Outdoors skills classes embraced by schools

Aug 19 2011 - 3:05pm

DALLAS -- Schools are starting fall sessions soon, and at least 11,000 Texas middle school and high school students are signed up for a different sort of physical education. Instead of basketballs and tennis rackets, they will use rods and reels and bows and arrows, courtesy of the Dallas Ecological Foundation, an affiliate of the Dallas Safari Club.

They even get school credit for the Outdoor Adventures education program, which is accredited by the Texas Education Association and also meets national education standards.

Since Outdoor Adventures was founded 10 years ago, DEF has spent nearly $1 million in support. DSC officials say the funds are spent on equipment, field trips, curriculum updates and a semiannual shooting event for 125 students at Greystone Castle near Mingus.For the shooting event, DSC provides bus transportation, food, drinks and all the shooting equipment and coaching. Each student is required to bring a parent, and they must turn off their cellphones and focus on each other. It takes 140 DSC volunteers to man this event.

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