Tea Party ignores Bush's disastrous mistakes

Jul 19 2011 - 2:36pm

Some eleven years ago, our nation's finances were in great shape under Bill Clinton. With bipartisan congressional support, he created a balanced budget as well as a surplus.

Then disaster struck! In the next eight years, GOP, G.W. Bush, started two unnecessary, no-win, never-ending wars costing over a trillion dollars to date. He introduced an unfunded drug-benefits program ($3 billion), cut federal taxes twice ($3 billion), gave the Wall Street bankers $700 billion, and created numerous other superfluous, expensive programs. In short, he left our national economy with a $6 trillion deficit from which we will never recover!

Does the Tea Party ever mention any of this? Not a word! The remedies they propose? Blame Obama for all of Bush's disastrous mistakes! Cut spending. Don't raise the debt ceiling. Raise taxes on the filthy rich? Hell no! End tax subsidies for big business corporations? Absolutely not! Regulate Wall Street to prevent another financial meltdown? No! Oppose global warming? Yes. It's all a big lie! Abolish Medicare and the Environmental Protection Agency? Yes!

The part I don't understand is that honest, intelligent Republicans nation-wide swallow all this drivel without blinking an eye!

Gil Montano



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