Lagoon ride operator arrested for assaulting patrons

Jul 26 2011 - 10:38pm


Seth Maycock
Seth Maycock

FARMINGTON -- A Lagoon ride operator has been arrested on three counts of child abuse after three 11-year-old boys asked for one "last ride" before the amusement park closed Sunday, Farmington police say.

Seth Maycock, 19, of Layton, was arrested Sunday and booked into Davis County Jail after a confrontation with three children who wanted to board the Samurai ride, Farmington Police Lt. Parish Snyder said.

Maycock was arrested on three counts of child abuse, a class A misdemeanor, and has since bailed out of jail.

Maycock was also terminated from his job, said Dick Andrew, Lagoon's vice president of marketing.

He said the three youths were treated by medical personnel and released at the scene.

"Maycock was charged with child abuse because the victims were all 11 years old," Snyder said.

Andrew said he understood the victims suffered minor bruising.

The incident occurred around 10 p.m. Sunday, Snyder said.

"(The three youths) were trying to get a last ride," he said.

From there, the confrontation between the three youths and the ride operator became muddled, based on gathered information.

"The ride operator got upset about what (the youths) were saying and decided to get physical," Snyder said.

Lagoon security then detained Maycock until Farmington police, who were on the park grounds as part of their regular assignment, arrived, Snyder said. Farmington police then took Maycock into custody.

"Our employees are trained, hopefully, in the way they will take a diplomatic approach to things and obviously not have it escalate to something like this," Andrew said. "I'm sure there are two sides to what occurred, but his response was unacceptable to us."

Andrew said he cannot remember an incident similar to this in his 50 years at the amusement park.

Snyder complimented Lagoon's park security on how they handled the situation.

Having a Lagoon ride operator involved in an incident like this is an "anomaly," Snyder said.

"Lagoon has between 8,000 and 22,000 people in the park per day. You get that many people in one place, you are going to have stuff happen," he said.

However, Snyder said, there have been few incidents at the park this season.

Standard-Examiner Davis Bureau reporter Jasen Asay contributed to this article.

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