Study shows public land user fees leave low-income citizens feeling priced out

Imposing fees at public lands — like those looming for Pineview Reservoir — could dissuade low-income residents from recreating. 


Agencies looking to crack down, recover costs on Utah's human-linked wildfires

Fighting wildland fires is tough. So is recovering costs for those fires when they’re human-caused.


Out Standing in a Field podcast: The trip from Utah to Mars

In the latest episode of the Out Standing in a Field podcast, Leia Larsen and Benjamin Zack learn about how scientists and engineers in Utah are playing an important role in taking humans beyond Earth orbit.


'OK, this is the real deal:' Couple holds no frills wedding in Layton bead shop

When Jen Stankiewicz and Andy Van Zandt, both 37, first moved to Utah, they said the obsession with weddings surprised them.


WSU couple innovated to keep wedding costs low — starting with a $75 dress

It’s hard to pin down the day Samuel, 22, and Serena, 24, became an official couple. But it didn’t take them long to realize they wanted to spend eternity together.


DIY attitude, friends, family helped Ogden couple create a beautiful event on a budget

Lisa, 31, and Kylee, 26, were wed at a place where their roots run deep — a local Ogden coffeeshop.


'Semi-casual' outdoor wedding was ideal setting for one Ogden couple

Leontra, 28, met Tiara, 27, online four years ago. At the time, they weren’t looking for anything serious.


The way we do weddings in Northern Utah

They’ve been called “extravagant.”  Full of stressful expectations. An “industrial complex” (like the military). And the beginning of a new life for two people in love. 


Uncertain future of Utah's riverbed access frustrates Morgan landowners

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-story series on the fate of public access to the Weber River. This story explores the perspectives of landowners living along the river and the boaters and anglers who use it for recreation. Part one explained the background and legal status of whether riverbeds belong to private landholders or the public.

Police & Fire

Clinton fire causes estimated $250,000 in damages to home

CLINTON — Multiple fire crews responded to a structure fire in Clinton Saturday afternoon. 

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