Cobia KOs Gill in heavyweight battle

Saturday night, at The Complex in Salt Lake City, in the battle between Davis County sheriff’s deputies turned heavyweight professional boxers, Travis Gill


Davis County heavyweight Cobia seeks second win Saturday

Saturday night in Salt Lake City, there will be professional boxing at The Complex arena, 536 W. 100 South. One of the bouts will feature Clearfield heavyweight


'Murder by Sacrament' a brainy Mormon-themed murder mystery

Those who yearn for Mormon-themed fiction without the obligatory faith-promoting climax might want to give Toom Taggert the once-over. He’s the protagonist of


'Zero' a chaotic novel of montages that merges into subversion

It’s the 40th anniversary of the publication of “Zero,” a profane, satiric, chaotic novel from Brazilian writer Ignacio de Loyola Brandao.


Illegal migration has been heavy

Editor, With regard to the brief article in the Aug. 30 Standard-Examiner (“Illegal Mexican migration slowed”), about how the migration of illegals


Layton's One Hit MMA gym is packed full of contenders

Located in Layton, tucked away behind a Little Caesar’s pizza place, One Hit MMA gym, at 192 N. Fairfield Road, seems pretty small. But once inside its doors,

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