Pleasant View makes a few changes to Founders Day

Jul 21 2011 - 10:51pm

PLEASANT VIEW-- The city council's discussion of the Founders Day celebration led to whether the city should combine a fireworks display with North Ogden.

"The mayors of Weber County met a couple of weeks ago and got talking about the 4th of July celebrations," said Mayor Doug Clifford. "North Ogden is not going to do fireworks next year, it is out of the budget. There is going to be significant pressure to combine the fireworks. It was brought up in North Ogden Council meeting to do one bigger fireworks show, doing a generic, not Founders Day and not Cherry Days.

"I think it will come up, it is certainly an issue within the community," Clifford said. "We may have a lot of extra people coming. We do get some but we will have a lot more."

Clifford said the city still has fireworks included in the budget for the next Founders Day celebration.

The city subsidizes Founders Day and spent about $15,000 this year. Allen said the event was a success with fireworks, a parade and 5K run/walk. The policy of no-candy thrown from moving vehicles was implemented this year. Allen said attendance at the salmon bake was down a little from past years.

"The fireworks were fantastic," Allen said. "There are plans to make them even bigger and better next year."

As far as combining anything with the North Ogden Cherry Days Celebration, Councilwoman Mae Ferguson said, "The fourth of July and Founders Day, there are two different cities, two different types (of celebrations). We should stick to what we planned as a city and let North Ogden stick to what they have. We have the founding of the city, not just a holiday celebration."

Council members also decided to change Founders Day from the third Saturday in June to the last Saturday in June, beginning in 2012.

City Administrator J.J. Allen said he heard numerous complaints about having it on the third Saturday.

Ferguson said this is also the last year she will be involved with the Founders Day celebration and she wanted to thank all those who had volunteered in any way.

"We so appreciate all the donations," said Ferguson.

"This year's been wonderful, the best we ever had," said Clifford. He also said having Founders Day returned to the last Saturday of the month was returning to tradition.

To add to the festivities next year, Councilman Tim Hjorten suggested the city consider adding a car show to the Founders Day Celebration.

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