Farr West to look at recycling options

Jul 26 2011 - 9:46am

FARR WEST -- The recycling issue is back, says Councilman Tim Shupe, who suggested the city put the item on an upcoming council meeting agenda.

He said Waste Management has a very good proposal that gives residents the ability to opt out of the recycling program.

Shupe also said he does not think the city should go to the expense of putting the recycling issue on the ballot, as some have suggested.

"Waste Management offers options," he said. "One looks really good. Residents want the ability to make a choice. If there is 50 to 90 percent participation, then those in the program would only pay $3.90 a month."

He said if there were less than 50 percent participation, the cost for those participating would be $5.30 a month.

Residents can call the city and say they don't want to participate in the Waste Management recycling program.

Waste Management would provide the cans at no extra cost.

Shupe said a couple of other companies are also interested in providing a recycling program to the community.

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