Owner of Kaysville lingerie boutique explains plans

Aug 3 2011 - 11:16pm


File photo
Owner Christy Allen is pictured at Pretty You Boutique in Kaysville.
File photo
Owner Christy Allen is pictured at Pretty You Boutique in Kaysville.

KAYSVILLE -- Christy Allen talked about her business, Pretty You Boutique, during the Business Spotlight at the city council meeting Tuesday evening.

She explained her plans and drew support from a couple of residents who spoke during the Call to the Public agenda item.

No one in the meeting, however, spoke against her new lingerie store that has received plenty of publicity since she opened July 5.

Some parents had complained about Allen's window display, which they saw when they took their children to movies at the Kaysville Theater near her store on Main Street.

After hearing about those concerns, Allen moved her lingerie-wearing mannequins out of her storefront display and has been hanging her merchandise on a clothesline in the window.

Allen said she was born and raised in Montana, but because she was military, she has lived all over the world. She lived in Colorado from 1988 to 2009 before moving to Utah.

While her store carries items that can be found in most department stores, it really caters to women's needs.

"They might want a size or color they can't find in any other store," Allen said. "I am going to add more recovery wear for those who come out of surgery and for-your-health shape wear."

And in March, she plans to add a swimwear line.

"It will be a decent line of swimwear that women can wear in public and not be embarrassed. I can order what women want," Allen said.

Her husband, Jeff Allen, commented about the store opening.

"When we opened, we knew we would raise some eyebrows. We knew the culture here," he said. "It is a business. We are trying to work with the community."

When Mayor Steve Hiatt moved to the next agenda item where people can speak on things that pertain to the city, he explained that the city only has control over two types of businesses: sexually oriented businesses, and bars and taverns.

"If you have things to share with this council, make sure they are things we can do something about," he said.

Angela Page, who has lived in the city for 17 years, stood in support of Pretty You Boutique.

"I lend my support to your business. I am glad you are here. We want your business to be successful and to meet the needs of this family community," she said.

Page said she patronizes a similar business in Bountiful and now will also shop at Allen's boutique.

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