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Real estate: Quick, now is the time to buy

real estate

Right now is a good time to find a home to purchase without the competition experienced in the last several months. That’s because those families with school-age children have settled in by now.

Real Estate

Did you know? Charles Darrow didn't invent Monopoly


Back in 1903, a woman named Lizzie Magie — a bold and progressive feminist, writer and inventor living in a home with a decent amount of land, which she had purchased herself (almost unheard of for the time) — decided to create a board game.

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Real estate: If walls could talk

select color swatch to paint wall

As real estate agents work with both buyers and sellers, we have the opportunity to help clients maximize the financial potential in this market. One of the ways that we help our buyers maximize this potential is to assist them in seeing past the “purple paint.”

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