Did ESPN exploit the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner situation?

I get that I just don’t get it.


Coaches, don't blur the difference between right and wrong

Of course Jimbo Fisher is disappointed.


America's (passing) love affair with soccer

So, I’ve been going over my notes from last weekend and, well, I just wanted to verify a couple of key items.

Extra Point

Even the sports world gets fired up about politics

Look out! This is me stepping into the fray. This is me sharing an opinion that will likely be popular with some but, strangely, unpopular with many more who fancy themselves to be freethinking champions of the disenfranchised.


America desperately loves second chances

Before we get started here, let’s agree on one thing: As American sports fans, we love second chances.


Comparing King James to MJ and Kobe

A few years ago, back when LeBron James’ talents were still associated with South Beach, he and his Miami Heat teammates came to EnergySolutions Arena to play the Utah Jazz.


Back in the day, there was no need for sports hype

Consider yourselves warned: I’m about to write about how life was so much better back in the day.

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