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Mineral extraction on Great Salt Lake has local, national and global impact

Tom Tripp sat in U.S. Magnesium’s Rowley conference room, rapping a pencil against a can of Fresca.


U.S. brine shrimp industry could be in peril if Great Salt Lake keeps shrinking

If you want to get a sense of what a bizarre, globally interconnected economy we live in, look no further than the tiny brine shrimp living in the Great Salt Lake.


If Utah's Great Salt Lake dries up, consequences will be global

The story of Great Salt Lake’s influence is really a story of numbers.

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Garland man dies after climbing fall in Logan Canyon

LOGAN — A climber fell and died in Logan Canyon Saturday morning while setting anchors, apparently for a top rope.


Oil, Gas and Mining board recognizes Compass Minerals for Great Salt Lake protection

OGDEN — A minerals harvesting plant working on the shores of the Great Salt Lake has received a state “Earth Day Award” for its environmental efforts.


Music festival devoted to Joe McQueen confounds many, including McQueen

OGDEN — Ogden jazz fans left a concert disappointed Thursday as the headliner of the “McQueen Jazz and Film Festival” didn’t make an appearance.

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Firefighters put out house fire in West Haven

WEST HAVEN — Emergency crews responded to a house fire in West Haven at about 12:10 p.m. Saturday.


Forest Service asks public to adopt Pineview, Causey dams to prevent litter

After major issues with trash last summer, the U.S. Forest Service wants people to adopt Pineview and Causey beaches.


Tackling Ogden's invasive weeds takes season-long effort

It’s springtime, with birds chirping, flowers blooming and invasive weeds popping up along Ogden’s hiking trails.


USU biochemists may have found a solution to future food and climate concerns

The world will need to feed a projected 9.7 billion people by the year 2050, and a new process could also help give them a better climate future.

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