- The reason Doug Lovell could not lead searchers to the site where he claimed he buried his murder victim was the scavenging of wild animals,...


Lawyers debate Lovell's 'Religious epiphany'

OGDEN -- Lawyers Wednesday debated Doug Lovell's “religious epiphany” claimed in prison in 1989, four years after he strangled Joyce Yost. In his...


Testimony of neglect at Lovell's homicide sentencing hearing

OGDEN -- Doug Lovell's home life left him neglected by his parents from day one, leaving him with no ability to bond normally in any relationship, a psychologist...


Woman suing Weber County claims more retaliation against her

SALT LAKE CITY -- A woman taking Weber County to trial claims a sexual harassment complaint against her is retaliation for suing a county judge for sexual...


Psychology a defense key in sentencing phase of Lovell murder

OGDEN -- Testimony has begun to illuminate the inside of Doug Lovell's head on the second day of his sentencing hearing where jurors are being asked by the state to...


Prosecutors begin push for Lovell death sentence

OGDEN — Prosecutors Friday began their bid to convince a three-woman, nine-man jury to order the execution of Doug Lovell, as his sentencing hearing...


Jury convicts Lovell in 1985 Joyce Yost murder

OGDEN — A 12-member jury deliberated less than 90 minutes before finding Doug Lovell guilty Wednesday of the 1985 killing of Joyce Yost of South Ogden....

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