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Nordic Valley rebounds into 2016 while recovery through Western resorts bumpy

Saturday was a good day for Nordic Valley, and the season’s looking pretty bright, too. 


Invasive plants taking a toll on nation’s forests, including those in Utah

U.S. Forest Service researchers have compiled information on invasive species in forests throughout the nation. The results aren’t surprising — they’re a problem everywhere — but they paint an interesting picture on humans’ impact on forested ecosystems.


Where to ski during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival is perfectly timed to take advantage of Utah’s supremely fun snow. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert, there’s a resort nearby that’s perfect for making some turns between screenings. Here are our top picks.


Conservationists howl for Mexican wolf protection in Utah

Conservationists are enraged at Utah officials’ efforts to keep endangered Mexican wolves out of the Four Corners area, and they’re gathering at the state capitol steps Thursday at noon to protest.


Warming climate could negatively affect some Utah mammals' diets, study finds

Some of the desert’s most charismatic herbivores — like rabbits, pikas, possums and pack rats — could have their diets disrupted as the Western climate warms.


Utah Horse Trainer Challenge gives handlers a place to shine

OGDEN — Training horses has never been a cinch. Foals aren’t born with an instinct for human contact, let alone riding, racing or roping. 


Little-known inversion tool provides 30-day air quality forecast in Utah

By now, most Utahns who care about inversion pollution know to check the three-day forecast on the Utah Division of Air Quality website or through their mobile app. But what if Utahns could look weeks ahead and plan for an entire month of good and bad air days?


Q&A: National Park Service director shares thoughts on NPS' centennial, future

It’s a big year for the National Park Service — the organization is turning 100. Throughout 2016, NPS and its fundraising charity, the National Park Foundation, are encouraging Americans to “Find Your Park” and give our national parks, monuments, trails and historic sites a little love.


4th 'Indie Ogden Awards' showcases top picks for just about everything

Ogden’s favorite blog just wrapped up its annual awards for all other “favorites” in Ogden. The fourth Indie Ogden Awards recognized dozens of local businesses and organizations in Prohibition Era-style on Friday, Jan. 8. The 1920s-themed gala was Indie Ogden’s largest awards ceremony yet, with a sold-out house of 400 at the downtown Marriott Hotel Ballroom.


Study: Letting a cold car idle creates excessive winter pollution

On frosty winter days it’s tempting to fire up the car for a few minutes before heading to work for a toasty commute.

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