Ogden police search for suspects who fled

Aug 10 2011 - 12:22am

OGDEN -- Police were searching Ogden on Tuesday night for a male and female they believe ran from police after a short chase.

When an officer tried to pull over a white Isuzu Rodeo at 24th Street and Jefferson Avenue, it took off, said Ogden Police Lt. Tony Fox.

The officer chased the Rodeo before it almost crashed into a house near 29th Street and Adams Avenue about 10:20 p.m. The Rodeo jumped the curb, hit a trash can and came to rest at an angle between a parked truck and the garage door, barely missing part of the north side of the home.

Homeowner Ray Saler, who had been sleeping, said he was surprised to see officers outside his home.

The male driver and a female passenger fled on foot. Two other passengers, one male and one female, did not run. Police believe the driver is a fugitive named James Bustos, Fox said.

Police set up a perimeter and brought out dogs to find the two suspects.

Ogden firefighters were also called out to investigate a possible gas leak, because the Rodeo may have dinged the house's gas line.

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