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Jim Burton

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Sports writer's career yields sweet memories, funny stories

In March of 1998 – about this time of year – I ate the biggest ice cream sundae you’ve ever seen. Former Standard-Examiner sports columnist...


The Big Dance: Larry K. entertains, Runnin' Utes focus

Sometimes, being a great coach has very little to do with drawing little Xs and Os on a white grease board. Sometimes it’s about knowing when to be an...


We've seen him shoot, now let's see if Trey Burke rebounds

Look, Trey Burke is a grown man and he darn sure doesn’t need me fighting his battles for him. So I won’t. On Monday, during one of the Utah...


Credit to Borland for making tough, educated decision

The whole thing is sickening, really. I don’t care how tough you think you are or how weak you think retired San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland is....


WSU grad Steve Starks goes from there to here with LHM, Jazz

Believe it or not, until someone else pointed it out Steve Starks hadn’t considered the from-there-to-here sweetness of his new job with the LHM Group and by...


A few thoughts on BYU, Eastern Washington and the NCAA

On the heels of Tuesday night’s play-in thriller between BYU and Ole Miss, I now have myself a full-blown case of NCAA Tournament fever. In fact, you might...


Bracket racket: Pick the Utes, but write it in pencil

First, a caveat. Larry Krystkowiak knows his University of Utah basketball team far better than I do. He’s the coach, after all. And he’s a darn good...


March Madness: Here's to the coaches like Rose

Here’s to the fellows who bellow. Because it’s March and the madness has already begun, I can’t let another day go by without giving a written...


Face it, the Jazz will need help getting to the next level

The Utah Jazz had an anniversary Tuesday. On March 10, 2002, John Stockton recorded 13 assists in a 95-92 loss to the Houston Rockets. In doing so, Stockton made...


You're fired: Rory's wayward 3-iron teaches a lesson

When I saw golfer Rory McIlroy throw a 3-iron into a lake during last week’s Cadillac Championship, my first thought was not for all the poor little junior...

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