Hatch had little to do with saving HAFB

Jul 26 2011 - 6:47pm

(UNEDITED) Regarding the July 23 letter, "Hatch, Bennett played big role saving HAFB": The Base Realignment and Closure Committee (BRAC), was established by our government to create an environment where impartial decisions could be made concerning base workloads, and bases to be closed. The BRAC was created for the primary purpose of keeping politics out of the process, to allow intelligent business decisions to be made regarding base realignment or closure. Senators Hatch and Bennett had little, if any, impact on decisions affecting operations at Hill Air Force Base, or the Ogden Air Logistics Center.

The survival of Hill Air Force Base and the Ogden Air Logistics Center can be attributed to the performance of the employees, their supervisors and managers, serving at the installation. Secondly, the local Military Affairs Committee, not local politicians, played a major role in the most recent decisions to retain Hill Air Force Base, and the Ogden Air Logistics Center. Like all of the politicians in Washington, Hatch and Bennett were quick in their efforts to take credit for what was anything but a political decision.

The employees at Hill Air Force Base and the Ogden Air Logistics Center, both military and civilian, have labored long and hard to achieve the long held status as the best depot in the Air Force Logistics Command. That is why the base and the center remain operational. So, give credit where credit is due, not to the politicians that stood by while others worked their buns off, but to the people that daily serve so well in supporting the Air Force mission, and the leaders and supporters within the local communities.

To say that the seniority of Hatch and Bennett has been the only thing that has saved Hill AFB, and the Ogden Air Logistics Center, is totally false. Furthermore, to say that replacement of Senator Hatch will lead to the closure of Hill Air Force Base is the most foolish and stupid statement I have ever heard. Don't be ridiculous, Hatch has done little to warrant another term in the senate, and scare tactics, such as the threat of closure of HAFB are equally as stupid.

William D. Ernst




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