Layton decides to upgrade sewer lines

Aug 16 2011 - 11:03pm

LAYTON -- While fixing some roads that need repair, Layton city has decided to also replace pipes underneath the roads before those old, deteriorating pipes become a problem.

For the next five weeks, Layton city will be upgrading the sewer line and water line around the intersection of Fort Lane and Gentile Street. When that is done, crews will resurface the roads.

"The road itself is needing an upgrade, but before we do that, we wanted to fix anything under the road that would need to be fixed, so we don't need to replace the road in the future," Layton's traffic engineer, Alan Moss, said.

The pipe currently under the road is old, six-inch clay sewer pipe that is deteriorating. Crews will replace that pipe with new eight-inch PVC sewer pipe, which will help to prevent future problems in this area.

Crews will also replace the water line and valves on Gentile Street and approximately 200 feet to the south on Fort Lane.

"The water line valves are in bad shape, and we hope to work at night to prevent traffic interruptions," Moss said. "This whole project hopefully will prevent future outages that would affect many people."

During the project, crews will make new water and sewer line connections to homes and businesses. Efforts are being made to reduce the downtime to water and sewer services this construction may cause to the residents along Fort Lane. However, there may be times when services will be temporarily halted to complete the necessary connections.

"Unfortunately, there will be some disruption to people," Moss said. "But at least it's a planned disruption and not emergency repairs that come in the middle of the night."

Moss said 24-hour advance notice will be given to residents who are affected by any temporary loss of services.

Moss said he hopes the project is completed by the end of September.

Layton originally planned to add a storm drain system on Elm Street from the east side of 490 E. St. and connect to the existing storm drain on Fort Lane. However, Moss said the city has run into some problems that may cancel that project.

"There are some fiber-optic cables going through there, and we're not sure if we'll be able to get around that," Moss said. "We just haven't decided yet. We have to see if we can design something around that."

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