Clearfield starts work so UDOT can start SR 193 expansion

Jul 27 2011 - 11:36pm


CLEARFIELD -- As the Utah Department of Transportation prepares for the construction of the State Road 193 extension project, Clearfield is doing its own work to get things ready.

The city is moving forward on several projects that need to be done in anticipation of the expansion project.

Utility lines along 700 South must be relocated in connection with the expansion of the road west of Interstate 15.

In April, the city approved an agreement with UDOT, authorizing 100 percent reimbursement for the number of utility facilities and infrastructure that will be affected by the project.

In accordance with that agreement, UDOT is reimbursing the city all costs incurred for the relocations needed to facilitate that project.

However, UDOT has asked the city to manage that portion of the project and get the work done.

Because the utility line is in a Utah Transit Authority right of way, agreements had to be made to allow the work to be done.

The city council recently approved agreements that authorize the construction, operation and maintenance of the affected utility lines.

Likewise, the city approved agreements with Union Pacific Railroad regarding relocation of those lines because UP also enters that right of way.

Interim City Manager Adam Lenhard said the SR 193 project already is making headway, as the environmental study is finished. This means official construction, including the utility work, can commence.

The city is paying the costs of the utility work but will be reimbursed.

Lenhard said that work has already begun, but official agreements needed approval by the city council.

"It is exciting. UDOT could go out to bid on the road construction this fall. The project is happening soon."

City officials have said this expansion of SR 193 will help create another main thoroughfare for city travelers.

It is also expected to ease the strain on the much-used 200 South.

The new extension of SR 193 will parallel 200 South.

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