Child's report leads to 22 sex abuse charges against Tremonton man, police say

BRIGHAM CITY – A Tremonton man is in jail after he was charged with 22 sex offenses in a case where he allegedly impregnated a victim, leading to an abortion, authorities say.

Police & Fire

Garland man awaits charges in hospital after allegedly driving into school

GARLAND – The suspect who collided with a schoolhouse fleeing police remains hospitalized while authorities consider appropriate charges.


Swans showing up for their big day in Brigham City

BRIGHAM CITY — The swans are starting to circle in Brigham City, expected to show in force for their annual appreciation day at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.


Soft side surprises friends of gruff cowboy commissioner

BOTHWELL — Cowboy county commissioner and former football jock of a business owner and school bus driver Stan Summers has written a book about love.

South Ogden Iron Horse club open again after licensing snafu

SOUTH OGDEN -- One of the city’s oldest businesses, known as the Iron Horse, was closed for three days last week due to alleged licensing violations. 

Man named Color Og ArtsnCrafts Bunderson faces criminal charges

BRIGHAM CITY — A 21-year-old Perry man is being held in the Box Elder County Jail after police say he beat his 95-year-old father, breaking his leg.

Arts & Culture

Fighting curlews photo wins Bear River refuge contest

Fighting curlews photo wins Bear River refuge contest

Parents wary after lurking man reported in Tremonton and Corinne

TREMONTON — Multiple police agencies remain on the lookout for a man who was spotted acting suspiciously around elementary school children.

Police want to honor bystanders who chased Box Elder suspect

BRIGHAM CITY — Police brass here hope to publicly honor two citizens who chased a suspect when he ran away after allegedly crashing a stolen vehicle into three parked cars.


Theft of CTR rings adds random twist to $20,000 fraud case

BRIGHAM CITY — A pair of thieves pleaded guilty to charges after a 6-week run of forged checks, thefts and bogus refunds totaling close to $25,000.

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