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Jim Burton

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Trey Burke likes the future and, hey, he's been right before

Not long ago, Trey Burke looked at his University of Michigan teammates and asked, essentially, “Why not us?” As a freshman during the 2011-12 season,...


Rahe shows toughness, will 'Cats follow?

Here’s how I see the rest of the 2014-15 season going for the Weber State Wildcats: I … have … no … idea. Shoulder shrug Could be...


When a little air becomes a big deal

Yep, footballs. And not just footballs, the air inside them. Already a ticklish, trendy little story, the hubbub over the New England Patriots’ use of...


Utah Jazz: Record's the same, emotions much better

Now halfway through the 2014-15 NBA season, the Utah Jazz own the same record they did at this point a year ago. Following Sunday’s road beatdown in San...


Cool Mr. Whitt and the principal who kept him where he belongs

We’ve gone down this avenue once or twice already in recent weeks, but given the news that Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham was awarded a contract...


Rahe's Wildcats don't have enough experience to be consistent

Inside the tunnel at Southern Utah’s Centrum Arena, just few steps away from his team’s locker room, Randy Rahe held his ground. In the minutes...


Krystkowiak's idea of fun will get you knocked on your rear end

Larry Krystkowiak’s idea of fun is probably different than yours, which is understandable since you’re probably not a 6-foot-9 former NBA player...


At long last, college football finally got it right

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure there aren’t varying degrees of rightness. A thing is either right or it’s not, right? That...


Sojourner, Johnson helped shape Wildcats' hoop tradition

In a crowded room, surrounded by admirers and well-wishers, Phil Johnson began telling stories about Willie Sojourner. Willie was one of Phil’s prized pupils,...


Stew Morrill doesn't like the spotlight, but he deserves to be

“I’m good,” Stew Morrill said Friday afternoon, speaking the truth. There were tears in the big man’s eyes, emotion in his voice. Never...

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