Pleasant View duo dueling on 'The Marriage Ref'

Aug 7 2011 - 1:46pm


Pleasant View couple Kurt and Wendy Green appear on  “The Marriage Ref” at 8 p.m. today on KSL Channel 5.
Pleasant View couple Kurt and Wendy Green appear on  “The Marriage Ref” at 8 p.m. today on KSL Channel 5.

Tonight, Kurt and Wendy Green air an unusual grievance on national television.

The Greens, from Pleasant View, are appearing on NBC's "The Marriage Ref" at 8 p.m. today on KSL Channel 5.

The program, produced by Jerry Seinfeld, features comedian Tom Papa and a guest panel of three celebrities who listen to both sides of a couple's argument and then decide which spouse is right. The winner gets a $25,000 award and a billboard to declare that spouse was right.

"We liked the show," said Kurt Green. "We thought it was pretty hilarious content, and we thought we have some issues we can bring up that match pretty well with the kind of things they are looking for."

The Greens originally put in a submission about a common argument they have over which state is better -- Utah or California. (She says Utah, he says California.) They had lived in both locations.

Wendy Green received a call months later from the show.

"So it was six months later and they said, 'Send us other arguments you have or differences in opinion,'aaaa" she said. "So I sent in a list and they selected my obsessive greeting cards."

Greeting cards

Wendy sends greeting cards and thank-you notes on a daily basis -- for birthdays, holidays, great customer service, even to say thanks for a phone call.

Kurt said she sent a card to a next-door neighbor congratulating the family on their child's potty training. She mailed it to their house.

"We figured out while doing this program ... how many she is actually writing," he said, "between greeting cards and thank-you notes -- and the whole supporting Hallmark through our retirement. We figured out that she is probably writing a thousand cards a year, doing the average of three cards per day, every single day."

When NBC came to Utah to shoot an intro video about the family, they asked Wendy to show them where she kept her supply of cards. She led them to several locations hidden around the house.

"I didn't realize that until (the show) asked me," she said. "Usually, I am not out of arm's reach of a card or some kind of note.

"It's just been something for me to recognize my blessings. But also, I am such a spaz. It's hard for me to sit and stare. So I always have cards with me and I will sometimes just think of someone who has done something kind for me during the week and I will send them a note."

Kurt Green says sending cards has become compulsive, and that it's spreading.

"Everyone's got a little compulsion somewhere," he said. "But it involves all of us. It is thrust upon all of us to participate. When anything happens, all of us have to write thank-you notes for it."

Wendy Green's six children have participated in card activities since birth. She would use their feet to stamp thank-you notes when they were babies. Soon it was their hands, then they scribbled, then added their initials, and finally they were sending their own cards.

"Because I think it's important -- and why not start when they are born," she said.

Wendy Green is proud of her card-sending self. It was an idea instilled by her father at a very young age. He always told her to be grateful for any actions or blessings -- not only to be appreciative but to show that person that you are thankful.

If a card makes a profound impact on one person every year, then it's all worth it to her.

"I know Kurt thinks it's excessive and it was a perfect argument for the show, because they harassed me for being too kind. But I can take it," Wendy said.

A New York visit

The Greens found out last fall that they made it onto the show and traveled to New York City to shoot the episode. NBC also gave them a choice of a celebrity or entertainer to appear on the show, contingent, of course, on that celebrity accepting the invitation.

The choice for them was easy: Joel McHale, the host of E!'s "The Soup" and the lead actor in NBC's "The Community." He agreed to be a part of the show.

"To be able to meet him was a really cool thing, because my kids love him. It was an awesome experience," said Wendy Green.

The other two members of the celebrity panel were comedian Cedric the Entertainer and "Saturday Night Live" alum Rachel Dratch.

The Greens also had the chance to meet Jerry Seinfeld backstage.

Wendy even brought a surprise for the studio audience. She called the network a week before the taping and asked how many people would attend. She then delivered more than 170 personally handwritten notes, which were given to them at the end of the show, each with a bag of Pop Rocks.

For as much fun as they had at her expense, Wendy Green said, everyone waited anxiously for their own card.

Added Kurt Green: "It's kind of an exciting thing to do to go on a show and plead your case and have them realize that maybe we see if one of us is crazy.

"We will find out which one it is."




KSL-TV plans on filming the Greens watching "The Marriage Ref" tonight, and will then air a live segment with the couple between 6:45 and 7 a.m. Monday on its KSL 5 News Today morning show.

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