Marx Brothers TV appearance queried

Aug 28 2011 - 9:52am


The Marx Brothers
The Marx Brothers

Q: Two, or possibly three, of the famous Marx Brothers appeared on a single "made for television" production many, many years back. (One of the stars was the famous "mute" brother -- Harpo.) As I recall, not one word was spoken during the entire enactment. It involved the two (or three) planning a "heist," which involved them impersonating police authorities -- right down to their mistakenly miscopied police cruiser (the demise of their planned get-away). I saw the original but have never found a rerun or rebroadcast. Do you know what this is?

A: That was the last TV appearance together by three Marx brothers (Groucho, Harpo and Chico). Called The Incredible Jewel Robbery, it was a 1959 installment of General Electric Theater, the anthology series hosted by Ronald Reagan. In his biography of Groucho Marx, Stefan Kanfer describes the piece this way: "Harpo and Chico acted in pantomime, stealing goods, running from the police, and assuming disguises, with Chico made up as a cop, and Harpo camouflaged as Groucho. At the last moment the real Groucho entered, articulating the show's only spoken line: 'We won't talk until we see our lawyer."' You can see some clips from it on YouTube.

Q: Will ABC extend "Rookie Blue" into the fall? It is an excellent show.

A: ABC calls the series a "summer drama," and summer is when its first two seasons have aired on the network. Although it is not in ABC's fall lineup, that does not mean the show will end when the leaves turn. The network has ordered a third season, most likely for summer 2012.

Q: Will "Rubicon" be back or is it done?

A: The drama ended after a single season on AMC.

Q: Whatever happened to "Heroes?" I have not seen any explanation about it. Is it canceled? Was it not one of the most popular TV shows?

A: The serialized drama ended in 2010 after four seasons on NBC. It was popular and critically well-received at first. (I was hooked during the first season.) But the quality declined significantly beginning in the second season, and viewers drifted away. You can find old episodes for viewing on All four seasons are on DVD and Blu-ray.

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