Study: Ogden trailheads help real estate prices take a hike

Ogden’s outdoor assets are a major selling point for many homebuyers, but it turns out, proximity to trails could also elevate real estate prices.


DWR, Ogden police say Facebook post about cougars attacking dog is not verified

OGDEN — Area officials can’t verify details from a Facebook post claiming three cougars killed a dog Monday on the trails near Ogden Canyon.


European trade mission explores Ogden as potential outdoor business 'base camp'

OGDEN — Ogden City has connected with more international partners in its drive to become a hub for the outdoor industry.


Solar advocates are not pleased with RMP's net-metering settlement

When solar and energy consumer advocates reached a settlement with Rocky Mountain Power over net metering this month, the short-term future of rooftop solar looked clear.


Fire experts want Utah homeowners to consider risk, take steps to prevent losses

Still sifting through the ashes from the Uintah Fire, emergency officials want Utahns living in high-risk areas to prepare for the next big blaze.


Where did Weber firefighters get water for the Uintah fire?

As Utahns anxiously watched developments during last week’s Uintah fire, videos began circulating on social media showing a helicopter dramatically scooping up a bucket of water from residential swimming pool. 


Your guide to the 2017 Kokanee salmon run at Causey Reservoir

It isn’t just the leaves changing color this week to signal the ever-spinning cycle of life.


Rise of Western wildfires makes for gloomy air quality future in Utah

By the end of August, before wildfire smoke began to billow throughout Weber County, Sara Findlay had already been to the doctor three times to treat upper respiratory infections for her asthma.


Q&A: Utah Consumer Services director breaks down the RMP solar settlement

Rocky Mountain Power reached a settlement with rooftop solar advocates last week on net-metering, but as with many things utility-related, the settlement is long, cryptic and confusing.


RMP net-metering settlement creates assurances, uncertainty for Utah solar

After announcing a settlement earlier this week, both Rocky Mountain Power and solar industry advocates heaved hard-won, if ephemeral, sighs of relief.

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