Medicaid gap: Hitting people at home in Ogden

Ogden couple struggles to survive without health insurance

OGDEN — William and Evie Sillyman fall into the coverage gap that developed when Utah put the Medicaid expansion portion of the federal Affordable Care Act on hold. And for this couple, trying


Birth of the bowie knife

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — At an interesting time in our history, folks started wearing weapons as a part of their daily attire, to work and to play. In the 1830s,


Who's losing faith in the American Dream? Everyone

This chart, from the Brookings Institution’s FixGov blog, is a pretty good barometer of the country’s mood over the past two years: Americans everywhere


Longtime deputy chose cop career because he "loves people"

OGDEN — Ray Day could well be to Weber County what Sheriff Andy Taylor was to Mayberry. For readers too young to remember the homespun television show that


Local 'horse whisperer' helps backyard horses

HUNTSVILLE — Occasionally, even a horse whisperer may have to raise his voice. Brant Seamons trains horses on his three-quarter-acre place in Huntsville. His


Treehouse storyteller not about to slow down at 83

OGDEN — Once upon a time, in a bustling mountain town, there lived a woman who lived to serve. This is no fairy tale, folks. Phyllis Savage has been serving


Concert eavesdropping: As ticket prices go, it's hard to beat

LAYTON — Like the famed swallows of San Juan Capistrano, they return each year. On a dozen or so evenings throughout the warmer months, just as the sun sets


Farr West teen wins big at Weber County Fair

FARR WEST – It’s a great accomplishment to win a blue ribbon, best of show award at the Weber County Fair for any teenager – but winning three is


Kaysville shoemaker chooses real world over virtual one

KAYSVILLE --Randy Parker has cobbled together a pretty good life being the sole man for three generations of northern Utahns. For more than 44 years, Parker has


Pleasant View girl uses fencing to overcome tragedy

PLEASANT VIEW – 15-year-old Tatijana “Tati” Stewart has won many awards as an epee fencing champion over the last five years, but her most recent


Even with degenerative disease, Jeff Lowe still climbing

By 1984, Jeff Lowe was already a god of alpinism and the father of modern ice climbing. Still, he remembered his roots. The film “Cloudwalker” captured

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