"Dash for Donation" aids organ donation group

Aug 10 2011 - 1:43pm

(UNEDITED) This Saturday, August 13th, two giants of competition in Ogden's medical community are coming together for one great cause - organ, eye, and tissue donation.The 15th Annual Dash for Donation is being held at Weber State University Bell Tower on Saturday, August 13. The Dash for Donation raises money to support organ donation efforts that ultimately saves and changes lives and McKay-Dee Hospital Center and Ogden Regional Medical Center have come together to support this event. "While we are always competing to provide the best medical care for the people of northern Utah, and each of us knows we are better than the other, we have also seen the miracle of organ, eye, and tissue donation, and that is why we have come together to support this great cause," said Craig Bielik, Marketing Director for Ogden Regional Medical Center. Craig Bielik and Chris Dallin, Public Relations, Media and Business Development Director for McKay-Dee will both be attending this event to show their solidarity for donation.

Both medical centers have been wonderful sponsors over the years. To help make this year's event even better, they are providing screenings for BMI, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol to help people gauge their health.

Currently there are over 540 Utahns' waiting for a life-saving transplant and many more waiting for tissue and corneal transplants. While McKay Dee Hospital Center and Ogden Regional Medical Center do not perform organ transplants, they have been outstanding when it comes to working with grieving families at a very sensitive time, broaching the idea of donation. Many people in Utah have lived a fuller, more complete life, thanks to their outstanding efforts with donation.

Because of partners like McKay-Dee Hospital Center and Ogden Regional Medical Center, Utah is consistently in the top 5% of the country for its consent rates. Intermountain Donor Services and the Yes Utah Donor Registry would like to thank these two wonderful sponsors for overlooking their competitive nature for a day as they come together to support this great cause.

Alex McDonald

Director of public education

Intermountain Donor Services

Salt Lake City



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