Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations

Davis sheriff's request for $15 million the very definition of chutzpah

Davis Sheriff troubles

After all the recent problems in the Davis County Sheriff’s Office — which the sheriff insists aren’t problems at all — are we sure we want to throw more money at it? 

Standard Deviations

Mountain Green man continues winning ways in quest for one-ton pumpkin

Lead BZ 100617 Giant Pumpkin 01-5

Matt McConkie sets his fourth state record since 2010 with a 1,974-pound pumpkin.

Standard Deviations

Dove body wash ad racist? Only if you don't watch the whole three seconds

Dove ad not racist

Critics contend advertisement implies that if you use Dove soap, you can wash away the “dirty” black skin and become — in the local vernacular — white and delightsome.

Standard Deviations

Woods Cross chant insensitive, but hardly warrants more than lecture

Build that defensive wall

Go figure. Teenagers acting up at a sporting event.

Standard Deviations

Will the Las Vegas shooting finally spur a serious discussion about guns? Nope.

Las Vegas Shooting

How many more Vegases — how many more Sandy Hooks, how many more Orlandos, how many more Virginia Techs — will it take before we admit we have a genuine gun problem in this country?  

Standard Deviations

Nintendo fans wait in line for return of 'Super' video gaming system

Super NES

Lucky few get their hands on reincarnation of Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Standard Deviations

NFL, Trump dispute nothing that listening to Eagles couldn't fix

NFL flag

It’s basic algebra: Take patriotism out of the racism equation, and solve for ‘X’.

Standard Deviations

Caffeinated drinks at BYU? We all know what that leads to — same-sex marriage

BYU adds caffeine

The times they are a-changin’, and the LDS Church is changing right along with them.

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